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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Updates before I leave!

Guyana is finally around the corner. In 36 hours I will be on that flight on my way to Cheddi-Jagan Airport~

I can't help but feel really under-prepared for what is waiting for us down there. This time around the preparation was very short but very studious... and I haven't managed to put everything in my memory bank yet. I really hope I don't derp out because we'll be a lot more than just services and class workshops. I might even end up doing altar call work because of the lack of trained altar call missionaries this time around.

This time around the A/V (audio/video, not Adult Video ya nastyiknowyouwerethinkingit) ministry is not bringing down the church's video camera like last time... so this time we're going to just work with my two Canon point-and-shoot cameras. I'm really hoping we'll have enough memory to record all the services, since we're going to be working with only about 36-50GB worth all combined.. for 9-10 days worth of footage. That, or I'm hoping I can somehow, HOPEFULLY be able to come in contact with a computer and transfer files to my external hard drive.

That being said, I cannot wait for the fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Guyanese people put a whole bunch of sodium into their food but it's so good. Their meat is organic, their mango fruit taste like pure sugar... even the sodas are made from sugar and not corn syrup, and it's a totally different taste. All the food is made fresh from scratch... I cannot wait for the porridge in the morning, the saltfish for lunch, and then the curry chicken and roti for dinner time...and the coconuts.. Lord please... I just... sjkdahskhvw

I realize I didn't take nearly enough photos for the second half of the time, so I'm gonna try to make effort this time. I might reserve one of my smaller memory cards for all the photos.

The only current issue for me at the moment is packing my suitcase. Oh boy...

I also got to run to the store tomorrow to get mosquito repellent, some essential oils that help repel bugs as well, and if I cannot find my flashlight, I'll need to get a new one as well e e really sucks.. I probably have other things to get, which I'm sure I'll regret if I don't remember what they are. It's that last minute crunch that's killing me right now...

My giveaway is still going on for another two weeks, it ending on the week after I return, so you still have time to get extra entries in. 

I have a video coming up too, which I hope to finish for my lover Shaka to post before I head off, so my activity tomorrow will probably be 0.

A very small preview.

 But definitely look forward to it. I might also buy a pair of circle lenses right before I leave so I'll have something new when I get back c: Later on I plan to probably make a compilation vid of different moments from this summer. Not too many videos, and it'll probably be chopped up, but I hope to do it anyways. Also a summer coord video or blog post of my favorite outfits I mixed and matched over this season that pretty much kept me cute and comfortable the whole time.

Other than that, August will be pretty slow since I have a birthday/going-away/baby shower party to go to as soon as I get back, job searching, and then a wedding at the end of the month to attend. Regardless I hope to bring my entries up to date..

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