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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hanami 2

More from BBG's hanami season~

This specific set was from a few days before their Sakura Matsuri weekend, when I was invited by a friend to dress up and take photos for press for that weekend.

BBG had tried to start this whole 'Parasol Society' thing, trying to usher lolitas into being part of the park's attraction. I personally don't like it at all, having stopped wearing lolita to BBG because of the harassment from photographers and other press for pictures and whatnot. Throughout the years they started going in harder and harder, making SM less of a time for picnic and comfort and just annoyance. Now that the Matsuri is turned into more like an outdoor con, and the BBG exploiting local lolitas to participate in 'parasol games' or cheap tea parties while being oogled by tourists like a petting zoo (with rising ticket prices every year and no sort of comp? No thanks.), I refuse to dress up and play into that. I only really went for this press shoot as a favor for a friend.

Anyways, enough of my ranting. You can see some of the press stuff here~ Gothamist, New York MetroParents, and I've heard I was seen on NY1 or something as well.

edit: Video from NY1:

More pictures under the cut~

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hanami Season 1

I find it a blessing that nowadays you can enjoy iconic events and things from all over the world. Hanami season has always been a favorite part of spring since my weaboo days in high school. Back then it was always about it simply being Japanese and often seen in anime and stuff like that, but as I got older I started to enjoy the actual beauty of the cherry blossoms, and all flowering trees similar to it. I don't know if I'll ever be a serious horticulturist, but growing up with my mom who always had a green thumb, I wouldn't be surprised.

I was lucky enough to see most of the trees in almost every blooming stage, which made them more fascinating to me. This specific set of photos were from a lolita meet I had a week before Brooklyn's Botanical Garden's Sakura Matsuri.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Impromptu schoolgirl hangout

A few weeks ago I met up with some of my peeps for 'schoolgirl' themed gathering for a bit of fun. At first we were gonna go to BBG that day and take "~Will senpai notice me?~" type photos under the cherry blossoms, but it ended up sort of cloudy and we got lazy so that ended up not happening. Instead we had a good time between Chinatown in Manhattan and roamed Downtown Brooklyn.

Rune came over to my house, where I put a bit of makeup on her. I immediately got frustrated because chick got a great face. What I mean by that? Spotless smooth skin, a nice thin nose and she has this ridiculous dark skin spots where you'd normally contour and everything. So her nose naturally looks contoured. Even her eyes looked like she had already lined them with dark brown eyeliner :| wtf

The result. I also did a -tiny- bit of teasing to her hair do it would be less lifeless xD Easy stuff

After that we hopped on the metro to meet Rio and Mei in Chinatown since some of us haven't been there in a while. We walked around, got some little cakes and crap, went to what's left of Elizabeth Center (seriously, this thing used to be bustling with all these little weeaboo stores and asian fashion stores and whatnot when I was new in lolita... what happened?). The puribooth shop continues to amaze me because I seriously do not understand how it's stayed open all these years with their crap quality and ridiculous prices. Makes me with the Toto booths were moved there instead of eventually going to the junkyard :| I would've opened a shop myself, smh

We later went to a family-style Chinese restaurant and had some good grub, and then went to Fay Da for some sweets and bubble tea.

For whatever retarded reason I made the suggestion of walking around, and that ended up with us walking over the bridges and just acting real retarded. It was super fun though!

Rio in her schoolgirl-ish inspired sl00t outfit

Rune was clearly about dat EGG/Soul Sister life LOL practicing all the poses

Mei didn't give a damn for school uniforms and went for one of her casual gawthy outfits

Tired student hookers. I originally had my hair straight but then it was humid as hell and my real hair poofed. Gross.

When we got to Downtown Brooklyn Rio and Rune departed... meanwhile me and Mei ended up walking even more, hitting up a Starbucks, and eventually walking BACK to Manhattan. xD Talk about random idling. It was a good workout even though my knee swelled for a few days....

My only flattering images, once I got home xD

Probably should've went for my black sneakers.. I ended up looking pretty stumpy, not to mention bloated.

My recent makeup~ I've been switching it up a -little- bit as far as lash placement. Also not sure if it's noticeable, but I've been also playing around with eyelid tape and seeing how more defined my crease is~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kawaii International Ep #10

I didn't expect my image to pop up in the 10th Kawaii International Episode at all-- I had no knowledge of it until I suddenly got the e-mail from NHK the night before, asking me to support xD Like WUT WHAT'S GOING ON?

Since it was so last minute and I was booked that weekend, I missed the airing... I managed to catch the episode via Youtube, though it was all choppy stuff. But then Kawaii International was kind enough to send me a disc copy!

Everyone else who had watched it was telling me "omg you're gonna have feels amber" "there was this one shop girl that said something really sweet you're gonna cry", and I was sitting here like WHAT. So when I got a hold of the video I fast-forwarded right to that part.

(right-click and open in New Tab for full-size)

...Yeah, I almost cried. Though it was more of a shriek and dying inside - kind of cry, hah. But there was something so heartfelt about her comment towards me, it really made me feel really good. Like REALLY, really good.

When I first entered the contest I didn't like the outfit at all (I still don't LOL) but the fact that Ayano saw all these special little details in spite of it being a lolita dress blew my mind. I didn't like the shoes at the time (I've modded them since-- still didn't make a post about it yet = w=) but she still liked them and she payed attention to the little things like the nails and hair and they called it simplistically cute. And that landed me in 1st place. I remember screaming when I first heard from friends, and then when I saw it for myself.

So seeing someone, especially from outside the hime/lolita fashion complimenting me and my makeup and stuff makes me feel so good. It's not even like "omglol nipponpplz called me kawaii", but having them see my look and compliment it and point out the little details... it's a really good feeling, especially for the bit of extra elbow grease I'd have to give out to dress up due to importing and being taller and thicker than what the brands' market's norm is.

I have no doubt in my mind that one day it'll happen again. And I can't wait. ♥

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My First Giveaway!

God knows how long I've been waiting to do this!

I was always stuck on getting this going because I had so many bigger things to give away, not enough fillers, and then of course laziness~ but now it's up and going! Originally I was going to run this when I got 20k views on my blog.. but then it didn't take long to get 30k views.. and I thought to myself like "yeah Amber... get on this." xD;

My stats aren't all that great (30k+ views on blogger, 150+ GFC followers and then some of my Bloglovin' followers, 765 tumblr followers, a couple thousand views on both my youtube channels, and all the random people who add me on Facebook), but I'm still so appreciative of everyone who takes some sort of interest on my pages and try to communicate with me! Especially those who talk with me on my blog = u= yis

In any case, let me do the rundown on the prizes for this giveaway. Bet your pants there will be more going on over the course of the year~ (as long as I don't become forgetful).

1) A Cecil McBee pouch
2) EOS G-210, a.k.a. Extragavanza lenses in grey (plano)
+ lens case to go with it
3) Ruby Kisses HD Gel Eyeliner (It's my favorite brand eyeliner that I use all the time in my recent eyemake looks c:)
+ matching liner brush
4) 1 pair of AGEHA brand "Dolly" top lash
5) 1 pair of generic top lash (bought from Taobao)
6) 1 pair of Da Vinci #105 bottom lashes
7) Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in "Strawberry Fizz"
8) Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance sample
9) a 2013-2014 calendar book
10) a really cute phone charm :3 (If it's an actual character, let me know who it is~)

The giveaway ends May 30th 2013!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

 Janelle Monae's new MV just came out this afternoon. 
And just. Yes. 
yes yes yes yes yes~

Bosie Tea Parlor

The other week I went with Dr. Kawamura to Bosie Tea Parlor, a small little spot down in the West Village. It was my first time going, after hearing a lot from some of the local lolitas who have went before, and I really enjoyed myself. Parts of their walls were just lined with these huge tins of tea and the decor was very simple, nothing too ornate which is nice for a casual get-together.

I got their afternoon tea set~

One of their Chai teas

I already forgot which one I chose xD But I believeee it was the Smoked Salmon, their Cheddar Cheese and their Cucumber with cream cheese sandwiches? Either way they were all really good.
I also got their Vanilla Cheesecake and their Bacon & Maple Syrup macarons! Both were really good, though I tasted mostly maple in the bacon one. But still, they were very good. The little mini-cakes had these sugared orange rinds or something on top and it was nice and sweet!

One day I'll be back~ back to try the rest of their menu, that is. >:3

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