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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Week: The Aftermath...

I hope everyone had a good Easter last week ♥ It was also spring break for me, so not much worrying about school (though I DO need to get up on that = w=)

My outfit for Resurrection Sunday came out perfectly. I wish I had more pictures! I'll wear it some other time, maybe for an actual photo shoot or something, but for now, just a faceshot and a mirror pic xD

I'm serious when I say I -love- this outfit. I've never felt so princessy before, in my whole 4 years of wearing lolita! Every (good) picture I took I felt so gorgeous, like a southern belle and I just ahjbvsdasjh dfhsabvdswhdsdbsa. Yeah. LOL

Easter was good. Morning service got me started (though Bishop's voice is way too soothing.. fell asleep on the Word *yet again* = A=), then afterwards we went to this restaurant downtown Brooklyn (it was always meh... this time they were -really- off, but whatever) and then after that I went to Hezikiah Walker's concert/Resurrection service at the Brooklyn Mariott. It was pretty good! I never saw Hezikiah Walker in real life before, only some of his music (I'll admit, I'm not too much of a gospel head to keep up with people). He was an elder at Beulah back in the day, so I decided to go just to see how he's like. Didn't stay till the end though. I wonder how long that thing lasted...

Lookin fat in this photo for whatever reason = w=
L-->R, Patrice, Avian, ...? LOL, Jasmine, Ernasja, Mesha, myself

durpin with the kissy lipz with Ernasja lolo

Me and Jonathan!

Me and Mr. Troublefield :P

All in all, I'm happy that I went this year (ON TIME TOO!) and that I dropped so much on my outfit xD; I haven't felt so good in a long time. ♥

Review on my hat from Apatico coming up soon ♥

Package from Mai★

Belated haul post :U

This is what I got in my package from Mai last week~

Innocent World Pure Rose JSK ;3

the back. the straps got these cute buttons on the back ; w;

I forgot the name of this print/line... but...

halter jsk.

matching polka dot bolero the back has this cute lace-up detail that I haven't seen before.. I've never actually worn it yet to see how it looks worn from the back buttt it's really cute. The ties in the front are detachable too.

Basically what I'm wearing to Sakura Matsuri LOL. I have no clue what I'm doing accessory wise or anything, I don't got lavender shoes to match but... I'll figure something out.

Music note socks... I was supposed to get these for Halloween last year, but Mai forgot to put them in the package I sent ><;; welp, I got them now. I can try again this year LOL

The -ORIGINAL- Little Bear's Cafe bow. Now I can compare the fabric difference between the original items and the replicas LOL like a loser

Mai always give some candy or some sort of gift with each package she sends, and so I got these random little Disney halloween candy packs.

I got Dale and the Cheshire Cat. Kind of wish I had gotten Marie instead of the latter >w>;;

I also bought a coat from Square One... two actually. It was a 2-for-20 sale, so I got myself one, and I also got one for Angela/Xiao when I finally send her lashes to her (mad late as hell = w=). I was waiting to add a few more things in her package as a love gift. I was also going to get a bunch of Victoria Secret samples for her as well, maybe. I hope she likes everything ♥

Hers is fine, but mine, some of the big buttons are loose so I gotta stitch it back = w= I don't really mind speaking that it was basically 10 bucks. I just wanted to get a cheap jacket I'll be able to wear later on. I'll probably go back and buy more sooner or later.

Second haul post coming up later this month hopefully, granted that I get my mom's birthday present (along with a lil somethin for myself xD), and hopefully my Victoria's Secret two-piece for the summer, and pay Mai to send my gyaru shit (though I have a feeling that I'll splurge and buy more stuff from DreamV and from Sweet Angel. Like a new yukata or something xD). Oh, and Taobao as well. Can't forgot about that.
Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Day 1, pt. 2: Easter,

To move away from the frustration I was feeling from my last post.. lol

So there's two important things I'm trying to get done this week:
1) Making sure all my shit gets here for Easter/Sakura Matsuri = w=
2) trying to do a yukata photo shoot at BBG while the trees are still alive

It's been raining and storming an awful lot this past week, so I've been worried about how Sakura Matsuri would turn out (e.x. the fail that was last year). Considered a pre-matsuri meet with some other girls because they suggested it, but with the Matsuri being next weekend and this week I'm scrambling to get all my crap for Easter Sunday, I'm not trying to worry about another meet lol.

First off, Easter:
I was stressing a looot this past weekend because I had pretty much done most of the requests at least 3 months in advance: told Mai 3 weeks ago to send my dresses for Easter + Sakura Matsuri so it won't get stuck in customs (now that they're checking pretty much every package from Japan for radiation..), talked with Apatico two months ago about the idea of getting a hat done, did the an*tai*na shoe order through Taobaospree. Anything else I was gonna get locally once these things got here. I was hoping to hear something from all of them last week, but I didn't really. But this weekend was when all the news started flowing in~

My little "outfit plan" board, changed it around a couple of times as I started getting updates.

Sooo! My dresses are already shipped, so I'm hoping they won't be caught in U.S. customs too long, hopefully the latest they'll come is Saturday. Apatico sent me pictures of my hat, which looks so fucking boss I can't even contain myself~ I just need to pay and then she'll send it Priority. Lucy hasn't responded to me yet about antaina, but I'm not concerned since I can just use my heart heels instead~ hopefully I'll be able to walk in them LOL I abuse my feet way too much. As far as a bag, I'm not sure, but if anything I got my pink Swimmer bag to match, or if I manage to get my shoes on time, I was going to get a new black bag to match. The tights are Leg Ave, just tried them on:

With my heart heels on (wish I didn't have duck feet..)

Speaking of Apatico's hat, here are the larger pix~

the back, the ribbon is detachable. she included a more reddish pink bow, as well as a blue bow to match the print of the dress ; w;

velvet leaves, and handmade roses @w@

I'll do a full review once I get my hat x3333 so excited to get it in the mail HNNGHHHH

And then plan and pics about #2...

Holy Week Day 1, pt. 1: Putting things into your own hands when others are doing their own...

So I went from a social fast, to an actual fast. LOL. Now only one meal a day, plus I'm going to start forcing myself only 8 hours of leisure activity (Facebook, pretty much every site except for my online school stuff, video games, etc.) so I can concentrate on prayer, bible study, and the tons of homework that I haven't done yet e_e

I pretty much decided this after talking an awful lot about Christians basically not doing what they're supposed to, being hypocritical, etc. First with my friend from the loli comm, who runs her blog Black Witch on AfroPunk. (Ironic that I can touch and agree with a pagan witch more than I could most of the youth in my church). Then I found out that Janelle Monae (one of my current main inspirations) was spirit filled, and that made her an inspiration to me on a completely different and higher level.

Then, the afternoon service I went to really spoke to me. It was honoring the First Lady of this other church, and Mother Jones (first lady of my home church) spoke about being an vessel of honor. And when that service ended, another pastor friend of mine came to me, at first with his usual joyful and silly attitude, suddenly went serious and asked me how I was doing, and he gave me words of encouragement as well. And after that, I was speaking to my friend on the way home about the church youth, and he was telling me things that were going on that really irritated me. I went off and after a moment or so I told him that I was going to fast this week, push myself to finish what I need to finish with school, and tarry to get the holy ghost, I'm praying for by Easter.

Prepare for ranting below.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Taobaospree + Dream of Lolita + An*tai*na purchase

So these came in about a week or so ago. Took a minute to post them because I was filming me opening it and stuff for Tanya's thesis. (it -could've arrived that day, but DHL was retarded) That and I was just being completely lazy.

I only ordered things from Taobao once before by myself, and that was through Mashimaro Girl, before they went under and off the map. I was a little bit skeptical with Taobaospree since the thing with MG, but I decided to try it out anyways since there was so much good feedback with it on EGL Livejournal.

Random durping

So I've been idling around in my house for the past 2 weeks because I'm trying to get all my stuff together for Easter. It really sucks when no one is trying to hire at the moment.. soon I'll be applying for some again though, maybe within the next two weeks. *sigh*

As sad and boring as it sounds, I've been looking at the sun more and more often lately, watching where it lands when it sets in the evening. This is my retarded way or knowing when summer is almost here-- a month ago or so it would be dark by 5pm, but now it's dark by 7ish... and once it gets to the first day of summer, it'll set at 8pmish and I'll be ready. I'll be ready E___________E

Of course with all this free time, you'd think I would get to finishing my homework or making the post for Sakura Matsuri. WRONG. I am so lazy, omg I have so much homework building up... I've always had a problem concentrating on it, but I'm going to crack down on it this weekend so I won't be setting myself back. In the meantime I re-found my h.Naoto shirt above, derp

Anyways, enough of that, some pics from the past while~

My loli friend Tanya and her girlfriend came over to my house one day to film for her thesis (film documentary on lolita culture), and she came over to my house to interview me and look at my things and whatnot. I only have maybe 3 actual lolita magazines, so I whipped out my Ageha collection to make that huge difference LOL

It's not even all of my issues... found 2 other ones missing somewhere. And then that was before I bought Apr 2011 issue. I measured the stack, it's more than a foot long @___@ can't wait to get all the old issues like I wanted to LOL. I wonder if it'll ever be as tall as me... or even half my height, that'd be pretty badass

These are random pictures of myself, playing around bored and dressing up.

I was playing around with eyeshadow, tried to copy this lolgothic makeup thing. Of course it didn't come together since I only used different purple+black eyeshadows and nothing much else, nothing to the eyebrows or anything. At first I thought I looked like some gawf wench that got lost on the way to a Rennfaire, but then Chris and Nancy said that I looked like a black, genderbent Jareth. And now I cannot unsee LOL

blah, was gonna continue on this post but then I remembered that I was gonna make a review on my taobao package that had came in. yosh

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