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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

F.I.T. Presentation

The Monday after Sakura Matsuri, I had my little presentation on Japanese Fashion in the West at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was nothing big, just Dr. Kawamura's small class that studies Japanese fashion. I think it went pretty well, my friend Grace came along to model lolita clothing while I was more representative of gyaru. Wishing I looked more together because I looked so washed out from the weeks before. Makeup and everything seemed bad because I was in between being lazy, tired (it was so early in the morning e_e) and trying to look the part. Well...

Outfit shot, once everything was said and done...
D.I.A. hoodie, MARS-esque tights, my OTK boots from taobao.. kind of wishing I had gotten my more recent purchases before this picture LOL also need more belts...

Grace's outfit~

Pearl cross

Some more camwhore shots once I finally got home from eating lunch and stuff with Grace and her friend:

Yeah... I look so tired. I think I was up all night the night before so that didn't help much..

Dr. Kawamura was nice enough to make little gift bags for us as thanks for the presentation! It was full  of these Japanese goodies and whatnot~

Potholders... coasters for soups and drinks.. a leopard print tote within a matching pouch (bagception), a cute brown&pink phone charm, and two mini cupcakes in a cute little pink container wrapped with a hairbow (not shown, I sort of ate them before I took the picture = =), and then also a signed copy of her school book entitled "Fashioning Japanese Subcultures". So happy! Especially for the book! xD I hope to do a review on it soon~


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Loving the whole outfit!

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