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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December's Haul! Christmas presents and all~

So not too long after the VS event, I went looking for my favorite bra~

The Miraculous Push-up Bra

Sure, I have a huge enough rack, but when I saw this on the website I fell in love. This was the moment where I was seriously in the holiday spirit. because I wanted this bra on my titties xD

I went to the store near my house, just to find they were sold out in my size, wtf? So then I made my way allll the way to 34th street, figuring they HAD to have this still. HAD to. Luckily, I got the last bra in my size in that color. I will forever cherish the living crap out of it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
2011 is slowly coming to a close...

I've been very exhausted this past week... I've barely been getting any real rest, today was my first real rest day, and I cried through half of it. Eat, cry and sleep.

That seasonal depression stuff is rough.. but hopefully once the ball drops I'll have myself back together again. I'm grateful for my best friend, who's trying to help me bring myself back to normal.

Anyways, I didn't get much for Christmas, but I'm glad that I got what I did~ all of it is useful stuff to wear for the coming winter months, for work, and etc. As well as my usual gifts to myself. I love my family more and more for the way they are, especially my mom and my big sister and my grandmother.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be posting the rest of my hauls from this month~ as well as my recent hangouts with my loli friends and my boo Jesika from Florida.

'til tomorrow I guess
Friday, December 23, 2011

Kicking off the Holidays with Victoria's Secret Pt 2

Continuing from my last post~

Black Friday wasn't my only Victoria's Secret event...
I also had a chance to go to the Victoria's Secret fashion show pre-show, which was basically an live online show being shot an hour before the TV recording of the fashion show. Had a live audience and everything, and luckily I had gotten myself the chance of going. Brought my boo Rio with me :3 At first I thought the rest of the audience were like, bloggers and whatnot (maybe some were), but finding out from the guy next to me, majority of them were actually VS employees.

It was really fun, I got to see Adriana Lima in person! Who is my absolute favorite VS Angel, Candice Swanepoel was there as well, as well as more minor models, and the people behind the whole fashion show production. It was a really good experience to listen to the stories, to learn about the processes leading up to the fashion show, and seeing some of the fashion show pieces in person. Crazy ridiculous.

My outfit for the day, basically DreamV and D.I.A. and other things~ lol so many DAT ASS comments

without the coat~ one of these days I'm gonna DIY a better belt to go with stuff like this, lol

Rio in red. I love that hoe xD

Candice being interviewed. If I remember correctly, the hostess was also like the Vice Pres of Victoria's Secret, or something like that.

Some of the more minor models with one of the guys behind the model hunting/selection process

Some of the outfits from the fashion show, along with two of the main designers who whipped up a lot of the show pieces-- the black one from the New Orleans-inspired line being my favorite. Both because it was super sexy and because Adriana wore it in the show lolo

And for being there, we got gift cards. $50 cards. I was bugging out! No need to guess, I went on yet another shopping spree later lol!

Even more to come, later~
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kicking off the Holidays with Victoria's Secret

Yaffa Cafe. I've been going here more and more often with Chris this season.

Already it's like, the day before Christmas Eve and I'm just now getting to Black Friday xD

Work has been hectic.. I've been working a lot, but I'm glad it all pays off in the end. Unfortunately since I had my lil durp with my bank account at the beginning of the month, it screwed me up as far as payments and shopping :c I feel bad but I have to take care of things that should've been cared for first, and give out presents later..

Anyways before all that mess happened, I couldn't resist going to Victoria's Secret for Black Friday~ ended up getting a couple of things for myself and my friend Chris~

I just randomly dropped in on my lunch break~ didn't mean to go shopping that much at all, until it was brought to my attention that their fragrances like Bombshell, Noir, etc, were only $25 dollars compared to the usual price of like, 45+. Of course I hopped on that and got Noir for Chris, and then their very last Bombshell Seduction for myself. I was just. I don't even. LOL

At this point I was like ok.. 50 bucks.. that's it as far as shopping. I'M DONE
but then I learned that they -still- had their tote bags.. yknow, the free one with a 75 dollar purchase. At that point I was like fuck it, LOL Need 15 moar dorrah of shit fuckkk so I grabbed the little travel-sized Noir body mist, and a lipgloss to just add it up.

The sexiest fragrance ever. I'm totally making this shit last LOL

The Noir fragrance with the body mist beside it. I know it's much a much softer scent compared to Bombshell/Seduction, the best part being the bottle design with the atomizer and stuff.. really cute

The Beauty Rush "Strawberry Fizz" lipgloss... tbh I don't really like fruity/scenty lipglosses, so I've been using this sparingly.

And then.. the tote bag

The shit is huge, esp compared to the black tote I had gotten on Fashion's Night Out...
the best part was that there was stuff -inside- the tote. I did not know this and I didn't realize till the next day that there was crap inside of it!

This primer is so good, the texture is just ridiculously awesome and I'd love to get a bottle of it sometime! I'm so glad they gave me a sampler. omg

Then a sampler of the Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance. Another nice one, I don't think I would buy it though.

A small bottle of the Sheer Love lotion. The bottle isn't that much smaller from the size they sell, so I'm definitely satisfied! I carry it everywhere with me, especially with the weather turning dry and cold.

and finally, a travel-sized Bombshell body mist. Exactly what I needed, because I was about to completely use the one I had before. awesomeee

and of course, my Secret Rewards card~

I ended up getting three of these altogether, each had $10 on it. I'm not too disappointed, especially when I'm usually getting cheap things and cosmetics from VS anyways. In any case this was like, the best purchase ever xD
and of course, that's not all...
Sunday, December 18, 2011

November Purchases

I don't know why I waited this long to post this stuff... I was trying to get my Pupe account unblocked but then I realized how much stuff I haven't posted yet. xD meh

So this is part 1 of the stuff I got in November... I think Black Friday needs it's own post xD lolo

A lot of this stuff I bought back in September and stuff... but didn't arrive until November. Lolis, gal stuff from Yumetenbo, etc. Besides me having ended up overdrafting, I think this was maybe the best purchases this year LOL

Firstly, my auction wins ~

I ended up getting this gorgeous OP by Angelic Pretty...
I originally wanted the jsk version in like, either white or pink I think? But then I saw the blue one for really cheap so I bidded on it.

And my God, I am in love. No words can describe how much detail is in this dress.
The only downside is that my ribcage is too big to fit in it comfortably = w= welp, that's the burden of a lolita LOL

Just.. look at the detail * w* dat lace.

dem ruffles.

dat BACK

And then I also managed to snag this cute blouse by AP as well~ What I love about it is the tulleish overlay, with the hearts

And then~ THIS COAT
I won it for 7000ish yen! That was LUCK right there xD and it's nice and warm

The back has ruffles and stuff too, it's sooo cute ; w; sigh

Then... Emma vol 5

I'm not the type to be into anime and collect manga.. but this was one of my favorite series when I was younger. I gushed and cried over the sappy romance behind this Victorian-era story! My friend pressed me into buying the book at Book-Off, saying it was better than the anime. I couldn't help myself.

My DreamV/Yumetenbo order was small but sweet x3

This was like the last coat... I decided to get it since it was pretty cheap (about 30?). I am in love with this coat. Within the past year or so I've been growing deeper and deeper in love with fuchsia, so I've been wearing this constantly. Especially with grey and black and leopard print, my God. i can't.

Also got this turtleneck, since it was perfectly my size and it was like 10 dollars. I wish I had been able to get other colors too!

And then my long-awaited game...

Finished it in 2 days. LOL obsessed with this series

And last but not least, my mags~ Ageha November~ I had also gotten October I think, I know I was missing some issue that I ended getting later o wo

And then this~

I'm so, sosososo glad Kinokuniya had stocked this. Basically the sujimori bible. 55 differnt hairstyles, plus instructionals on how to do a lot of things, like manipulating the curls and different braiding and whatnot, -plus- it comes with a DVD with some tutorials (sadly not all) of the hairstyles. Best. Book purchase. Ever. xD

I've been looking in a lot of the past issues of magazines this season and I'm just getting so much inspiration lately for winter, especially with color palettes! I hope I'll be able to get every look I want to achieve before the season's up * w*
Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Giveaways~

Before I backtrack on November, I just wanna share a few of the giveaways I've entered or plan on entering :3

My lovely girl Lynn is having yet another sponsored giveaway by Affordable Scarves. Follow the rules on her blog to get a chance at winning a $20 gift certificate from them!

I've been watching this adorable girl for a good minute and now she's having her very first giveaway. Prizes include Diamond lashes, Kyary lashes, pink fur scrunchie, a mini-usamimi, Pocky, etc!

Ends January 2nd, enter to win a free pair of lenses of your choice, with an animal case and two face masks~

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Already Christmas season is upon us...

A part of me wishes it was gone already, another part of me feeds off the nostalgia. Maybe that's been keeping me sane for the past 2 weeks.. I'm just hoping I'll last the rest of the year with it.

It's good to fill yourself with as many happy thoughts as possible around this time. Not only is this the 'jolliest' time of year, it's also one of the most stressful and depressing time. Once November rolled in, all at once I've been hearing about more and more suicide attempts, friends having seen someone jump in front of a train or jump off buildings...

Everyone expects a 'perfect Christmas' or holiday season for themselves... whether it has to do with family, romance, etc... I, too, have my own vision of the perfect Christmas for 2011. But at the same time you can't help but feel pressure from others and their expectations. A lot of people dislike Christmas because of how commercialized it has become, but at the end of the day, it is what it is, yknow?

I think it's best to level yourself and remember that nothing is perfect, and that most of the time, imperfections tend to make everything more unique. It's nice to hope for something special but I can never be truly expectant for improbable things to occur. Whatever I end up getting, whatever ends up happening, is a blessing either way.

By the very end of October, I had found a new job, and since then I've been working. Thankfully, it's been less work compared to my old job and more pay. But even then, it's stressful... I wrecked myself and overdrafted my bank account for the first time this past week, and it pretty much ruined my mood about everything. A chunk of my paycheck, down the drain... right in time for Christmas. I have to hold off on spending until my next paycheck right before Christmas, and it's extremely difficult. I had my own ideas on what to give my family and close friends but now that I'm in a pinch I don't know if half of those things are really gonna happen.

Fortunately I've been getting more hours and I'm looking forward to my next paycheck and hoping that would solve a lot. Otherwise I think I might just make baked goods for Christmas for everyone-- macarons, pies, or whatever I can think up last minute that would make someone feel good. I may not be able to sew, or knit, or make something that would last, but at least my sweets would leave people feeling good, even if for a little while.

Overall, this year I'm favoring personal time over presents. I'm at a point where I'd rather people give me money than gifts because I really don't know what I'd want that people can get, and I don't want them wasting money on something that I would never use.. now that I'm able to support myself in terms of 'wants' I don't feel the need to beg like when I was a child.. the only thing I really want for Christmas is a passport so I can finally travel when I want (hopefully 2012!).

Otherwise I'd rather be around the people that I love this time. My family may be a bit dysfunctional at times, and my close friends may be crazy, but I'm glad that we're on one accord, that I have trust in them and vice versa, that we're not bent on materialistic needs when we have each other.

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