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Sunday, November 27, 2011

EOS Crystal Diamond Greys review

(The lenses in indirect sunlight)

Finally got around to posting my circle lens review on Youtube~

These are by far my favorite lenses besides the Max Candydoll/King browns. They're pretty much the only two lenses I wear now, I seriously haven't touched my green lenses and stuff in so long, since the first week I got them xD

What I like best is that these lenses look big, but they sort of 'settle' in with the rest of my face. Despite the design, I feel like I can wear these suckers without any makeup, compared to like, Candydoll Greens and whatnot.

Anyways, just to do a general rundown here...

Comfort: 10/10, as always, EOS lenses never fail when it comes to comfort. Enough said xD
Enlargement: 10/10-- these are a 14.5 and they -feel- like a 14.5. I really can't go anymore dolly without these.
Color/Design: 9/10 - I had to think about it for a moment, because honestly? I am very VERY satisfied with these lenses. But comparing them to other grey lenses, you barely see the grey all that much besides in flash and direct sunlight. At least on my brown eyes. If I was seeing another girl wear them I'd automatically assume they were Diamond Blacks. But again, I LOVE how they came out on me. Though now I'm thinking of buying the black ones just to see the real difference.. :P

With Flash~

In regular room light~

The video itself for your viewing pleasure~

Until my next post~
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lolita Halloween Tea Party

Last month my friend Yanise threw a Halloween tea party at one of my favorite places King's Carriage House. I helped her with party design and pictures and gifts and all that good stuff. My personal outfit theme was a bear xD I just went along with the Little Bear Cafe print jsk and then wore my split wig + the hair wig pieces shaped into bear ear shapes.

Here's a couple of pictures from the party~ the rest is on my Facebook if you have me added.

Yanise's boyfriend had won the grand raffle prize... one of Kammie's split wigs from her brand Mintymix LOL Don't he look gawgeous = w=

Some of my favorite outfit coords from that day~

My sweet Aria x3 In her own design of the Our Lady of Guadalupe print

Laura with a bunny themed outfit :3 and Jerry in the background photobombing

The black and white print was very cute :3

My bby Amy
Victoria from Lolita Charm/Parfait Doll~


Surprisingly enough... it snowed that day. It was ridiculous. Everyone ended up going home because the snow actually STUCK to the ground and like the rest of the city, we weren't prepared... my feet were numb by the time I got home, sigh.

So what did I do? Camwhore for the rest of the day. LOL
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tokyo Kawaii TV in NYC! VIDEO

So our episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV aired on November 5th. It FINALLY reached the internet and we were able to finally watch it.

The first (and main) part of the episode involved some of the New York City gals (I wasn't able to be there because they actually recorded the gals the day after the lolitas... and I already called out of work sick so I couldn't do it two days in a row LOL) Like Lynn, Eden, Usagi~ and then the last part of it shows the lolitas, including me, Yuuki, Yanise, etc.

I'm just gonna drop it here for your viewing pleasure LOL

Tokyo Kawaii TV gave us such a good time, now all there's left to do is to look forward to the Kawaii of the World contest, and see who wins the trip to Japan and walk the runway at Tokyo Girls Collection!

New York Comic Con part 2~

Part 2 of NYCC spam~

Saturday and Sunday I was being pretty lazy most of the time. T-shirt and jeans and more roaming around~Nothing much to say, other than getting more swag and just lazing around xD

dat PMS

Unf Altair

unfunf Ezio Auditore~

Power Rangers challenged by Narutards. Silly Narutards, you can never beat the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

my Yani~ om nom


Sunday is always dubbed Kid's Day. The explosion of cute when you see little tykes cosplaying as super heroes and other characters

This Halloween Sora made me accept the fact that I am a pedobear

Forever a fatty


Best Sazh ever.

bro had a chick attached to a fro pick. why I havent thought of this

Now~ for my swag spam xD

Pretty much everything I got~
-Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword tshirt from playing the demo~
-GTA III tshirt from tweeting about it xD
-Assassin's Creed Abstergo shirt for having already preordered AC: Revelations (coming out Tuesday, still completely freaking out over it)
-little tote that they were giving out with marvel characters and stuff on it
-Vampire freaks sticker
-Grand Theft Auto III stickers
-Final Fantasy XIII-2 moogle pin (it was part of a competition that was going on during the con... that I obviously didnt win ; w;) + some other pins
-Final Fantasy XIII posters

The stickers and pins upclose~

The posters I got... this was literally the only purchase I made at Comic Con, I waited until Saturday for Kinokuniya to cut the price for these... both of them came together and after the discount I only got them for $7. Badassery

After the con was all said and done with on Sunday, all my friends got together and ate Chipotle and whatnot, and discussed the con and con drama xD It ended on a pretty good note~ as far as gaming , I'm looking forward to Assassin's Creed: Revelations tomorrow night. Don't expect any blog posts for the week and expect a LOT of Facebook/twitter updates x3

Friday, November 11, 2011

FINALLY: New York Comic Con 2011

The long-awaited NYCC 2011 came and went around the middle of October. This was the very first convention I went to PURELY for my own enjoyment. Any con I've been to since NYAF 2007 always mainly involved me working for a friend at their booth, doing a panel, or both, all in lolita.

This time I was DETERMINED to try and not wear lolita at -all- for the whole weekend, either cosplay or normal clothing, and somehow I succeeded. There was a point in time where I was gonna try and wear it on Sunday, but I ended up not going home that night so that sorta flew out the window lol. Unfortunately wasn't able to do Fran like I wanted to because I didn't finish the costume, so now that project will keep going on for hopefully Otakon next year xD;

Instead, I just went as a Ravenclaw student on Friday, because I ended up participating in a recording for Daniel Radcliffe later on that night. Saturday and Sunday I ended up going in t-shirt and jeans. LUCKILY the weather was pretty good the entire weekend, and it was pretty warm, so not too many complaints about that this time around. Having just been laid off earlier that week, and a small last paycheck due to medical leave + Christian convention the week before, I had little to really splurge on. Luckily the gaming swag I ended up getting for free and Kinokuniya's sale at their booth was good enough for me.

For basically the majority of the weekend I was just gaming-- playing demos, getting free shit, looking around at all the action figures, statues, etc. I had a bit of a list of panels I wanted to see, but because the con was so huge and the wait lines were ridiculous, I didn't bother. They weren't HOMG MUST SEE (except the Final Fantasy XIII-2, but I got to the con late anyways), and there were barely anything anime or J-fashion so as far as panels I was pretty displeased.

I was thinking of doing yet another panel next year, but the J-fashion panels that -were- done were placed at a really inconvenient place where it was open and loud and just ugh, it was terrible. I kind of don't want to bother if they're gonna mistreat all the small people like that again next year.

Anyways, pictures~

Literally the first thing I saw and went to lol. An hour + of waiting but SOWORTHIT

About 6-8 gaming stations, half of them were 360s, the other half PS3s

Ran into my bbys while waiting on line xD Yuuki makes a manry appearance as he cosplays Yang from Street Fighter~

And my bro4lyfe Susan as a loli-Link~

...and this dude. dnwwww ; w;

FINALLY playing the game. :D
The headphones had the FFXIII-2 logo on them... I wish they were available for purchase but xD meh

I'm excited for the game itself. I still haven't beaten the first one but I still have another 2 months to finish it before this comes out during my birthday ;3 and hopefully I'll have a huge HD TV to play it from lolo

More XIII-2 stuff. Small action figure of Serah~

A portrait of Lightning. I believe this was one of the prizes for registering or whatever to Square Enix.

Scanty & Kneesocks with hotBriefs being interviewed


Played this demo too~ the game comes out on like the 20th, I'm heavily debating on getting the bundle pack (even though I don't actually own a Wii).

Can't believe it's been 10 years since this game~

Swaggg (I got the GTA t-shirt)

An action figure of Claude! I think they were giving it away too

Mai wuv Laura~

Tiger & Bunny~

School sweaters make me look fat. derp

Off to food, then the Harry Potter thing~

Maybe half of the crowd that came. It was like a convention in itself.

Samuel L Jackson presenting the whatever-Spike Award to Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter :3

Didn't get a picture of Dan though. I was recording video at that time xD Too lazy to post it, too.

My outfit for that night :3

Second post coming~

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