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Friday, July 22, 2011

Otakon, anyone?

So before I had came home to the news about my grandmother, I was out in the city going to my job interview. I wore my 'typical' work/interview outfit, which is basically my black Jesus Diamante top + my ruffled pencil skirt. At first I was like "the heck am I thinking? All black in 85+ degree humid weather?" but then I forget the perks of having lolita parasols. LOL SAFE

I left my house EXTREMELY late. It was the worst. My hair wouldn't keep any curl because of the humidity, for a minute I couldn't zip up my skirt because apparently my ass got bigger (Jesus Christ), I didn't get in a dollar-cab until maybe 2:05-2:10. 55 minutes away from my interview. It usually take 1 1/2 hours to get into the city for me. I prayed so hard for God to slow down time, and He answered me LOL. Got there 5 minutes before my interview appointment. That was a miracle.

I met the co-owner of the store, she reminded me a lot of my old art teacher. She seemed very active, and someone you can probably get very close with. Filled out the application and stuff, went into the office with her. The interview was pretty good, I wasn't nervous despite me being tongue tied. The only thing that kind of surprised me was when she asked me why the hours I put down were as they were (11am-closing) and I had to think really quick like 'uh.. D: I didn't know what time your store closed so I just put that there lol'. She said they open at 9:30 and she asked if that was okay, and I was like yup! Then she was looking at me for a minute, like she was trying to read my face LOL. Looks like I gotta do some serious sleep schedule changing! She was also asking me about LWPI, which I'm glad she found that interesting, you never really hear about event planning/design certification.

She explained to me that they were opening a new store in Grand Central, and that's basically why they're hiring. The first two months will be part-time, where it would mainly be training and stuff, and that's a whole day shift, from open to close. Then once the new store opens, there will be a morning shift, and a afternoon shift.

So hopefully I'll get a callback next week! I'll be soglad if I get hired. SOGLAD

I feel extremely lucky already, for the simple fact that I made it to the 25 resumes they narrowed down from 700(?!), and not only that, but while she didn't have time to review resumes beforehand, she -did- happen to browse mine. Which was at the top of the pile in the folder. AND I believe I was the first person to be interviewed.

So, definitely praying on it!


In other news, I -might- make a last-minute jump to Otakon. My friend asked if I could help sell at her booth for the weekend. At first I was like 'eh, maybe', but the more I think about my friends being there, some of the lolita girls who were REALLY hoping to meet me, the more excited I get! My final decision will pretty much be set when we get an update about Omi's condition, and if she's doing well then I'll go.

I'm pretty pumped at this point though-- even though I won't really be able to see anything or hang out with anyone during con hours except the lolita fashion show (which I applied as a back-up model for). But there's always the drinking after hours I guess LOL

I'm already planning outfits... I'll be wearing lolita the whole weekend, besides when I come/leave and whatever casual get-together there may be. I'm wondering if I can get some dresses ready if I take them to the dry cleaners now! I'm thinking my Marie-themed pinkxwhite outfit, maybe Little Bear's Cafe (though, it's probably gonna be REALLY hot for that x___x I'm still debating) and my Innocent World dress. Wait... I need 4... >w>;; then maybe my lavender outfit too. I think I need to get a whole new suitcase, because I know the one I have is filled with crap and I'm sure it's still building up mildew.. egh... so one of these days I'll probably try to get a cheap suitcase to last the weekend.

IN ANY CASE I won't be jumping the gun going I'MGOING! all over Facebook, then God forbid something happens and I end up flaking. But I'm guessing that it's sort of a 75% chance now, and I'll know by Monday or Tuesday the latest~ So I'm hoping to see some girls there and have a good time ♥ I'll probably won't have enough money to do any mindless shopping, but I'm hoping to get some good eats around Baltimore since it'll be my first time there!
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Omi's in the hospital again...

I feel really bad for feeling this way, but I'm a bit aggravated at her.

She's in the hospital for pneumonia.

Reason why I'm a bit mad at her is because she can be so stubborn.
Basically she had pneumonia for almost two weeks, or at least have been sick for more than 2 weeks, and despite the suggestion to go to the hospital, she refused.

Because her health insurance wouldn't cover the visit.

I understand money always is and will be an issue, but Opi has money. He paid for her hospital bills before when the insurance people were acting like dicks, of course he'd do it again. Why would you not let him pay for the bill??? Why do you put a measly hospital bill over your own health? She complained about the phlegm, she said it feels like she couldn't breathe. Like for all we could've known, she could've dropped dead over the weekend, during last week.

Next time she's sick for more than a week? I'm making sure Opi takes her to the hospital, I don't care. I don't understand how you can make your health NOT the top priority.

Pray for her for me, though I know God already has her covered...
Monday, July 18, 2011

New hurrrzzzz

A week or two ago I permed my hair and finally got my first haircut in a LONG while. I was never one to trim my hair, I was always really stubborn and wanted my hair long. Of course inevitably my hair got real damaged and I knew I couldn't keep having it the way I did. It surely wasn't as bad as say, really fried weeb hair or anything, but my split ends were getting really bad, especially from backcombing all the time.

My hair looks much fuller because of the layers I went for... my neck isn't sweating bullets, my scalp isn't sweating bullets, and my hair's been cooperating despite the humid days and whatnot.. PURE BLISS♥

For the past couple of months before I was always thinking of haircut + weave for the summer, but I've been enjoying the freedom so much that I haven't even thought of really touching my extensions or buying new ones xD Even at the first thought I was like "MMMM SUJIMORI WITH SHORT HAIR" but tbh I probably won't even touch my hair with an iron all that much, my main mission is for it to grow BACK. But in the meantime? I'm just loving the sexy Victoria's Secret bedhair, and the fact that I can go with this airy boyish look, or have these cute feminine curls if I wanted to.

At first I was here thinking that cutting my hair would limit whatever ideas I had in mind... but it's really the opposite now, knowing that I have -different- options because of the hair length and I could always get extensions if I wanted to go long again.

am I nipponese yet? LOL

Anyways I didn't actually GO OUT until the next weekend, when it was Mema's birthday service. The flyers said to wear hats and whatnot, but that day I was honestly not in the mood. It was hot, I was feeling a bit under the weather, and irritated. But after doing myself up with a bit of makeup, curling my hair (it wasn't as good as it should've been, it really moisturized and weighed down because of fresh perm), wore some of my stuff from my new package (July's haul post coming up soon!), and once I got myself out the door I was feeling TOO GOOD. Especially once I got to the church and everyone noticing the change... it was a really good feeling, and I needed it. Especially from the person I'm feeling... ♥

My outfit for that day~

After the service, there was supper and fellowship out in what was part of the church's parking lot... they cleared the area and put their tent up (I didn't even know they had a tent??? badass shit mang) Obviously acted like a fatty and going for seconds and thirds like some of the other youth LOL and just chilling, it was really nice. The weather turned out perfect in the evening, the mood was so chill and I really enjoyed it...♥

Me and Avian ~

And, apparently, my bit of bellydancing and stuff is paying off. LOL. I was told I was getting thicker, though I honestly didn't see the change... until the jeans button popped off later that night. I just measured myself, and while my legs are more toned and thinner than they ever were, my ass is FATTER by another 1 1/2 inches, le fawk??? either that or it's shaped better than before... in any case = A= All I need to really concentrate now is on my gut area. Apparently I'm like 34-35 inches? Like when the heck did -that- happen? I haven't had a problem fitting into any of my things either... I don't get it.

ANYWAYS current goal is 29 inch waist so my hourglass can be even more epic. My best friend Muffy talked about herself doing 2,000+ situps a day-- I'm here like 2,000+???? I can barely do 50! Looks like I'm gonna have to upgrade a bit LOL

Also, in an earlier post I mentioned jobhunting and craigslisting again, I FINALLY got a callback from a craigslist ad! That site isn't complete crap after all! xDD So I got an interview tomorrow with this one toy store for a full-time position ♥ Praying so hard that I get it! I want to get hired on the spot... I need to make sure my questions and answers are on point. And my outfit too! Time to wash my hair~ xD

Hoping the weather will be nice too, so I can visit le Big Gay Ice Cream Truck later ♥ and tell Doug the newsss nom ♥ Thank the Lordddd

EOS King Green review~ + new lens purchases + Another Giveaway

FINALLY recorded this review, I don't know why it took so damn long, especially since these are my favorite lenses (laziness).


EOS King/ Candydoll (G-202) in Green

Design: 10/10 (color is vibrant, unlike say, GEO Nudys the natural eye color does not show through the lens, black ring gives a nice pop but one of the more toned down dolly eye looks)
Comfort: 10/10 (can stay in my eye for more than 8 hours without feeling uncomfortable, can't feel them at all)
Enlargement: 10/10 (gives the pop I want and desire~ not too big, not too small, just right~)

Also, just finally ORDERED lenses in a UK Preorder, which I'm praying will get here before September, at latest before New York Comic-Con. At first the pre-order was gonna be done by yesterday the 17th, but now it's being extended to July 30th, because apparently EOS is on a vacation until the 29th or so. So if you want to join~ the website is http://circlelensaddiction.weebly.com .

(Photo cred: 1st Kiara, 2nd Michi, 3rd is of Sakurina, and 4th Chantal)

The lenses I'm gonna get in this batch are:

- G-202 aka King/Candydolls in Green again (because these I have are technically considered 'expired' since last month... oops?) as well as in BROWN

- G-218 aka the Diamond/Crystal Diamonds in Grey and in Green

-The Adult series (J-203) in Red

And hopefully I'll be able to get them all in my prescription!

I decided to work with this girl because honestly? Her prices are the cheapest. Sure, the wait can be 1-2+ months depending on circumstances, but honestly for the price I'll be willing to wait. The only reason why I have expectations for when it arrives is because of my cosplay that I'm hoping to do for New York Comic Con/Anime Fest in the middle of October.

Normally her lenses are $16, but as you buy more she has other promotions, e.x. buy one get 2nd 25% off, buy 2 get %50, and if you buy 5 pairs or more the lenses will be ONLY $11. Isn't that amazing? Plus at the moment the shipping is flat-rate for only $5. So if you wanted to try a bunch of EOS lenses, if you're interested or got friends interested in doing a possible group order to save money, I highly suggest you do so.

Also~ need to note the recent giveaway I entered~

My friend Chantal is giving away a pair of plano Gossip Browns/Candy Hana 3tone Brown on her blog~ and there's nothing long or complicated in order to enter (like most giveaways these days~ LOL). I love Chantal, I've known her from my days on Gaiaonline where she admins the Official Circle Lens Thread. She's extremely helpful and I always go to her when I'm either choosing lenses, or when I've plucked my eye out but don't want to go to the hospital. LOL

Just click the picture to go to her giveaway post~ And Good luck!

edit~ 6/19/2012: a more recent, clearer picture of the lenses~

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