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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Commercial time~

Some time back in February I went to a commercial shoot for BET's Rip the Runway... in lolita.

Afropunk had joined up with the tumblr blog Blackfashion and recuited fashionistas and dudes to participate in the commercial shoot for the fashion show. I decided to hop in on it just to do it lol. I've always been sort of jaded when it came to BET and the things they show and portray, but it was only the commercial, so I figured there'd be no harm in it. Especially since Afropunk was in on it, so I hoped to see some unique styles.

But it seemed... I was the only one who stood out. Like a sore thumb xD; I expected myself to be the only lolita, yes, but I was hoping for more actual PUNKS to be there but mostly everyone there seemed sort of generic. Bold, but generic.

When I first walked into the club I was confused, because the staff who was doing the photo shoot suddenly saw me and gave me an applause... I wasn't sure if it was meant to be sarcasm or not... x__x But later on they were dragging me here and there during the whole thing. I got an awful lot of attention...

I enjoyed it though. I talked to some people, a lot of them were from Blackfashion but some of them were from Afropunk as well, I was even actually recognized -as- a lolita which surprised me. I was interviewed a bit like everyone else (as you can see in the video above). Unfortunately I didn't actually see the commercial since I barely watch my cable, but a friend or two from High School commented to my page and asked me if it was me in it, so I knew I was in one of the actual commercials. They actually wished my style -was- represented in the actual fashion show, which would've been cool, but... knowing how easy it is to bastardize Japanese fashion... I'd rather not LOL

To be honest.. I'm still a bit scared to see it xD; The Behind-the-Scenes was fine, but the commercial itself, I don't know, and I'm a bit afraid to know, haha. I never saw it posted on Youtube so I might never see it, Lord knows. But overall I did enjoy it.

Anyways, some pictures from that night~

This photo was taken by someone from Afropunk..

My outfit sans shoes-- my feet were huuuurting when I got home.

Makeup shot

and... obligatory bathroom-camwhoring

I do hope that one day BET will be more open to different styles and personalities, though.

(Long Overdue) February haul post

I meant to post this earlier in the month but, yknow.. school crap e_e yeah

So this is basically everything I got during February that I wanted to share~ my taobao purchase, Japan package, and packages and gifties from friends and stuff~

The gown I got for the Bishop's pastoral anniversary~ I was going to return it for a smaller size (way too huge) but I got lazy. It's well over past a month so I don't know if they'd accept it back anyways lmao

The stuff from Taobao came~

socks from An*tai*na. I had gotten them in white, pink and mint. But unfortunately they didn't fit.. so I passed them on ; w;

AP letter bag replica from another store~ It's so cute, I'm so happy with this bag because AP didn't come out with THIS color-- so when I saw it on Taobao I had to get it. The other color combos were cute... but not toned down like this one.

Another AP replica from Bani Rabbit on Taobao~ super cute, the only thing is that there are clear prints of being stacked with other bags :c but I don't mind it that much~ still super cute and my only rose colored bag.

My lolita accessories, all from the taobao store Chess Story.
The quality of these items are SO. GOOD. I didn't believe it until I saw them in person. Nice quality lace and all of that! Reminds me so much of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. The bows are cute too, though I expected them to be bigger headeating bows. These seem to just sit on top of your head. Kind of indifferent about that but I need to play around with them and my hairpieces before I decide to keep them or pass them on. The pearls on the necklace are the nice kind, definitely not the ones that you can easily scratch off the 'pearl' paint.

Two things I'm DEFINITELY getting next time are the wristcuffs in other colors, and a bonnet too.

The makeup stuff is just.. no words. I don't know what kind of hairs are on the makeup brushes but I really don't want to touch them, I want them to stay gold forever xD and the lashes.. lord... the lashes... I have so much false lash porn, Kyary would cream herself.

I also got my cosplay wigs for my cosplay which I'm going to show in a future post!

LOOKITALLDAT. I love it. It's like a sampler of different styles and I cannot -wait- to play with all of them. A part of me wants to make a video or a photo post of how the different styles affects your looks, maybe one day when I have free time, I'll get to it~

Speaking of lashes, my boo Yuuki got me some Diamond Lashes from California~ along with one of his headbows from his brand Little Macaron~

"Angel Eye", I really love these and I love the quality even though they're nylon lashes-- I definitely favor these over Dolly Winks! I should do a review. Definitely using Yuuki and my other bby Aisha as my lash buyers from now on, just to avoid the hassle of buying directly from Japan and stuff.

Super cute, fairy-kei inspired headband. I don't really have anything that's more fairy-kei, but maybe one day I'd like to xD Like a toned down version of it. I really got this because it was different from everything else I had, lol

I got another package from my boo Noelle~

Metamorphose 'Vintage Poodle' print skirt, or at least one of the skirt types xD If anyone knows me, they know I am absolutely in LOVE with this print. This was the first lolita print I fell in love with when I got into lolita, and I managed to get the JSK back in 2008 or 2009. This skirt is hella small but I'm dealing with it~ using it for mainly casual looks and stuff. super cutee

Noelle helped me win that on mbok auctions, but then she sent some of this as a surprise..

pink bunny and black furry hairties, to match the skirt ; w; a box of sweetheart candies, another hair thingy (not shown) and JKABASDHJK NJ ASJDB SJKHJSDBJ MARIE WASHRAGS

I have never bugged out over washrags like I did when I opened that package! I LOVE Marie so so much, so when I saw them in the box I was more excited about that than the skirt itself xD hilarious moment.

Then my package from Japan, which was mainly Yumetenbo stuff~

two tops, I really loved the both of them because of the sleeves~ the blue Deary one is so cute, and I knew it would look super cute with loli as well as a simple casual cute look, and then the grey tunic/dress is LOVE. I've always wanted something with the back-bow detail, and the sleeves are so cute too~ Definitely my favorite purchases

Deary heels that were 2 for 3150y... unfortunately, as always, Japanese shoe sizing was so iffy and these barely fit my feet ._____. I'm attempting to get them stretched before I decide to sell them.. they're super cute though... the colors are to die for

Got a new nail set from my favorite Japanese nail artist~ the rhinestones glimmer in light, I absolutely adore these. Sure, they're probably so far from practical xD; but I'll find a way and a reason to wear them!

And last but not least, I FINALLY got a pair of Sweetheart earrings from I'm Your Present. Seeing these on Tumblr I HAD to get them, so when they were having a small sale at the end of February I snatched them up. Totally planning to get all the colors in the future~

That's about it~ hopefully I won't make any more purchases until the summertime. But I guess we'll have to see xD

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trey Songz~ Anticipation 2our

At the beginning of this month I was finally able to check off one of my resolutions for this year-- and that was to see Trey Songz in concert

As soon as my birthday approached at the end of January, news came out about Anticipation 2our, or the Anticipation 2 Tour, and I was going crazy trying to win tickets off of radio stations and whatnot--

but then my sister (the best big sis in the world, btw) ended up buying tickets for me. A pair of tickets for my birthday ; w;;;

When I got them in the mail I was jumping up and down like a madman, I managed to scare Omi a bit in my sudden excitement lmao

So me and my best friend Muffy ended up going to Madison Square Garden to see him

My phone camera was complete shit, I wish I brought my own camera because the MSG staff barely checked our bags xD I could've gotten away with it.

Big Sean opened the show, got us all hyped up, and then Trey Songz came on and it was just @___@ orgasms. Orgasms everywhere.

When I tell you I was set from then on?

Both me and Muffy had so much STRESS, emotional crap, etc, but the moment Trey got on stage, all of that melted away. I might have been killing myself the week after with schoolwork but I felt so relieved. So much serenity. Insecurities? Gone. Boy trouble? Gone. Boohooing about not having a job or money? Completely stopped.
I feel that it's amazing when an artist's music can do that to you, seriously.

I had gotten a poster from the goods booth but I never put it on my wall yet.. but man. Once I do, I will just remember that night and savor it for the rest of my youth LOL

Speaking of Trey Songz~ My boo, my wife, my fellow galfriend Jesika Lee had a part in his newest music video, "Sex Ain't Better Than Love". I'm soooo proud of my boobie ; w; even though they cut most of her parts out

She's the chick in the leopard print. #TEAMSEX

She had more time in the Behind-the-Scenes though... - w- they should've put her more in there, instead of using all the time on the Kim Kardashian lookalike.

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