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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert!

So last minute I decided to be lazy because while I wanted to dress cute, was it really practical for a -concert-? Yeah no.

So I just went with my DreamV polkadot pants and my Princess Melody caplet for a little bit of a statement. I didn't really do my hair or anything and I'm SO GLAD because I'm pretty sure it would've just died before the concert even began.

Me with some of the local girls~ one of the Japanese girls recognized me from Kawaii International! I was so surprised @ w@ Her dad was press or something and he had told me one of them recognized me. Now I wish I had given them some sort of contact to get back to me!

My love Phen and her bff Raven ; u; I've talked to Phen for YEARS (since Gaiaonline-- so old) so it was so good to finally see her in person~

We managed to get to the very front, despite being really far back in the line... but there were some weebs in front of us that sort of blocked any sort of view :/ that and they wore kigus and stuff so they stunk up the area with the smell of musty butt after a while. But okay.

Photos I managed to take with my camera-- I also have some video, I've been too lazy to compile them and post them up to my YT channel though.

Kyary was so cute in person! It almost made me wish I had gotten a VIP pass. But yeah lol nope

Her dancers were popping it hard... I don't understand the amount of energy they have to be able to go on for the whole show. 

One of my favorite songs was onedari44do (currently playing it on repeat, hah) and also Invader Invader... particularly the time when she dropped the bass and everyone was just blown for a moment, like "wuaaaahhhttttt? what does Kyary know about thisssss???" It was pretty funny but it sounded so good.

Overall I like her as an idol~ not so much a singer (she really can't sing xD), but it's cute in that old Capsule /Coltemonikha feels! I really love her music, mostly because of Yasutaka Nakata's producing,  Sebastian Masuda designing all her stuff (both of them were there! Though Nakata I heard was more incognito)~ and then her as this cute model/idol? It makes this adorable force to be reckoned with. I would definitely do it again!

EDIT: My little video~

Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet my new baby....♥

My grandfather helped me purchase my new Canon Powershot ELPH 115 IS~ ♥
(along with a TB external harddive but we're not gonna talk about that- not as exciting. LOL)

Taken with my soon-to-be-neglected Powershot SD1300 IS. If it was alive I'm sure it'd be jealous and hurt that I left it for it's sexier cousin. 

Comparison between the new and the old~ I couldn't turn the 115 on yet since the battery was still charging.

Specs-wise they're not too different, they both have the same processor, however the ELPH 115 IS has 16mp compared to SD1300's 12.1. Also the zoom is better and a couple of other details. Also more program functions,  it has a better sense of auto-mode adjusting~ it will level out lighting and colors better than the old one did.

I had to try it out~ and when I did I pretty much cried real tears. I love this camera.

This is the old VIDEO quality vs. the new. 

I -had- an actual eyemakeup tutorial in the process of editing, but now I want to do it all over with the new camera. LOL So it might be a little bit longer before you actually see that video xDD
sorry not sorry ♥

Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Church OOTD

A few weeks ago I was playing around with some of my Liz Lisa goods and make a cute casualish lolita outfit for service that day~

I had just washed my hair within that week and I was a too lazy to really flat-iron it-- so I thought of this hairstyle instead. When I thought it up, I was thinking of some Micky/Minnie Mouse designs I've seen where their ears are sort of propped to the side. It came out pretty cute, although a bit messy! Next time I attempt it I plan to clean it up and figure out how to part it nicely and stuff.

The outfit itself is pretty light-- not too heavy with lolita accessories and things~

Top - Liz Lisa
Skirt, hair ties - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes - An*tai*na
Fur collar - Forever 21
Other accessories (not seen)~ all offbrand
Sunday, April 21, 2013

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday I meant to spend the morning in church... unfortunately due to the amount of work I was doing at my job at the time I ended up missing morning service. Instead I decided to dress up and go out with my lolita friends Susan and Mimi to go out to a new tea place I haven't been to before called Bodunk.

The name itself sounds kind of funny and I wonder how they came up with the name xD But the place was very quaint, a bit on the rustic side with the decor and their tea was just. Amazing.

This place was pretty pricey, and the servings were kind of small, but the food had such quality. I think what you're mostly paying for is the tea itself, which is too good. Everything I touched I could tell they were -fresh-, from the fruits to biscuits to the apricot cookies.

Me and Mimi's small sets, I forget the name of it~ but it was basically a nibbler tea.

Susan's set was more savory.

I really loved the lady who worked at this place because she offered to make a mix of tea for me, and did it so nicely. I was stuck between a spicy chai tea and then I think it might have been a cherry tea? She blended it to the perfect fruity chai I ever tasted. Yes.

Us outside the tea house~

Me and Mimi~

Me and my looove Susan~

Then the two of them together. 

It was a pretty good time, and we ended up walking a bit around NoHo and then visited Laura and chilled for a bit.

Eyemake shot

 Outfit Rundown~
JSK + bow : Angelic Pretty
bag : AP modded replica
Jacket (slightly shown) : offbrand
Cape : Princess Melody
Boots: An*tai*na


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hakata Tonton~

A few weeks ago I had to bring my best friend Laura to Hakata Tonton for some hotpot. She had to experience it, her body had to take all of it. My main reason was to eat mad food for the contest that I had entered, but mostly it was just me being extremely fat. And so one Tuesday evening we went~

If you guys may have remembered, I had went here with Ashley and Rio for my birthday where we had shabu, which was good, but pretty pricey so this time around I wanted to try their 'hakata hotpot' which is one of their specials.

Before that, we had to indulge on some epic appetizers...

First up was avocado tofu~

Now if there was two things I never liked as a child, it was 1) avocado and 2) tofu. I don't know how I got so addicted to this little dish, but I did. And I blame it entirely on Ashley.

The avocado has the perfect amount of salt in it~ the texture is nice and smooth too. I never liked soy products but this tofu has to have been the best I've ever encountered. It slid over our tongues like clouds. Topped with a bit of wasabi pepper gave it THE PERFECT balance. It really makes me want to learn how to make it so I can eat it at home all the time!

Next was Hakata Tonton's famous homemade gyoza~

While it may not seem much, and of course much different compared to the usual shape for gyoza, their homemade gyoza packed a lot of flavor inside of it's crispy exterior and I'm just. Yeah.

Okonomiyaki. Words don't need to be said about this, but I'll just say that Laura started crying as she ate it.

Laura before those real tears xD

Then finally... the hotpot.

We decided to go with the regular hotpot opposed to the shabu this time~ it was cheaper, but I actually enjoyed this much better than the shabu! It seemed to have so much more in it~ the shabu only had the meat, the cabbage and other veggies, but this had tofu, pork belly, dumplings.. tonsoku (hell, they put pig's feet in everything~)... more vegetable.. just a wider variety of things. 

Myself.. as I waited for this hot sexx to continue cooking itself.

So hot that it broiled over a bit. LOL

Awww yiss.

Aww--aww yissssss.

I was kind of tempted to get the rice bibimbap to put into the broth at the end, but then we decided against it. Totally regret not doing it.

We ended this 5-course meal with some ice cream and mochi cake..

Laura had the black sesame ice cream, I had the strawberry which was SO good. we shared the little mochi cake, that we drizzled in brown sugar syrup. So good... so soft... sigh

I cannot wait for the day to come that we return to this beloved place.

Outfit rundown~
Blazer + Top/op (kind of hard to see): Forever21~
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: An*tai*na (I didn't have brown boots until after the fact = w= hah)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Skincare Routine~

I decided to use part of my rest day to make a video about my skincare regime! It was a one-shot video since my video editor is being retarded and I kind of don't want to touch it right now. e___e I'm thinking of going back in to try and edit my eyemakeup video again but I kind of don't want to deal with it possibly crashing again for stupid reasons.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Epic Haul~ FromJapan + TaobaoSpree

Now, I know some going-out posts are due, speaking that I haven't updated on my life since Easter... but I just had to share this huge haul of junk I just got in the mail this weekend xD

Now, I made my review from FromJapan previously in this post, I was relieved to find that despite the amount of clothing I bought the shipping was a bit cheaper to my last 3 mag + 1 jsk order. Book's weight are a b, for real. (Or maybe it has to do with all the individual shipping.. I don't know). I also prepared myself time-wise so I wouldn't be caught struggling paying for it and then living on with short cash for however long.

I managed to buy all of these goods from a single secondhand shop site. Including my most wanted item...

I've wanted this D.I.A. hooded one-piece (or something similar in that color!) for a LONG time after seeing someone like Yumachi or Mipochi or someone rock that color. When my friend Shaka showed me the site it was at like 3990 yen at first, which I was kind of reluctant on since I'm super cheap, but then it went on sale for -990- yen. I could not resist myself. I heard the angels of heaven prompting me to get this onepiece and I just had to.

lol dat engrish

Everything else was very cheap too. Amazing amazing amazing.

These two are my next two favorite buys out of this package. The vest I believe is real suede leather * w* it just feels so smooth in my hands and it's not thin or cheap or flimsy or anything, ahhhh

And the chiffon top... is the softest, most fluid top I've ever seen. It's not some crappy sheer material either, it's actually layered with lining and everything, but yet it flows so well and it's so light ; w;

Just look at that...

Some Deary/Yumentebo goods I managed to snatch up. They're both really cute ; w; I'm glad I was able to snatch them up, especially for the price I got them for!

I am selling the red DreamV top though, and the fuchsia hoodie because eh, they were more impulses and the hoodie doesn't quite fit me. The hoodie is from a brand called "Passion Girl" and a size M. I'll update my sales page later!


Now as far as TaobaoSpree, it's been a while since I directly bought from them. My first agent Lucy had since left the company, so now Candy is my new TBS agent. After dealing with other people like Doris who was a major derp :/ Candy is just as reliable as Lucy was and I'm so sticking to her for a long while. She is well-spoken, she replies quickly, AND sometimes on weekends when TBS is supposed to be closed. One of TaobaoSpree's best agents I have dealt with so far.

Originally I was going to order through Taobao English, aka chinabuyagency.com, but I was turned off by their tendency to tell people things were 'sold out', when in fact they were made-to-order or reserved items. Apparently some things were missing out of my friend's group order that she did so I ended up not going through them, and I'm glad I did. Some of the things that were supposedly 'sold out' Candy was able to order, or she was able to actually TELL ME the waiting period of the items and things like that. When I tried to ask Taobao English, they just told me it was 'sold out' when I questioned the fact that so many of my wanted items were sold out without the page saying so.

In any case I was able to get most of what I wanted, which I was very satisfied with - u- Even more so that it all came in time for the start of hanami season! Imagine all the spring-y fun photoshoots that are gonna come out of this~

These two I actually got through my friend's group order~

Princess Melody (?) fuzzy hooded cape~ 

MA*RS (?) top

 And then the rest were from TaobaoSpree..

This came from the same shop as the two above, I do plan to make an -actual- store review of that Taobao store! Mainly because I believe that their things are from the actual factory that makes the actual MA*RS/Princess Melody items, so either unmarked and same-factory, or factory rejects. I'll explain why later.

 I finally got myself a Candy Sugar schoolbag, from one of the many taobaos that sells the merch from the same factory. This is actually their smaller shoulder bag, unlike the full-size bag like my friend Mei used to have, so I was kind of sad, but that's because the full-size were sold out. At some point I'll get the full-size bag... someday... x3

 More school things! I've been wanting to buy school stuff for almost two years now, and I finally got along to doing it xD I got them from angelpaopao.taobao.com I believe. The quality is really good and I definitely plan to order more things through them again!

Galaxy Shirt.

These boots... these are actually OTK boots that I've seen on ebay for the longest time and I finally got my hands on them! In my size! In the past when I saw them on ebay they never had them in my size, PLUS the sellers were trying to sell them for maybe 30 bucks. The store I got them from only sold them for around 9-10 dollars. I was able to custom-size them to my US 10 foot, I forget if there was any extra cost, but I don't think so. You don't know how happy I got these. Especially a black pair AND a brown pair. The 'chestnut'ish color has been in style since the beginning of this year and now I don't have to look for a pair of brown OTKs locally.

As far as support and stuff it's kind of hard because of my messed-up joints, but they are like 2 inch heels so it helps a great deal. I can't wait to wear them out!

A couple of these stores I really want to do specific reviews on, but that won't come until I buy a couple of more things from them. But I loooove everything. 
Now the only problem is.... finding a place to put them. My drawers are completely full.

Friday, April 5, 2013

March Get~!

Bought a couple of things during March~  mainly a lot of discounted stuff o:

Fur collar from H&M~ it's kind of like a candyfloss or a platnium kind of pink~

April Ageha~ This month came with a Liz Lisa mirror. It's pretty cute!

I found this blush/bronzer duo stick in Victoria's Secret... I was pretty curious about the color, so I bought it~
When it comes to 'generic' colors I tend to be a bit weary since it's not really meant for darker skin tones.
But then I took a swatch test, and used it with my regular makeup...

This is a swatch without blending, below is an example with blending...

I was pleasantly surprised with how much both appeared on my skin~
Now I use the blush as a base before I apply my powder blushes. It helps my blush last, no matter the color. Usually blush disappears halfway through the day, but with this stick it lasts much longer!

As far as the bronzer side... it's pretty obvious that it's way too light for my skin, haha. But it's still pretty good as a highlighter~ so I use it when I can't find my Benefit stick, or for spots like my forehead and stuff. It does it's job~

While I was at it, I also got this blush. The color is "Fresh Love". It's a pretty nice coral-shade and I wanted to see how it would show up on me... with the blush/bronzer stick, this blush looks pretty damn awesome. No regrets with this purchase!

This shadow purchase was kind of impulseish, during the Secret Rewards period. It's "Iced", a pretty nice silver-white color, but I don't know how much I'll actually use it... not sure if I can return it either.

I had a coupon for a free body spray~ decided to get Strawberries & Champagne... it was one of my favorites from when I used to work for VS.

The two lenses I got from Shara! One of them being the EOS G-204s, the other G-210s, both in grey. Planning to give these away in future giveaways~

The pair of shorts I bought for my Kyary concert outfit next week~
One thing I love about stores like Strawberry's and Rainbow's is that an awful lot of the bottoms-products they stock are made for my shape, and are nice and stretchy but durable. I got these and then I just put another pair that are lime-ish colored on layaway :3~

A lot of these things make me anxious for the summer! I can't wait for hot temperatures, warm bright sun and ice cream everywhere xD

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