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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hanami 3

The last of my photos, from when I ended up going to Sakura Matsuri on Saturday.

It was over all hot and stressful, way too many people as usual, but I managed to enjoy myself by sticking only with my bby Laura, my church sister Krystle and later on with a couple of the local gals.

My makeup. This time I tried to push the intensity a bit by using these new bottom lashes, as well as trying to put glitter into the equation. Somehow, I managed to more or less succeed without blinding myself with sparkly bits. Need to lern2glitter though, hah

I also put on a biit more highlighter and blush than I would usually. So if my nose is looking extra invisible, or extra sharp-looking, that's why xD
I also used lipstick again... Rather than just using my shimmery red lipstick I've always had, I mixed it with a natural lip which made this really nice color without me jacking up my face LOL

My lov Laura in her schoolgirl outfitt

Lexie in her chiffon dress that I want to snatch from her.


Yukata goodness

One day.. one day I will get geta sandals that fit my feet, and stop looking ratchet with regular flipflops in oiran-style. 

The shrine by the Hill-and-Pond garden 

I have no clue what I was doing or what I was looking at, but.. 

My favorite photo of the whole day ; o;

Laura and boyfran

Laura and her Tiger & Bunny foolishness. Which I don't know why I started to aid her LOL

Later on I ran into some of the local gals. Above is Malia, who I haven't seen or talked to in a long while.

Me and my church sis Krystle~ who came with her daughter and friends to see some of the festival

After the festival shut down for the day, I took some of the gals to Geido, a popular Japanese spot near the same area.

Me and Rio shared this avocado gyoza... it was heavenly

Pumpkin & sweet potato tempura

Of course I had to have okonomiyaki. This one was good, but a bit crumbly, not sure why. 

And to finish off, banana tempura

Overall I enjoyed myself this year, but it's starting to get repetitive ( BBG isn't all that big..)...

Maybe next year I'll go elsewhere. Maybe watch the trees by Central Park? Or maybe Riverside?

Or maybe I'll trek to DC :U


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