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Saturday, September 29, 2012
I dressed up yesterday to participate in a little style challenge~

I've been wanting to get this sheer top from Rainbow's for the longest time. It reminded me a lot of the vertical striped tops that were in style for the past year in gal mags, so I had to snatch it up. I'm probably going to find nicer buttons to replace it with, and quick-stitch it to be a rolled-up sleeve. They had other types.. in other colors... kind of tempted to get a red x black striped one next. I also need to get a regular black miniskirt or fitted shorts ; o;

I wish my legs looked this good all the time >w> hopefully whatever corrective work I need to do helps it... e _e Hoping to get a belt to custom it DIA-style to go with this one day~ also a prettier top for underneath.

 I plan to get my hair trimmed and layered again, once I get a touch-up sometime in Oct/Nov. Better styling and all that = u= Also, my Prisila pieces from Taobao are on their way so soon I'll have fun experimenting with those. I love the way I look in these photos though~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Intro to my new YT channel!

FINALLY! The things I get done when I'm sick. = A=
Monday, September 24, 2012

Work, work, work..

I'm having the hardest time finishing up this school work.I look at every assignment I have left, and I start feeling extremely anxious.
I need to press through, but at the same time I'm afraid to. I think back to high school, or even back in May when I finished the first half of this course, I had or was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

People at church are always like "you're gonna go to college one day!", even though I'm pretty certain that I'm not. I never want to think about long-term school again. If I can't handle a simple certification program? I'm not going to handle a 2-4+ year degree program. Forget all of that.

Sometimes I really wish everything could be done with hands-on work.. I'm a better worker than I am a student. I can only imagine getting a Master's for working in a specific field for 6-10 years. Of course, that's only wishful thinking. I really wish to do the floral design course, but I don't know if I'd handle it that well... especially when I'm having issues with this one.

At the moment I am absolutely sick as a dog. I hooked my big sister and her husband up with a free wedding shoot on Saturday night, and between being out in the middle of Central Park after dusk, and playing/kissing up/sharing food with my adorable niece, I came down with a terrible flu. So really,  I want my assignments to be the last thing on my mind, but it's almost only a week left before everything is due...

It's messing up my plans for tomorrow. I was hoping to get some of my field work assignments out of the way, but unless I miraculously get over this by tomorrow, it's not happening at all.

I need some ice cream right now.... and my mom's homemade ginger/garlic/lemon tea to cure me, because now I'm sort of hallucinating and seeing tiny bugs crawling on my wall. jskldbb swueujdkds aygyuysweswsd
Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinkhime Facebook Giveaway

Hey guys!

Hoping you'd help me win this thing~

Pinkhime, a Japanese brand that sells cluster-deco goods is giving away a decorated box through their Facebook page.

This is the prize!It's so over the top and so cute ; w; I need to win this. fuq.

The more entries you get, the higher the chances of winning~

Enter Pinkhime's contest HERE!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giveaway Haul from Korilakkumaprincess♥ + new youtube channel!

Guess who finally got her stuffs from Korilakkumaprincess's tumblr giveaway ♥
*this guy*

She threw in a bunch of cute little goodies with the circle lenses I won.. cute phone charms, little smiley coinpurse, a set of stickynotes with kitties on em~ which I really needed xD; definitely using those for my bible ♥

; w; I'm not at all familiar with all the Japanese cute characters but dat creamxpink phone charm I love especially

Circle lensesssss (GEO CK-105 black and GEO Angel green)

The phone charms remind me... that I have to get along to decoing my new phone case e_e I've been meaning to do it for the longest ugh... my phone's been acting kind of wonky lately too, so I think I might have to replace it before it completely craps out on me..

Thank you, korilakkumaprincess! ; o;



I decided to make a completely new Youtube channel.
You may ask, 'what's the use of making a whole new one?'

WELL! The main reason why I wanted to change is really because I wanted to try to do a Youtube partnership and stuff in the future.. sadly a lot of my old videos have copywritten music and I no longer have the raw clips to redo all the reviews and then put uncopywritten/royalty-free music to it. I also want to try and lose my iconic 'Amanikitty' username. I've had that username since I was 14 years old, so it's been like 8 years and I want to drop the 'kitty' from my name = w= I'll only maybe keep my Livejournal account with it's original name for identity purposes

Those, and then I wanted to try and make a cleaner image for myself. e.x.: Actually trying to film in a mostly clean room, actually looking presentable/decent in my videos, less vulgarity/cussing, less derping, etc. Just generally being more active and taking my videos and my image more seriously, even though I still consider myself a personal blogger more than anything. I'm also reorganizing my playlist albums so people can use them as reference and stuff.

I hope to do makeup tutorials since a lot of my bbys on Tumblr and Facebook are always all "y skin/make so flawless ambur ; w;" ; Also~ the wig reviews that I've always said I'd do! I'm also looking into modifying my wigs (because Kammie were hoping for someone to do it) and things and learning to layer them and things like that! Maybe later on I'll do OOTDs and things like that. Whatever I feel like.

Anyways, rambling cut short.
Subscribe to my new Youtube channel AmaniHiME!
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kayo's Trip around the world!

Someone compiled all the video clips Kayo took so far and made it into a video. I'm in here too~ I forget where, though xD maybe halfway?ish?

Right now she's in Honolulu, Hawaii~ afterwards she's going to Melbourne, Singapore, and then heading back home to Japan!
I'm so envious of her adventures... ; w;

Gyaru Around the World from Kayo on Vimeo.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Afropunk Festival 2012

A week ago I attended the Afropunk Festival for the first time with my friend Black Witch.

I... did not expect it to be as huge as it was. This weekend event was huge, like, supposedly 20k-people-each-day kind of huge. When I hear 20k, I think of anime conventions and stuff. The walking-traffic was ridiculous, half the time the entrance was nothing but a serious case of bottlenecking-- and when it was organized, it was a line going around the corner and DOWN the side of the park by the BQE. Crazy.

Coco && Breezy

Overall, I don't know what much to say about AP Fest.. music-wise I felt it was good, but the whole vendor area was so disconnected from everything else.. when I mean vendors I mean the small independent businesses selling t-shirts and clothing and jewelry and stuff. Tumblr-famous people like Coco && Breezy and Black Fashion by Javii were stationed near the stages. I honestly didn't really get the use of having vendors when they seemed so separated from the rest of the festival. I feel like it could've been done better.

Crowd-wise, there was barely anyone who caught my eye. Very little good examples of good western punks. It just seemed like a mass of black and white hipsters from Tumblr, afrocentric hipsters, and the like. People were staring me down like no tomorrow... which honestly I'm not surprised from wearing lolita, since obviously a lot of these cats would never really recognize it for the Japanese punk/counter-culture style it is, but even with my wig, I just felt so inadequate. It was pretty disappointing because it wasn't like I felt uncomfortable because of too many people looking awesome around me, it was because most of these people looked lame or generic but felt that they somehow had the nerve to think they were somehow superior.

This basically shows how everyone looked. Just multiply by 2 or 3 times when it came near time for Erykah or Janelle to get on stage in the evening. Yeah.

It's whatever. I just wish the crowd was more colorful in terms of style. Made me kind of happy I dressed kind of sloppy in lolita than to the nines.

I felt the music made it worthwhile though, and hanging out with Olivia and seeing old people from High School and whatnot! Totally crazy. Especially with random people like Pharrell and Solange Knowles and people popping up at the festival.

Anyways, onto the picture spam~ Friday outfit:

Met Ryan Hall who host Stereotypes on I Am Other. One of the only regrets of dressing sloppier/wearing my glasses. blarghhh brb blindingmyeyeswithcirclelensforever

Got snapped by Rolling Stone. You can click to find the page here. I really need to stop giving people my government name... and start using my online alias. = A=

My outfit for Saturday--

It was pretty much the first time I've ever really, seriously tried to do a gothic style and was satisfied with it. I borrowed Nancy's dress since it was light and perfect for the summer weather. I loveddd this outfit. It makes me want to get more darker stuff xD

Pharrell backstage, after popping up out of nowhere to introduce Janelle Monae xD

Janelle Monae during her performance. She was like, within arm's length of me in this picture
x 3x I was the happiest chick ever. You don't even know

Near the end when she was all wired. Hair loose, clothes disheveled... she was just going in.

At the end of the weekend I was very glad I went, though I'm honestly not sure if I'd do it again next year. Depends on their lineup and stuff, and I'm most definitely never going by myself.
Sunday, September 2, 2012

ManbaLove Giveaway

Shaka created this pretty awesome giveaway for his Manba facebook group~ a grey/silver wig, Diamond lashes, and more to win!

If you're interested, enter! The giveaway ends on Sept 7th.

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