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Friday, June 14, 2013

April & May's purchases

Trying to catch up with all my purchase posts.... xD

So this is all the junk I got in April & May, besides my taobao/fromjapan orders~

First up, I had to submit to my nerdy desires at Chris O's Creations on Etsy~

She's a very skilled person from Greece (take a peek at her store!) and I had crossed paths with her work on Tumblr... isn't that crap gorgeous? I can't even.

I saw the image for her medium or large handmade leather journal.. I knew I had to get one. But of course it being leather and handmade... means that it was gonna cost a pretty penny xD

So instead I bought one of the tiny mini-books~ I don't care if my hand's too derp to write in this tiny thing (It's about the size of my palm)-- I will cherish it forever~

The packing it came in when I opened the envelope~ She wrapped it very nicely with these little notes and business cards.

The actual product. hnghhhhhh. I could run my fingers over it forever... ♥

Next is a pretty epic purchase from Victoria's Secret ~

This is an example of  what you can possibly accomplish if you rack up coupons and tickets and stuff xD
This was during their 'Secret Rewards' promotion, where you get a secret cash card for every 10 dollar purchase, and then a month later the money's randomly released into it and you can spend it...

I had gotten maybe 3 $10 cards (was hoping for one of their new $25 dollar ones but yknow xD) and I needed to redeem them before the promotion ended. I also had some coupons from their occasional mail~ I had two '$10 off a bra' and then a 'free lotion' coupon and 2 'free panty' one..  so I ended up redeeming them all at the same time.LOL

So how much did it end up to~?
It was about $90+ worth of stuff for less than $25.  
I'm definitely couponing more often. xD Felt too good man.

Also ended up buying a bunch of nail art stuff, from my local beauty store and from eBay.

UV Lamp from an ebay shop based in CA. They added a small rhinestone reel, another reel with stuff like fruit pieces and whatnot in them, nail sticks and files and tips. I paid $17 which seemed like a pretty good deal.

Rio questioned me on why I didn't just get a whole set (UV Lamp, arcylics, brushes, stones, the whole package) for $30 but I didn't have all the money for all that at the time. I ended up getting a kit from my local store later on, with all the acrylic building essentials.

Stones from Toho Shoji in Midtown, for deco nails~ they may seem a bit pricy but they're nice stones and it was convenient to get~ Later on I also got some crowns and stuff.

This is the first hand I've ever done~ it was a pretty good job for my first time! Later on I added more crap to them but this was the general result LOL. I've taken them off already though, and I'm waiting for my nails to strength and grow out before I try my second set~

I also ended up getting bit of makeup from the local store as well~

I was FINALLY able to find a store that had matte Nicka K lipsticks! You don't know how hyped I was. Left is "Natural", the right is "Coral Pink". They both look so good on my skin, especially Natural since it's a nude lip that actually matches with my skin tone. I use it all the time now. I also use the two in combination with a lot of the shimmery lipsticks I bought before and my lipmake game is getting so much better now xD.

Also bought 'Da Vinci' #100 bottom lashes. They're basically the same thing as Red Cherry but under a different name. Got these because they're a bit dramatic looking. I used them in my look that I rocked for Sakura Matsuri (below).

These two I actually got on clearance from Charlotte Russe. Together they were 6-7 dollars... too good.
Makes me wish Charlotte Russe was still open in Manhattan :/ instead of middleofnowhere Queens and Brooklyn..

I got the both of these shoes from Rainbow's.. the flats were an impulse buy when one of my sandals was giving me a serious burn. The nude heels I got for a church event.
I actually really like the nude heels! I've been looking for some pumps or something since a lot of agemo outfits that I love always had some sort of nude shoe-- so I finally got these.. Upside is that they're only maybe 2-2 1/2 inches, which is good enough for my knees to handle, they seem to be getting worse...
They also had a pair in black and in this gorgeous teal color >w> that I plan on getting when I can... (and hopefully by then they'll be a bit cheaper)

Last but not least... Since I'm back being a broke-chan I've actually been doing layaway a lot now that some stores brought it back since the majority of them stopped doing it during the recession... so I always hit up my favorite Strawberry's store at Manhattan Mall once in a while and put a couple of things on layaway... Since you have to pick it up in a month, it's convenient for me to bring a tiny bit of money here and there every week until I can finally collect. My regular wardrobe/gal wardrobe have been really lacking and I needed a bunch of new things since 50% of my regular wardrobe are just gamer shirts, or clothing I've had since high school or middle school (read: nearly disintegrating..)

Maxi skirt & dress for church. My first lady was happy that I'm finally getting more skirts and stuff for church xD That are church-appropriate too, hah. I really love the mint skirt though, it's very flowy and light.. I've always wanted a lace dress like that too, I want to get more white lace dresses to try to copy one of my favorite images of Sakurina  ♥

Two shorts & a pair of leggings. I actually sent back the mint shorts (you'll see in a later post), I decided that I didn't really want that color, so I traded it for another color. 

The denim shorts though...

This lace imprinted look was so cute that I could not resist. They look so nice and they're definitely gonna be one of my most worn bottoms this summer~

And then as far as the leggings, I've been searching for a NON-symmetrical pattern for the longest time, Especially when the whitexblack rose print has been popular in Japanese magazines.. since I couldn't find a blackxwhite rose pattern like they sell (of course I can't fit their bottoms for my life) I went with this weird 'tribalish' or whatever pattern that's in style in the west.
An awful lot of the prints that are out right now are symmetrical and I always felt awkward in them, especially with my body being as thick as it is. It was a struggle to find non-symmetrical leggings, and leggings that WOULDN'T fade when they stretched around my butt and hips... Strawberry's provided, thank God. ♥ 


Amani said...

if you can get on the PATH train in manhattan, there is a Charlotte Russe in newport mall in jersey city. A 15-20 minute ride from 33rd street. (maybe faster than going to brooklyn or queens?) There is also a wet seal which sells pretty much the same exact thing at significantly cheaper prices.

Amani said...

Thank you for the feature!:)
Love the dress and the nude heels:)

Amani said...

Nah, that's actually be a lot slower xD It might be about the same to get to the location in Queens maybe, in Brooklyn the store is actually much closer to my house than the others, but at the same time it's in a really bad mall that I tend to avoid xDD but when it was at Manhattan Mall... man... and then you had all the good stores in the same area and just sigh~ I just hope they actually reopen in the area

Amani said...

Thanks! I can't wait to get the teal ones >w>

Amani said...

All of your buys are awesome! I love the Victoria's Secret stuff. I need to go lotion shopping there soon because my collection is running out xD And I'm in love with those bottom lashes~

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