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My name is Amber. I'm an NYC girl!

Some may recognize me as Amanikitty from places like Livejournal, or Gaiaonline, and other sites here and there. I'm very interested in styles from different cultures, inspired by different time periods, etc., mainly Japanese street fashion.

I'm currently studying and following the trends of the event industry, hoping that one day I'll be a designer..

I started this page to make a fresh start for myself, having been on places like Livejournal and Gaiaonline for pretty much all my teenage years. This is my attempt on keeping notes and findings and thoughts, rather than simply posting on Facebook and eventually having those thoughts lost forever in a sea of posts.

I consider this a personal blog more than anything, even though I make a lot of fashion posts. You'll see things that inspire me, rants, food posts, ramblings about my faith, the list goes on.

If you follow my blog, then I know there is a connection between us, somehow, and I'm ever thankful and grateful that we are able to touch and agree on something.


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