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Monday, November 11, 2013

Shizuka Muto's retirement from 小悪魔AGEHA。。。

 (April 2010 Ageha scan)

Looking at my subscription feed this past week, I ran upon my friend Charlotte's blog post about agemo Shizuka Muto leaving 小悪魔Ageha, and modeling in general to focus more on her clothing brand RADY. She also made a post about her announcement on her blog.

One of my favorite videos of her!

Some 2007 scans~ 

I was pretty shocked! It pricked my heart a bit because Shizuka was one of my favorite gal models since I started getting into the fashion... she was one of the most influential pioneer agemo; she was always one of the most flyest chicks, with a ton of style and that gyaru 'swag'. Her hair was always that fun and airy type of mori that I usually like to go after the most, and she would always switch between this cute pop-ish kind of sexy style to just full out dark and sexy agejo.

A scan from her personal style book "小悪魔Shizuka".

From Dec '08 AGEHA

I'm talking about her as though she died! It's just that I miss her so much. I've been too broke to buy magazines since June but now I feel compelled to purchase all of them so I can get the most of her before she officially stops modeling in December.


A 2008 scan

I'm glad though that she has a focus and to her, she's going to the 'next level'-- she talks so enthusiastically about her time with Ageha in her goodbye interview (in Charlotte's link), and how GAL she felt, I have a feeling she'll be one of the ex-models who will continue to be very GAL for a while longer, kind of like Himeka Shirosaki (who remembers her?). I never watched her RADY brand (back when it first came out, it was mostly roomwear so I never bothered), but now I have to follow it!


I'll miss seeing her style sooo much!


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