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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer '13 INSPO

I always wanted to get along with these sort of posts, but I always ended up forgetting or getting too lazy. Aren't you glad that I'm finally doing this? xD;

Agejo is my favorite style over all, because it's much more mature~ I like sweet soft accents of stuff like Ank Rouge and Liz Lisa and whatnot, but it's about that time where I'm trying to add more variety in my wardrobe (so lolita + my few DreamV items won't continue to be the most worn items in my closet) so I'm looking at a bunch of different outfits, different colors, etc.

When it comes to summer, I like to get flashy. This coming season is one of those rare times I actually look into an EGG magazine for inspiration. I might not have posted -that- many outfits on my blog and places in the past during the summer, but when it gets warm and a bit sweaty I'm all about those shorts and booty buttcheekz and-- yeah. You see where I'm going with this...

With that being said... my little inspo spam~

(Click the thumbnails to enlargen the photos)

I'm not only into all the white and light soft colors like I've always been into, as seen in my collages, but for the summer I'm also looking at a lot of poppy, contrasting colors. Especially white and black. (Where can a girl get a verticle-striped bxw blouse top in the city?) There's something about the black x white stripes, the crazy printed leggings and the polkadots that are really getting to me around this time. I really want to try and do something with it if I can find them around my area. Even things like acid washes are starting to catch my eye as well.

I've also been looking a lot at these salmon and rusted pinks that pop up from time to time. Even as far as haircolor~ you see my clip of Sayaka Araki with this pinkish caramelish hair tone that looks so pretty. It can be styled to look a bit grungy like this, more mature and sexy like Sayaka's, or made with a bit of a blend effect with different extensions like Pikarin. Every time summer comes along I always look at pictures like these and wish I could do something similar... I might just get a bunch of weave and make my own wig in that color xD I'm craving it.

Other than that, I'm also still feeling ombre-style lilac or sakura pink hair... but if anything I'm probably just gonna get clip-in extensions of those colors. Oh, and tinsel hair as well~ my sister apparently got a connection for cheap-priced hair extensions, up to 30". You know I want to be about that life xDD; If I wasn't so broke, I'd so be indulging in everything.

As far as nail art I'm expecting to do more on my own hands~ and maybe even feet. I really want cute light summer colors that will go with anything and everything i wear. I'm planning on learning how to do my own nails~ since Rio did mine back in December I've been craving to try because now I see how easy it is! I just bought myself a UV lamp and some deco items (crowns and whatnot) that I don't really see in my area for cheap~next I'll be trying to get myself some more acrylic and UV gel stuffs and hopefully nail polish... in the meantime I'll just be borrowing from Rio LOL (sorry gurl)

Like the feel of this stuff? What are you into for the summer?


Amani said...

Really love the nail art pics! As for me this summer, I am gonna keep experimenting with different looks so I can really get more in dal gal lyfe~

Amani said...

yis. I'm probably gonna order some UV gel stuff this week so I can try to do this~ or at least do gel+acrylic and see how it works out. That and some glitter packs and stuff. Hopefully I can get it all under $10 xD and once my nails recover from me forcing my old ones off I'll be doing them

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