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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A bit of princessy camwhoring

I had a skype chat/interview with someone and I decided to dress up ..

My makeup was awfully light. Even my eyemakeup, which I honestly hated this time around. Didn't stop me from showing off though

Confession: Unless I plan to go out, I don't wear base makeup in my photos & videos. Half the time any flaws are barely noticeable, especially when I manipulate natural sunlight to flood my face xD
I like to do it once in a while because in some shots (like above) it makes my face look a bit sunkissed. Some people may like it, others not, but I love it~ ♥

If you haven't noticed, I also tend to wear a lot of lolita mixed with himegal items. Especially Angelic Pretty's more simpler prints (like their floral prints), a lot of their more 'basic' stuff look very close to some himegyaru stuff (asides from the lolita silhouette). So rather than go all out lolita with blouse and etc, I usually have a bit of a himegal feel.

Webcam shot~ low quality shots like from webcams are so good when it comes to half-ass camera whoring xD

Anddd with that, I should probably hop on the bandwagon to tell you guys to follow me on Bloglovin' since Google Reader is getting shut down!
Honestly as far as I've heard, Google Friend Connect (what Blogger uses) and Google Reader (Google/gmail) are two different features. So GFC as far as I know will not be shut down next week like Google Reader is, however GFC has been derpy for the past two months for me, so I'm assuming that Blogger isn't going to be fixing the glitches and stuff with that anytime soon. They might even just leave it to waste... Read here for more on that!

So that being said, JUST IN CASE, you should add me on Bloglovin, as well as all your other favorite blogs!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

F.I.T. Presentation

The Monday after Sakura Matsuri, I had my little presentation on Japanese Fashion in the West at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was nothing big, just Dr. Kawamura's small class that studies Japanese fashion. I think it went pretty well, my friend Grace came along to model lolita clothing while I was more representative of gyaru. Wishing I looked more together because I looked so washed out from the weeks before. Makeup and everything seemed bad because I was in between being lazy, tired (it was so early in the morning e_e) and trying to look the part. Well...

Outfit shot, once everything was said and done...
D.I.A. hoodie, MARS-esque tights, my OTK boots from taobao.. kind of wishing I had gotten my more recent purchases before this picture LOL also need more belts...

Grace's outfit~

Pearl cross

Some more camwhore shots once I finally got home from eating lunch and stuff with Grace and her friend:

Yeah... I look so tired. I think I was up all night the night before so that didn't help much..

Dr. Kawamura was nice enough to make little gift bags for us as thanks for the presentation! It was full  of these Japanese goodies and whatnot~

Potholders... coasters for soups and drinks.. a leopard print tote within a matching pouch (bagception), a cute brown&pink phone charm, and two mini cupcakes in a cute little pink container wrapped with a hairbow (not shown, I sort of ate them before I took the picture = =), and then also a signed copy of her school book entitled "Fashioning Japanese Subcultures". So happy! Especially for the book! xD I hope to do a review on it soon~

Friday, June 14, 2013

April & May's purchases

Trying to catch up with all my purchase posts.... xD

So this is all the junk I got in April & May, besides my taobao/fromjapan orders~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Giada P. from Milan who won my first giveaway! >u<

My next giveaway will be coming up in the next few weeks! Stay tuned~

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer '13 INSPO

I always wanted to get along with these sort of posts, but I always ended up forgetting or getting too lazy. Aren't you glad that I'm finally doing this? xD;

Agejo is my favorite style over all, because it's much more mature~ I like sweet soft accents of stuff like Ank Rouge and Liz Lisa and whatnot, but it's about that time where I'm trying to add more variety in my wardrobe (so lolita + my few DreamV items won't continue to be the most worn items in my closet) so I'm looking at a bunch of different outfits, different colors, etc.

When it comes to summer, I like to get flashy. This coming season is one of those rare times I actually look into an EGG magazine for inspiration. I might not have posted -that- many outfits on my blog and places in the past during the summer, but when it gets warm and a bit sweaty I'm all about those shorts and booty buttcheekz and-- yeah. You see where I'm going with this...

With that being said... my little inspo spam~

(Click the thumbnails to enlargen the photos)

I'm not only into all the white and light soft colors like I've always been into, as seen in my collages, but for the summer I'm also looking at a lot of poppy, contrasting colors. Especially white and black. (Where can a girl get a verticle-striped bxw blouse top in the city?) There's something about the black x white stripes, the crazy printed leggings and the polkadots that are really getting to me around this time. I really want to try and do something with it if I can find them around my area. Even things like acid washes are starting to catch my eye as well.

I've also been looking a lot at these salmon and rusted pinks that pop up from time to time. Even as far as haircolor~ you see my clip of Sayaka Araki with this pinkish caramelish hair tone that looks so pretty. It can be styled to look a bit grungy like this, more mature and sexy like Sayaka's, or made with a bit of a blend effect with different extensions like Pikarin. Every time summer comes along I always look at pictures like these and wish I could do something similar... I might just get a bunch of weave and make my own wig in that color xD I'm craving it.

Other than that, I'm also still feeling ombre-style lilac or sakura pink hair... but if anything I'm probably just gonna get clip-in extensions of those colors. Oh, and tinsel hair as well~ my sister apparently got a connection for cheap-priced hair extensions, up to 30". You know I want to be about that life xDD; If I wasn't so broke, I'd so be indulging in everything.

As far as nail art I'm expecting to do more on my own hands~ and maybe even feet. I really want cute light summer colors that will go with anything and everything i wear. I'm planning on learning how to do my own nails~ since Rio did mine back in December I've been craving to try because now I see how easy it is! I just bought myself a UV lamp and some deco items (crowns and whatnot) that I don't really see in my area for cheap~next I'll be trying to get myself some more acrylic and UV gel stuffs and hopefully nail polish... in the meantime I'll just be borrowing from Rio LOL (sorry gurl)

Like the feel of this stuff? What are you into for the summer?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hanami 3

The last of my photos, from when I ended up going to Sakura Matsuri on Saturday.

It was over all hot and stressful, way too many people as usual, but I managed to enjoy myself by sticking only with my bby Laura, my church sister Krystle and later on with a couple of the local gals.

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