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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Celebration of Long-Lasting Friendship

Sorry I haven't been updating lately! I've only just started getting out of my depressed hermit status this weekend. I'm kind of not over my negative feelings yet, but just enough to be a bit motivated to start working again. I ended up losing my HDD (hopefully somewhere in my house) and that's pretty much why I haven't went into detail about my 2nd mission trip to Guyana or anything. I also got some new things (like a new phone, which I'm typing from now!) But I'm in no real rush to make a post on it right now.

I just wanted to talk about a recent outing with my best friend, where we celebrated 9 years of friendship!  It may seem a bit silly, but when you go through so much like deceiving friends, friends' deaths, and other life situations, it feels really good to recognize the length of a close friendship.

I remember we became friends on the very first day of high school~ we were both in the same Math class during period 2, and that was how we met.

Since freshman year we were inseparable; friends came and gone, drama with birdlike chicks, through my own HS love-drama b.s., and her struggles with her family and her hood in Spanish Harlem. I started dressing lolita and she was the only one who didn't reject me; when she gave birth to her daughter I was there with her. And then even more recently, me finding myself in God, and her following and seeking the same relationship with God, having been baptized a month ago during a conference revival.

I can say I never really lived life up until the point where we started hanging out. So much happened around us but we made it out of everything together. We never fought and broke our friendship. We cussed at each other, told truth to each other, cried with each other, and acted plain retarded together. We were always mistaken for sisters, cousins, and lol lesbians because we were together that much. 

God has kept us through 9 years and there's been so much growth between us.. we had to recognize it.

So, we went to Gyukaku for some serious grubbing.. like 125 dollars worth of grub. LOL

A little collage of not even everything we got... that we took as we talked about other issues going on. Miso soup, sweet potato tempura sticks, shrimp dumplings, miso-bbq chicken wings.. sukiyaki bimbimbap, spinach garlic, grilled onion, and what probably ended up being a pound+ of different meats LOL and then a buttload of pina colada-mojitos and caramelized banana splits. .. yeah, it was pretty intense.

Obligatory bathroom selfies

Outfit shot~ F21, Strawberry, Rainbow's.

I would never trade my friendship with her for anything. I've had too many fakes, d*ckriders, "underlings", flaky insecure people, flame starters, you name it. I'm over most people that try to interact with me. One of the only relationships I'll truly care for is my friendship with Muffy.

My general advice on friendship? 

Don't base your friendships on location or hobby or fashion. Get deeper than just that, when you know its safe to. Be able to discern people's personalities and habits and determine whether or not they're good for you, or toxic.

Always value someone who tell or receive things like it is, even if it hurts. Who aren't afraid to level you down for long-term benefits, someone who you know aren't up in people's business over trying to sort themselves out and live their life. 

Be receptive to their thoughts and concerns, and criticisms. Don't be selfish about your own interests.

Together, be able to pick each other off the ground and support each other. 
And be prepared to lift each other up to higher ground. Be prepared to sacrifice. 

Most of all, have fun every minute of it.


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