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Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Other News

My friend Lynnette is having a giveaway on her blog at the moment~
One lucky person will win a $20 certificate from Sunglass Warehouse.
They actually have a lot of really nice styles, and good quality for decent prices :3

Contest ends August 31st, so you got 3 days to enter!
Click on the image to go to her giveaway blog entry~

Now that the bitch is gone..

So I'm relieved that Irene is mostly past us now.

Last night I was worrying, praying on it to disappear before it hit New York City. Luckily enough it downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm.

I wasn't worried about flooding or anything, despite my house having been in Zone C on the flood map, what I was really concerned about wasmy roof that's been damaged for God knows how long. Just two weeks ago part of the ceiling already fell due to water damage from rain, so when I saw how much rain and wind we were gonna get I was worried even more. Like what if this weak ass roof finally just decided to end itself and fly off? And then on top of that, Opi made no preparations whatsoever, no boarding up the windows etc

Fortunately I woke up to mu ceiling still being intact, windows not broke, and when I checked the ceiling hole in the hallway, bits and pieces had ended up falling out more, but not a ridiculous amount like before. The Neighborhood seems okay-- leaves littered around and stuff, little bit of flooding from the rain across the street by the neighbors, but I think it's good now.

Of course the entire MTA system is shut down... so I can't go anywhere today... maybe even tomorrow.. e_e

I'm disappointed that the Afropunk Festival got cancelled, I have no clue when they'll reschedule but I don't know I'll be able to get the day off like I want to to go see Janelle Monae :| Balls

In any case... Thank God. I'm glad we're safe. I hope everyone else is doing well too.
Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monster haul post!

So, if you haven't been aware by the title yet lolo. This is my shopping haul post from June till now. Mai's package with my gal brands, little things here and there from Otakon, random outings with Mei and Susan and other people, and stuff from Victoria's Secret, mostly ~ So enjoy~ most of these things are under a cut xD

Monday, August 22, 2011

MP3 player~ get!

So I got #4 off my list today~ got myself a mp3 player o:

In the past I've been a PSP lover~ I used to use it ALL the time, for wireless internet, music, and occasionally games. I went through two PSP lifespans just abusing the mess out of them, using them daily until they finally burned out. They typically lasted 2 years each with the way I used them.

I still want a PSP, but in the meantime, it's been over 6 months since my old one died. Traveling is a bit antsy and aggravating when you don't have your music flooding out unwanted advances from men, panhandlers, and random crazies on the train...

When I made my list in my previous post I realized I still had a gift card from Radio Shack, so I decided to finally put that to good use.

And got this.

Extremely small in size, extremely simple, but perfect for me, for the time being.

It's the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player, with 4 gigs of memory.

It was on sale for 34.99, and it was pretty much one of the only affordable ones at the local Radio Shack, so I snatched it up with a 1 year mobile electronics service plan thing just in case it breaks within the year. After my store credit I only had to pay just a tiny bit less than $30, I was so satisfied.

Of course, I've only had this sucker for maybe 3 hours now, but I charged it, pretty much put my whole music collection onto it, and now I'm listening to it. It blasts the music pretty well for being such a small cheap little thing, Some reviews are bad but it's more good than bad, people saying that it handles some abuse pretty well (dropping it, etc) and that it lasts 5-8 hours with the music constantly playing. Good enough for any general traveling I'd need to do xD

I just hope it lasts as long as I hope it does :U if not? that's just more store credit for later. We'll just see how it works out in the future

Friday, August 19, 2011
Can't stop listening to this song....

I'm about to add it to my lolautoplayingplaylist. Every night, this song... in my head... all the time

natsumatsuri, and first week of work~

So since I got hired last week, I decided to do a bit of celebrating xD I decided that the summer festival at Mitsuwa in NJ would be (one of) the last outing I'd actually get dressed for... besides the AfroPunk Festival going on next week in Brooklyn lol.

Wore my yukata from last year, but apparently I have issues fitting it. Since my backside apparently gotten ~bigger~ (to other's satisfaction, than my own - w-) it wasn't fitting right. Plus I put the yukata a bit higher than normal... wish I had paid attention before I left my house, but I was in such a rush since I was beyond late LOL

Decided to do an oiran look, imo not my best compared to the photoshoot I did back in May, but it's whatever. Also stuffed my bra to have a DD's look but LOL dunno if I should've taken that route, especially with white. To top it off I wore my new wedges which made me look like a giant compared to my friends D':

Definitely sticking to black and dark colors for oiran looks.
Loved that lipstick thoughh

There was sooo muchhhh fooooddddd. It's pretty much the main reason why I really go, other than the magazine sales they tend to have. 5 dollar okonomiyaki, yakisoba.. they had gyoza for 4pc for a DOLLAR which was amazing.. got myself a dozen of those LOL, they also had tofu cheesecake for A DOLLAR and it was surprisingly good for tofu. I personally don't like too much tofu but it kind of made me change my opinion about that

they had rice bowls.. noodle bowls... grilled seafood which is ALWAYS packed, shaved ice, cotton candy, etc, and my favorite soda, Ginseng Up. I could never find it for some reason, no matter what Japanese convenience stores I go to, kind of sucks a lot. Anyways other than the food, there are also taiko drumming and other performances, me and Chris and my other friend Paulette sat down and ate and watched and chatted. I bought myself the August and September issue of Ageha... I need to backtrack for July, since I was lazy and never got around to buying it... jacking up my whole collection LOL
Ageha August and September!

Ageha June that I got not too long ago from Kinokuniya o:

I've been meaning to go to the purikura joint with my yukata, but I ended up putting it off until another time... I get so jealous seeing other people go to their local puri spots, but in NYC the good one is so far out of most people's way... I don't think I've been there since Ashley came back home in the winter...

More pix:

Chris, from Sugar Bomb

Me and Chris. Note her shortness. And my tallness. and yeah.

Paulette ♥

Anyways, so Monday was my first day of work ♥

In all my past sales experiences I only worked on the floor, helping customers, etc, so it was my first time actually working the register. I caught onto it pretty quick! Usually when you see a new employee at a clothing store they're always super slow and lost with the register system LOL but I''ve been working pretty fast. After the first day the manager told Susan that she really likes how I work, that I'm very focused and stuff.

I'm pretty much the only black girl who works there, everyone else is hispanic (except for those who work at the main office, who I think are mostly white/Jewish, as far as I saw), so there's obviously a language barrier at times. But I'm glad they know English as well, enough for me to be able to ask them things and talk to them. ESPECIALLY glad I work with Susan. With everyone I'm pretty casual co-worker with but its good to be able to have someone you've known and got along with for a good while, especially when you need to share those ranty and lulzy moments.

I haven't gotten any customers who were -unbearable- yet, so I guess that's a good thing.

By the third day though , I was pretty exhausted. Working three days straight for the first week was NOT fun whatsoever. Especially since that particular day not only was I super exhausted in the morning, the coffee decided to have a REVERSE effect on me, and THEN to top it off? Someone had apparently committed suicide at Atlantic Avenue station so ALL MANHATTAN BOUND TRAINS on the 2/3/4/5 were halted. You do not know how pissed I am.

It takes maybe a 1 1/2-2 hour commute to go AROUND, through Manhattan and into Queens, and this joker decided to off himself in the morning when people have places to go?

I was pretty evil about it too, for those who saw my facebook statuses, but seriously? If you're gonna kill yourself don't make yourself noticeable like that. Hang yourself or jump off a building, don't disrupt other people's daily routines :/

Anyways from then on I was feeling very sloppy, my mind was pretty much elsewhere before my lunch break, but after that I got back on track and was back to my old self.

I got off today and yesterday, and tomorrow and Sunday I work again. Though it's pretty hard for me on my first week, I'm glad I was able to get so many hours in, because the first thing I'm looking forward to is that first paycheck next week~♥ ♥ ♥

I've been trying so hard -not- to spend it ahead of time, because only God knows how much will be taken out for taxes and social security.. but I already have my first purchase ideas lined up.

1- Deposit for Women's Council convention weekend the first weekend of October
2- Purchasing the rest of my cosplay materials
3- New half-wig I've been eyeing for months
4- turning my new phone on
5- a cheap mp3 player like this so I can finally relax during train rides
6- Metamorphose Fruit Punch Soda jsk set

Not including whatever super-cheap purchases I'll be making at Victoria's Secret, though haha I will have a huge haul post at the end of the month from all the crap I got between June and now. ♥

Hoping to also have my circle lenses by October. The girl e-mailed me an update saying that she sent the order in on August 7th, because of people giving late payments... imho she should've just dropped them, I was a bit irritated that she was being nice about it when there was already a 2-week extension/delay because EOS was on holiday. Everyone should've been had their stuff together *sigh*

But hopefully I'll get my things soon... I just don't want to bother with last minute lens purchase :/ especially when these are in prescription compared to other stores that gives me no prescription options at all.

Also I will be posting cosplay progress, though probably closer to the con date so I can have everything almost done rather than having really choppy step-by-step posts all the time.

After a VERY long week

I guess that's it? Hopefully another post soon ♥
Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Updates so far~

So since my return from Baltimore, life has pretty much went back to regular old... nothing. You know, just the regular sitting in room all day, internet surfing activities LOL

I entered a contest for Kawaii.i, which a Japanese Fashion page made by NHK. They had an outfit coordination contest that I decided to enter last minute. I entered one of my older lolita photos from this year, as well as a gyaru-style outfit that I put together~

lol dat face

Yup. Full of dat ass. The OP I believe is some random Japanese brand (nothing popular), with a mix of accessories from Gold's Infinity and from Yumetenbo. With my old Baby Phat bag xD

The items were from my package that came at the end of June, btw~ I forget if I posted them up yet but I'll be posting a huge haul post soon, I've been on a roll since June and been getting mad crap ♥ This month I'm getting a bunch of Victoria's Secret items (thanks to my boo Angel and her huge supply of coupons and stuff xD) and I want to post them all at once~

The contest winners will be decided this week~ it would be cool to win something but we will see, I didn't get enough votes for the grand prize (I honestly don't know why they left that prize to user votes, like really?) but there's still the other prizes to be chosen by the Japanese judges. If I ever do manage to win, I just don't want the Jelly magazines... no thxxxx

My sister, her fiance and my niece and nephew came over to visit that week too ♥ Ashanti's already a month old now!

Apparently whenever I see Ashanti, my reproductive system starts to click and tries to tell me it's time to make babies. I can't help but feel extremely nauseous and exhausted with headaches when I'm around her, even when she's not doing anything D: I clearly need to keep myself away from the opposite sex before this happens...

Muffy's baby, Jasmine. She grew so much in 2 years ♥

Then, I hung out with my bestest friend Muffy on the first Friday, stayed over, and the next day went Karaoke with a bunch of the girls and had a ridiculously fun time. It was pretty eventful, but afterwards I told myself not to go out and work on school... which I haven't been doing LOL

...that is also until my friend Susan popped up about a job opening. I knew her job was hiring for a full-time cashier, and she had told her boss about me and said she wanted to see me! So Tuesday I went over to the place and got HIRED ON THE SPOT.

I was just so. so appreciative. I love my friends that I DO rely on, I really do hold them dear to me. I'm forever grateful that Susan helped me get this, and I also thank GOD everything. So guess who has to wake up at 6am tomorrow? LOL

It's one of those simple discount women's clothing stores, so nothing special. Since it's a fulltime position I'll be working 26-33 hours a week, but I hope one day it'll be a max 40 a week. I'm getting paid minimum wage though (7.25 in NY), and apparently the bosses barely gives out raises... which is off to me because I'm used to getting 8.25 from Victoria's Secret e___e so I'm more or less doing it for the experience. Maybe I'll stay there for a year or so, and then try to find another place elsewhere that'll actually pay me pretty good.

Now that I got this job! You know I already got a mini "shopping to-do" list made LOL
which includes, but if definitely not limited to~

- paying for Women's convention in October
- Comic-con tickets
- Getting my new phone turned on

- buying a new PSP
- buying a pink ASUS netbook
- 1TB external harddrive
- a large TV screen 36-44ish inches
- new graphics card for PC
- bigger harddrive for my Xbox360, + whatever I need to play XboxLIVE
- pay the rest of my reservations for Assassin's Creed Revelations & FFXIII-2
- quality materials for my cosplay
- clothing (regular, gal, lolita) from various places
- buying every Ageha mag I'm missing, even all the way to the first issue (did I mention that my Ageha collection so far is probably past 3 feet now?)
- passport
- student membership for ASIS New York
- new makeup
- new extensions (28-30" long, hopefully!)
- getting my room redecorated
- trip overseas
- Final Fantasy concert in NYC
- lolita tea party

That's what I could think of... so far LOL

I mean it's not reckless, all-at-once spending, I'm definitely doing this bit by bit over time, and yeah, I'm planning to put stuff aside to save (only after being harassed by Nancy LOL). Hopefully I'll save maybe 2000 dollars at some point, put half of that in a CD account, keep the other one in savings, maybe have some in cash just in case, but the rest is absolutely MINE.

It really is a blessing to not have that much financial responsibility, I love it.

So hopefully when I start work this week, I'll be able to get my paycheck in order by next week and get paid, and from then on monaymonaymonaymonay

I am beyond excited, I hope I'm able to work a lot so I can prove myself and get that experience so my resume will look even better, so I'll be able to get paid even more LOL

I better get myself to bed now, if I expect to wake up 6-7am in the morning~ xD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Otakon 2011 pt 2

Saturday I decided to do huge poofballs and wear my Little Bear's Cafe despite the 100-degree weather all weekend... imo it wasn't all that bad but that's probably because I was in the con before noon and left after dark xD People adored it but my pictures came out pretty bad, I really wanna try to see how to make the poofs look better for next time... Put I put bows in it, lollipops and all that jazz~ I really liked the brown with fuchsia that I went for.

So before I went to work on Saturday morning, I went to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show. A couple of my friends were modeling in it! It was pretty good. Very BABY (LOL, what more can I say xD ) Afterwards there was a Q&A, which was kind of bad not because of the designers, but because of the fucking Hetalia fans outside making a racket :/ It was very annoying. But the questions were good, and I managed to snag the last question LOL ~best question ever~ and basically told them like yknow, so there's at least more than 10,000 girls in the world who are into lolita, asked how did they feel when they found out about Western Lolitas, and how massive the fanbase is and the fact that so many girls actually wear it. I was really satisfied with their answer, I won't go back and repost it since I'm including it in my video when I put it up.

Saturday was absolutely tiring! omg! I think I wasted my voice and enthusiasm on Friday because Saturday I was ready to keel over xD but it was good. We were selling Meta luckypacks pieces, different bodyline pieces, old Fanplusfriend, Baby shoes, and a buttload of socks, shoe clips, socks, etc. I don't think we sold as much as Alek would've liked though~ you know how some people go. "Ohh~~ so expensive DD: blahblahblah blahblah"but lol whateverr

After the Dealer's Room closed I hung out with Yuki and people at their booths, talked with Zoh from Morrigan for a good minute since I haven't seen her in a bit~ then I headed with Alex and Noelle to watch Gothic & Lolita Psycho

I'm sorry. That movie. was so bad. LOL SO BAD
It obviously was gonna be bad as shown in the trailer, but really? "Bad" by initially looking at the trailer was an understatement. I raged so hard. So hard. At the end I was getting hugs and fistbumps from people because of my rage LOL. and I'm sure Alex and Noelle now know to never go watch a movie with me~ because my commentary ruins everything xD

But yeah. G&L Psycho = terrible. Terrible enough for me to buy the DVD so I can rage even more at home LOL

Once that was over, went to meet with Yuki and crew to go to the Cheesecake Factory. The harbor imo looked pretty cute, though that's just me having a romance fetish for harbors and anything by a pool of water lol It was after hours so we didn't get a chance to like, explore the little mall or nothing like that.

It was my first time at the Cheesecake Factory, but I didn't get any cheesecake, ironically. I did have a great time with Yuki, Aisha, Rebecca who I rarely see and Stephanie(?) and I enjoyed it. Besides the niggatry from other black people towards our outfits, plus some con-goers across from us basically smothering his gf with his lips, it was enjoyable. I forgot what I had gotten, it was like stuffed mushrooms, spinach and cheese dip and chips, and a pomegranate-something alcoholic drink, it was pretty good.

My outfit~ wish I had more outfit shots and better lighting - w-

Rebecca, myself, and Aisha

Went to their hotel chilled, ended up crashing there @_@ and then in the morning insert run-in with Mitsuba in the bathroom here LOL. Because of certain enraging situations that I won't post about here, Noelle ended up staying with us Sunday night so I met her and dropped by the hotel to change before heading back to the con. At the end of the day me, Alek and Noelle went to a Korean BBQ spot somewhere farther out in Baltimore... and it was so good. SO MUCH MEET. If only they had bingsoo...

Monday I was pretty anxious to leave Baltimore because if I'm late, then I'm stranded lol, so Alek drove me to the Penn Sta and I chilled there for maybe two hours or so before I made my way outside

Unsurprisingly~ the bus back to NY was hella late, like 30-45 minutes late, so I didn't step off the bus in NY until a whole hour later than I was supposed to. So I just rushed to Sephora to put on some makeup, Kino's for bathroom, then rushed myself down to Tokyo Rebel ASAP and managed to get to the BtSSB signing -right- on time for the last group. I wore my DreamV sundress with my Baby Rose Gingham headbow and my DreamV denim jacket, something light for the hot weather. Masumi once again shared with Masayo, co-owner of Tokyo Rebel, that I had modeled for them in 2008 * w* ~specialll~

I told Masumi that I hope she was able to enjoy New York this time, because back in 2008 that weekend was just all icky, deary, rainy and humid. And that I hope they'll return again one day

So my TL;DR rundown for Otakon:
-loli brands
-loli fashion shows
-more lolis

Yup... black lolis.

SO MANY BLACK LOLIS AT OTAKON. I was amazed. I mean I know it was Otakon, but hot damn

My slow self decided to start taking pictures of all the black lolis I meet Saturday evening, so I did. Now I could only imagine how many images I would've had if I started the beginning of Friday.

Rei and myself on a cellphone xD


Yuki with his bff Aisha (of Roserie~)


My boo Rashanda, a.k.a. Cocoa Mousse/ Mousse au Chocolat

YET ANOTHER AMBER. I follow her loli blog Delightful Charm

this girl had to have been the most adorable of them all,
omfg. dat bob and everything

I believeeee that's all for my Otakon experience. Not bad, if I worked at Alek's booth again next year I'd definitely go. I enjoyed hanging out with old friends (Laura, Elizabeth, Zoh, Aisha, Kammie, etc) and meeting so many new girls. It was really awesome. Hopefully see ya'll next year! (or even better, in NY one day Dx )

Lolita fashion show vids will be posted sooner or later xD

Otakon 2011

So my Otakon experience was pretty straight forward. Like I mentioned before, my friend helped me out and paid for my expenses to work at her booth in the Dealer's Room. When I knew I was definitely going and I was telling my ~my gurlz~, some people were going "it's gonna be the hugest con you've ever went to", while others were going "lol don't make any high expectations"

I pretty much felt like the latter. LOL

So I was working at my friend's booth, Alik's Cosplay, basically on the lolita side of the booth LOL. Barely touched the furry side. Thank God.

I found out the perks of being a dealer; early access to the area, being able to just cut through the back/loading dock to go wherever you need to, and unlike the Artist Alley, where it's very easy to just jack your shit and not get in trouble, the Dealer's Room part has basically everyone's information in case someone tried to do something skeezy, like steal merchandise. Oh, and priority access to panels. Badass shet

The con was pretty big, but maybe I didn't get to -fully- experience it since I was working most of the time. In any case, last year's NYAF/CC had MUCH more people than Otakon, regardless of the Baltimore Convention Center technically being bigger (in my opinion, never actually checked). At NYAF/CC people were sandwiched like sardines and they actually halted ticket sales because the con center was getting to be over capacity.


Me during a slow time~

Since I was working mostly the whole day, I didn't bother trying to go to any panels or moving around too much. I missed a couple of lulzy panels, but I got to see the lolita ones: The Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show, by my friends, and the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show, and screening of Gothic & Lolita Psycho. Otherwise my days consisted of me working, or chilling at some of the lolis' booths in the Artist Alley.

Since I was a Dealer and we were able to get early access to everything, I took every opportunity to visit the BtSSB booth. If you hadn't known, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is my favorite brand, and back in 2008 they visited New York City and I had the opportunity to model for them in their fashion show (though imo my runway skills were absolute shit-- plus at the time I was battling a serious flu so I was half high on meds). One of the designers who visited that time, Masumi Kano, was visiting again at Otakon so I -had- to say hi. Despite me having been decked out in AP most of the weekend, they didn't give me any stink faces like I expected xD

The most rewarding part was that Miss Kano actually -remembered- me from 2008, and whenever a new translator was nearby she would tell them "I remember her, she modeled for us back in NY in 2008~" and it made me feel really good about myself, despite my bad job last time. Ever since then I was basically stalking their booth the whole weekend, saying hi when I was able to and stuff~ The booth was pretty bare, I'm guessing since it was more of a last minute decision for BtSSB to have one, and they only stocked extra stuff from the San Fransisco store, but they had some dresses I personally haven't seen (have been avoiding auctions and brand sites lately), and Masumi also wore this long dress that I REALLY wanted, I'm glad she wore it so I could see how gorgeous it was irl @_@

Myself with Masumi Kano (left), BtSSB line designer and Mitsuba, chief designer of the sister line, Alice and the Pirates (right). They were also taking a lot of photos of their own, I wonder where they put them afterwards? In the BtSSB office? or what @ w@

Mitsuba was a new face since she joined the BtSSB crew 3 years ago (guessing that Miho quit?) either way it was definitely lovely to see them one.. two.. three... 20 times during the weekend LOL, I've had so many run-ins with them it was ridiculous, including Sunday morning~ I was in the Hyatt's public bathroom after staying a night chilling at David and them's hotel room-- and as I was leaving I saw this beautiful print (Melty Mermaid print), and I went "nice dress~"-- girl turns around and I found it was Mitsuba and she nodded and smiled and I was like FFFFshocked xD and then we quietly rode the elevator to the lobby. My awkward moment for this weekend~

I didn't take many pics during this whole con, since a lot of my memory was taken up from the fashion shows~ YUP, TOOK VIDEO LOL. I was going to compile all of it later on and post it up on my Youtube, but never got to it yet lol. Friday was the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show though, that was ran by my local friends and featured about 7 or 8 American designers/seamstresses, and for the most part it was good~ some outfits were 'meh' and some didn't look right or suit the model wearing it, but overall it was good and the girls did a really good job.

Masumi and Mitsuba also managed to attend, where they commented that they felt it was really awesome that all the designers had their own inspiration and their signature feel [compared to Japan where some styles might be inspired by different things, but they mainly look the same or don't take off their inspiration as heavily or uniquely as the U.S. girls did with their work]"

Friday was really exhausting, so when the con closed for the night we just went for Subway's for dinner and headed to sleep LOL

now for more Friday pics~

My bby Yuki, of Little Macaron, on Friday~

My other bby Chris of Sugar Bomb cosplaying as Sakura from Street Fighter~

More con summary in the following post~
Monday, August 8, 2011

Rest in Peace, Jami.

I'm making this quick post to give honor to my cousin Jami.

She passed away last Tuesday. She was only 27...
I forget what exactly the condition was, but it was like a HBP condition affecting her lungs, and her lungs and heart weren't cooperating with each other.

I know she was supposed to get a lung transplant, but I don't think she ever got to get a new pair... two weeks ago she was doing better up until she died, she stopped eating and her health deteriorated until she went into cardiac arrest.

I don't know my father's side that well at all, but Jami was one of the only relatives I remember from my childhood. She was one of my family inspirations that pushed me to pursue art in high school... when I was younger I remember sneaking and reading her diary/poetry book and got scolded for it LOL. But regardless I recognized and respected her artistic spirit.

When we reconnected on Facebook maybe a year or so ago, we caught up a bit, and she used to always say how she admired and loved my lolita style. It made me feel good, her being one of the only ones who commented on it and genuinely liked my style.

I wish I had the opportunity to having known her more... I also wished that I had paid attention to her health problems way before, had I known the severity I would've prayed on it and requested people to pray on it for me... one of the things I've learned through my faith is that prayer is power and I feel like I could've helped saved her.

Today is her funeral in Georgia. Unfortunately I can't make it at all, but the family requested that everyone make a donation to the American Lung Association, so when I'm able to I'll be making a donation in Jami's memory.

If you can, please donate to teh ALA in memory of Jami Murphy.

[Link to ALA page]

Rest in peace, Jami. I love you.
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Right before Otakon

So guess who ended up going to Otakon? *this guy*

I ended up going and working for my friend in the dealer's room for the weekend. Though I was working pretty much all the time I did manage to enjoy myself, meeting new lolis, chilling with old heads and being able to talk to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designers and seeing the loli fashion shows there. But the Wednesday before I left I had to get a new suitcase, and I ended up hanging out with Yanise, Noelle, and Nancy.

First I went to chinatown to get the suitcase, I stopped by Pearl Paint to see what craftfoam they had so I know how much it is when I get some for my cosplay. They only had these letter-sized sheets and I was like... really? Pearl Paint is like the go-to for most art majors but they didn't bother to have any craftfoam sheets bigger than 8x11ish. The guy working there said that it'll probably be at -another- art store 3 blocks down, but I didn't have the time to check. Maybe some time this week I'll go back and check stuff out.

After that I went across the street and went to the first store I saw with suitcases. Got my suitcase for $25, which is pretty awesome. Wish it was pink though LOL
Took a minute to choose it, the chinese guy kept pulling suitcases left and right with "I giv u gud priec" while he was eating lo mein. It was pretty funny, really LOL

After that I stopped by Sephora to get sample of their foundation, then met Yanise at her job at some cute store down on Prince Street. We went to K-town with our friend Noelle and Nancy to Cafe Ele for some Bingsoo, which was absolutely epic.

green tea flavored ice, topped with red bean paste, fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, corn flakes, mochi, pocky, and chocolate syrup * w* it's supposed to be for 2 people but barely anyone can finish it, luckily with the 4 of us we devoured that shit LOL and still was full! le fawk, definitely going back to get one before the summer's done, since it's a seasonal item ♥

Once Nancy went back to work we went looking around, made our way to Kinokuniya, where we stopped at this truck that was giving away free ice pops~

They're called Sungevity, apparently they're a company that specializes in solar panels. To promote themselves they ride around on this solar powered truck (?), giving out organic ice pops in unique flavors, AND they give you a quarter. LOL. Even the small coaster they give you attached to the quarter is embedded with wildflower seeds, so you'd just need to soak it overnight and plant it in a thin layer of soil to start growing. Cool, right?

Yanise waiting in line for her pop. Me and her ended up getting the "hibiscus mint" pops, while Noelle got some coffee flavored one. The hibiscus mint was SO GOOD, it had bits of the flower in there too, it was really refreshing, much different from the ghetto kool-aid pops I was always used to tasting xD

Noelle was loving hers a bit too much. mhmmm gurl sucked datttt /troll

Afterwards we went to see my bby Mei at work, who's been isolating herself a bit because now she's working a fulltime job -and- was doing some serious studying for the state nursing exam. I haven't talked to her since then, I hope she did well ♥ hopefully she'll be back on the nets -at some point- LOL, posting on her blog more and etc

Then once I got home and procrastinated... then stuffed the crap out of my suitcase, and went to sleep for like 3 hours before heading off and nearly missing my bus x___x lol

Anywho, more updates later. I have pictures, and video to put up on my channel soon~

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