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Monday, December 17, 2012


Random camwhoring session.
Monday, December 10, 2012

Finishing the LWPI Course...

Sometime around the end of November/early December, I had finally recieved my certificate for Wedding & Event Planning.

When I first got it in the mail, I couldn't help but stare at it and just think about myself.

For a long time I've always had issues with school. Feelings of anxiety, worthlessness fed into the huge amount of prostination I did throughout my public school life. A lot of the time I did not want to face a lot of the challenges that were ahead of me, the main one being, "What do I do from here?"

It was only by the grace of God that I was able to finish this, just like it was Him that helped me get out of high school, because the amount of tension that always built up on me was anything but explainable.

I still don't have the courage to really take on anything long-term like college-- in my opinion, it's really the last thing I need. Especially when the fields that I want to get in are more about connections than education, and even more that college has turned into another commodity that traps people into debt for years. It's too hard for me to think about long-term schooling, when all I can imagine is the decades of debt I would be in-- and still no real direction of what I'm meant to do in life.

But this... this is definitely a step forward for me. Even though I struggled, and I failed the other course that I really wanted to pass, this gives me a bit more courage in myself, even if I still don't know where I want to go, or want to do. I know there will be a day where I won't get caught up in the spirit of fear, and be able to fully reach my full potential-- and maybe even surpass it.
Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wanted to share this track because I've been addicted to it for WEEKS now.

I love Azealia Banks, the flow of her lyrics, the old school feel she pushes for, mixed with the electro-house type genre is so soothing to my senses. Some of her songs seriously make me want to start listening to rap again.

I support her a lot, her having came from LaGuardia H.S.. I can't wait for the day Nicki Minaj (one of the sad cases from our school) finally takes 3 seats with her idiotic verses, weird voices/'personalities' and her big-headed attitude and make way for artists who deserve to be in the spotlight.
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quail Eggs. I can't.

So a week or so ago I met up with some of the girls to collect payment for the tea party. I'm with one of them and I randomly decide to check out this one place near St. Mark's, because my bby Laura had told me about their legendary okonomiyaki. (In her words, it was cooked on top of a bed of bacon, and had hardboiled eggs nested inside.)

So we go~ the place is Village Yokocho. I never knew it even existed, the entrance being crammed between Panya and Sunrise Mart. So we go in there up the stairs, we get seated and immediately I order the okonomiyaki because menu said it would take 25 minutes to prepare.

So I order some stuff in advance, thinking that hey, it's gonna take a while to make, right? Got myself a mug of Kirin, a bowl of rice, some miso soup with mushrooms and stuff and some battered-fried pumpkin and onion slices w/ ponzu sauce. I actually tried the wasabi that came with it, since I haven't tasted real wasabi in a long while. The paste itself was brown so I don't know if it was a different type (I'm really not up on this stuff), but I took some of it and ate it. It was funny and I was playing around with it~ it wasn't spicy to taste but every bite I took of it felt like a puff of heat rise up to my head. I was just being really silly.

Half-eaten food. The pumpkin had a really nice texture~ if I wasn't eating okonomi I would've tried a bunch of the fried skewer stuff. For another day, I suppose~

Eventually the okonomiyaki came a little while after we were done with all the food and... my God, it was just huge.

Look at that sucker.

I didn't expect it to be this size, and SO THICK. It had to have been the thickest one I've had so far.... now the bottom didn't have bacon, just regular pork strips (imagine if it was bacon though, HORMPFFFHH) but omg the quail eggs. Mother. effin. quail eggs. It was definitely a new taste with the eggs, but my God, it was so good.

It's times like these that I just really want to remind myself to get all the ingredients and learn how to make them myself at home. There's no way I can live the way I do..
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kawaii Int'l prize GET!

So Saturday I finally recieved my La Parfait onepiece, the grand prize I recieved for winning the Kawaii International hime coord contest. ♥♥♥♥
 In the back of my mind, I'm still like "how...?"

But anyways, I was super stressed because the package dude didn't even bother ringing the doorbell that Thursday when it came, just left a "Sorry we missed you!" note. I ended up working the whole week up to Saturday so I didn't have any time to pick it up. Eventually our regular mailguy dropped it off Saturday morning before I went to my tea party.


So many feels, guys. ♥

The actual dress. (maybe I should've shooped some sparkles and puri into this pic?)

I'm actually plesantly surprised by La Parfait's quality! I remember when I first got into gal, and I was all about that himegal, I always favored Jesus Diamante over La Parfait. La Parfait always had this really frumpy look about it, and from the images their quality seemed much cheaper than Jesus Diamante or any lolita brand so I never paid much attention to it. Eventually I did develop this secret love for tacky lace and the OTT aspect of himedeco, but even then, I never had a habit of actually watching their site and their trends that much.

Seeing this dress in person made me think again about my original opinion of the brand. The lace isnt bad, the construction is pretty good-- the dress is fully lined, and had a little elastic on the top in the back. It's actually a halter too~ so it has these light straps attached in the front. So despite seeing a lot of their frumpy stuff, I really love the design of this. I guess it's because it reminds me a lot of Jesus Diamante as well?

So you know, me being excited, I tried it on real quick to see how it is... and it's almost perfect. -almost-.

(Excuse the messy hair~)


 I'm assuming that on Ayano and people, this was supposed to flow freely maybe? I have no clue, but it frames my body PERFECTLY. I mean it happily slips over my waist, my hips, with no problem at all! It seems like a really short dress, but it's enough length to cover my butt and bend over a bit. It could've been perfect....

If not for the boob area.

I don't know how this could've possible been bombed, and then I remember that naturally, Japanese girls have really small breasts xD Really small. So the bust on this thing is for someone with some serious mosquito bites.

 You see in the image that it actually dips in the bust area-- no matter how I 'arrange' myself, it just doesn't want to cooperate with my D-cups ; o; It sucks.

But! I did surprise me. If not for the bust area this would've been absolutely perfect, which is a surprise for me, having messed around with different brands for a while. I'd definitely buy La Parfait clothing in the future if I knew the bust was fixed for someone like me.

Slipped into my heart heels for a full-body shot.

 What I might end up doing is having my friend alter it so it will fit my bust better~ because I'm not planning on selling this ever xD It's too cute! But in the meantime I also plan to cover up the derp with cardigans and whatnot. It's so freaking cute, I can't even. Hopefully the weather won't turn too cold~ I plan to wear this out soon! ♥

New Gets~!

I kind of wanted to wait until I caught up on my lolita day post and etc. but I'm gonna go ahead and post this anyways xD

So obviously International Lolita Day (this past Saturday) is always a very anticipated event. Me having my own tea party at Lady Mendl's, I really wanted to try and go get some accessory shopping. With that in mind, I got these~

I bought those bunches of  roses from the floral district (if you don't know, it's around 26th-28thish streets in Manhattan, mostly between 6 and 7th avenues). I meant to make actual combs out of these but not having enough time or money to waste, I just trimmed the wire stems and stuck them in my hair, which did just as good xD

These are not fabric flowers, but foam~ so I honeslty don't know how long they'll last, but the colors and the look is so realistic that I had to get them.

When I looked at the big roses, I realized that I can mod my sister's wedding shoes like I always wanted~ so one of these days I'm going to get a bunch of lace and DIY the mess out of those shoes xD they're going to look fabulous~

I also had bought this tiara comb from a local beauty store near my church~ I've always wanted a tiara for YEARS but never went through with it. A lot of Manhattan stores always sold designs I didn't like, or tried to sell them for 15-30 dollars, which wasn't really equal to their quality... but this I only got for 8.99. So glad I was able to get it!

I also had my boo Aisha ship me some new Diamond Lash bottoms for me~ I got my usual Princess Lash, and this time I also got Nudy Lash.

At first I was a bit afraid about the Nudys being too natural for my eye, but they came out looking great~ Very happy with my purchase. Now that I have three different bottom lash packs, I might actually make a video on all three of them, just to compare them as far as quality and whatnot, and trying to mix and match different looks and stuff~ I also didn't realize that the hot pink Diamond Lash packs were like 2-3 dollars less than the Purple packs xD So I plan to stock up on whatever of those I like, before I go on with my other ones~

This make shot is actually from lolita day~ excuse the band showing and stuff, it was the dead end of the night and my makeup was pretty much done. But it looks so good!

Now as far as party swag~ didn't get too much (didn't participate in the White Elephant since I was spending enough for the rest of the party), but I got a couple of sweets from Lady Mendl's, some Frilliation magnets after meeting Anna after the party, and also a little gift bag of cosmetic stuff from my Atsuko-boo Nicole~ now I can delay my much-needed cosmetics shopping LOL. She gave me a little thing of Lancome Hypnose STAR mascara, a pack of boscia pink peppermint blotting linens, a sample of Dolce & Gabbana's 'The One' fragrance, a sniff of Viva La Juicy, and some moisturizing hand cream. ♥ bawsss


Now yesterday, I was *trying* to give myself a reason to shop, and I failed xD I couldn't force myself to buy a pretty dress from F21 or anywhere (in my mind I was going "But I can get burandou with that 30 bucks!!!"), so I just went sock shopping -  w-

Some 6-pair black sock set for work.... and then I treated myself to some Betsey Johnson tights. I really liked the thigh-highs I had gotten months back, so I went ahead and got these~

Also went around to Victoria's Secret, plotting my next purchase there~ LOL

Then I went to Kinokuniya and Book-Off... the new Janurary mags don't arrive in shop till this weekend, so there wasn't much to look at that I haven't seen already. But then at Book-Off, guess what I managed to snag for A DOLLAR?

Awww yiss. Motha. fkin. Jet Set Radio Future. (plus the driving game that came with it). For a buck.

Now, I'm not at all sure if this Xbox CD will function on my 360, but either way I'm so happy to have gotten this game. Back when we had a Dreamcast, I was in love with Jet Set Radio (and does anyone remember Crazy Taxi???), and I never played JSRF, so I was trying to search Gamestop for it but none of them carried it anymore.. so imagine my face when I saw this at Book Off for the price it was. (Let me remind you: A DOLLAR. 1.09 after tax. Yissss.)

That's pretty much it for now~ I'm hoping that I won't end up spoiling myself rotten and getting myself things for Christmas, rather than for my family.. >w> ♥ but we know how hard that gets~

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