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Monday, June 25, 2012

Recent and future purchases, etc.

I am going crazy over this consecration already. It's only been the third day and I've already on the brink of having some huge outburst. I'm trying to keep myself together... 18 more days, Amb.. 18 more days...

Anyways, I wanted to share some packages that I'm expecting to arrive in the next day or so~

I finally brought myself along to purchasing from the site Style.ly, where I sell some of my clothing. Once in a while I look at one of the stuff that other users are selling. It's kind of hard to try to find shoes on the site since most people are US 8 1/2-9 and below. But then I found these...

Size 10. Good lord. I fell in love. And for a liiittle over $20? Yes please!

My feet aren't in as much of a good condition since I fell earlier this year so it's been difficult for me to walk in heels for too long, but my God, my God. These. yes. just. yes.

I've been looking for a nice pair for the summer, and these are just. PERFECT. The design, the embellishments, everything. No words can explain. I just squealed.

The only thing I hope for is that they FIT. Heels are so hit-or-miss when it comes to my feet, since my foot is a 25.5cm and it's just hard to really see if a 10 will be just right or too big. If there was a 9.5 option I would've went for that, but eh..

In any case, I can't wait for them to arrive on hopefully Wednesday~

Then I bought this Charlotte Russe shirt for 3 dollars... I'm just a bit concerned as far as sizing since this is an L and I'm usually like an M/L. I hate being in between sizes.

My bby Kammie put some new wigs up on her Mintymix shop and she's been torturing me with them! ;___; And when I mean torturing, I mean:

Kammie: AMBBBBBB <3 <3 <3 I got this new wiiiig u want ittttt
Kammie: Oh and I restocked the wig you always wantedddd
Kammie: Oh and then I got this prototype that I think you'd like a lot~

Now, I don't know if she's gonna really send me THREE wigs... but if she does... I'm going to spazz and cream everywhere. They are all what I basically thought to do with my own hair for summer.. but now that money's getting too tight to do the whole process with extensions, I am so glad to be getting these! I AM SO EXCITE

Now as for Otakon, which is coming up in exactly a month, I decided to go ahead and try for my Michiko cosplay-- my friend Nicole told me "I BOUGHT MY WIG, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED" so now I have no choice but to do this cosplay xD;

I've been trying to eat better and trying to push with the exercise, but it's hard now that I've developed a little.. issue and so I'm trying to be careful with exerting myself until the problem goes away.

I'll be Michiko (left) and Nicole will be my Atsuko (right).

My other friend talked about being my Hana/Hatchin but I don't know if she was really serious or not.. either way, this is really happening xD My first cosplay.

Michiko has so many outfits throughout the series. Like, at least one different outfit every episode. -At least-.
Long ago I was in the process of screencapping the episodes and making collages of her outfits, and I plan to finish that. Which outfit am I planning to do though? I have no clue.

Initially I was going to do the outfit shown above, but in case I can't lose all the weight I want to in time, I'm gonna go for one of her more covered up outfits. Maybe the denim jumper in episode 3 (since I already have one)? We'll see~

In the meantime I'm thinking about wig and lenses. I might just straighten my curly half-wig that I use for most of my outfit shots, since it's getting old and straightening it will probably help it look better at this point. It's not terrible-looking but I know that if I try to re-curl it one more time, it might not look good anymore.. so I'll just straighten it, and then just get another half-wig later. It should be the right length and everything, or if anything it might just need a little trimming.

Then I need to get grey/black lenses... since I probably won't be able to get my EOS Crystal Diamond greys in time (and I won't go for Duebas, not since the whole circle lens drama a while ago), I've been looking into alternatives.

My main (and probably final choice) will be GEO Flower Morning Glory Grays--

(img from Koreabigeyes)

I kind of like the look, it's a bit unique and they'll probably compliment the look well. I wanted to try and go for something a bit flowery that wasn't overly cute, and I think these would be the ones. The only thing I don't like is that they are GEO lenses, which I've had problems with dryness/defects before, but I'll try to deal with them just this once. And speaking that Koreabigeyes are selling them for $11 until the end of June... I'm pretty much sold.

At my friend's booth we're gonna be wearing these maid costumes. Alek really liked this specific design because of the sweetheart design in front-- she got one for herself in her recent Taobao order just to see how it looks and it's perfect~ and super short xD

So for most of the whole weekend (like last year!) I'll be at the Alik's Cosplay booth selling lolita stuff. (booths Q04-Q06). So if you're attending definitely stop by!
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent Giveaways I've entered~

I've entered a couple of giveaways lately and I've been lazy to make separate posts for extra points xD but now that I entered more than one, I'll do it haha

First up is Lorina's Circle lens Giveaway over at her blog April Fool Romance~
Just follow the instructions to be entered to win a pair of circle lens of your choice from Lens Village!

Next is Closet Voyage's "Beauty in the Bag" giveaway, where you can win a BUNCH of beauty goods. There's a total of three different prizes, so more chances to win something!

My special lady Chantal is having yet another circle lens giveaway~ winner wins 2 pairs of lenses from Lens Village!

And finally, German blogger Sui-Princess is celebrating 1k+ followers~ you have a chance at winning a liz lisa top, a Ma*rs hairtie and some other beauty goods~

I *think* that's it. xD Go get em!
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preparing for Summer -- Makeup Favs!

Summer officially 'starts' in a week, and there are so many plans to be made or finalized! I'm excited to see where this second half of the year will take me. There are my appointments coming up with school and health in the next two weeks, my sister's wedding in July, Otakon at the end of July, the Afropunk Festival (finally) and a regional church convention at the end of August. Between all that goodness is work, work and more work, one way or another; a buttload of ministry gatherings, outings, and prayer sessions; making time to finish up what little schoolwork I have left and if I get a job, there will be that to juggle too! I expect my summer to be crammed with happenings. At the same time though, I hope I'll have time to have a time-out, so I can roam beaches, or take small trips to somewhere I haven't been before to relax and reflect.

In the meantime? I'm working to look damn good for the summer! Between this transition period I'm in as far as diet and fitness, following the ToneItUp lifestyle, and getting a steady job so I can make some moolah, I'm also making plans style-wise so I can pretty myself up better. I currently have an on-going order with Taobaospree again, which I won't reveal exactly what I ordered until I get it in my hands; the only hint I'll put is weaves, weaves, and more weaves! So much, in fact, that I'm trying to convince myself that there will be no regrets~ that hopefully, I won't need to buy hairpieces again for the rest of my youth, haha.

Besides that, I'm also planning to buy some of my favorite makeup and fragrance wants!

First up is Makeup Forever's Aqua Smoky Eye mascara.
I've actually only tried the regular 'Smoky Eye'. The difference is that the "Aqua" is the waterproof version.
I only actually tried the regular one, and that one alone was ridiculously nice. It made me and my bby Mei's lashes freakishly long when we first tried it out at Sephora. It's definitely a must-buy.

Makeup Forever's "Face & Body" liquid foundation
I'm sure I talked about this foundation before~ I personally use it in #18, sometimes in #12 for contouring and it does wonders. What I love most about this foundation is that it's very liquidy, but it sets so well. This one is so light over the skin and you barely notice it at all, which I think is nice for summer. The less stickiness, the better. The only downfall is that since it's so watery, it'll sort of break down any concealer on the face, but I usually don't have a problem with blending it in together. I usually use this in combination with the HD foundation to make my skin absolutely flawless, without my face feeling too heavy.

Illamasqua blush powder in "Excite"
When I tried this back in April, I fell in love. I have never seen a more perfect shade than this! It's vibrant without being obnoxiously bold, which I was afraid of with Sephora's recent obsession with orange. Definitely planning to purchase this because I really want to adopt that sun-kissed look into my summer makeup style.

Sephora's limited Moonshadow baked palette "In the Heat"
I probably don't need another palette, but this one caught my eye because the colors werevery pigmented. The texture of the powder was so soft, and the colors shimmered. I already know how I am with sparkly things.

And then the fragrances I became addicted to recently~

Jimmy Choo

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
Especially Escada by Escada.

With my GFC follower list inching ever so closely to '100', I'm definitely on the lookout for giveaway goodies, among other things as far as vlogs and other video features.
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks for 10,000+ views!

Logged in today to see this:

My immediate reaction was the MY GOD rageface LOL
Like how did this even happen???

I honestly never thought to get 10k views.. ever. Especially within a little less than 2 years (I think?)
It's probably not even a big number in general when it comes to normal personal blogs,
but to me it's freaking huge.
And then I made over 125 posts? I never thought I'd ever be as active as I am. lol like I would've gave up and left the blog for dead had this been me years ago.

Even though most of the views were from random google searches and mainly for my shopping or circle lens reviews (or lol Cumberbatch), and I don't get comments often at all,
I'm glad that people stumbled on my page and took interest in at least something.

It makes me really happy. I seriously appreciate it!

This is an icing on top of my already good feels. Feeling pretty badass right now lol

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lolita Day meetup 6/02/12

I had to push myself to make the effort to hang out on International Lolita Day this summer, but I'm glad I did. I met up with a bunch of the girls in the evening to go to The Dove Parlor, the same place I had went to for my birthday.

Reposting for makeup shot xD

Dove Parlour was enjoyable as always, as we sat around, had a booze-party (awesome cheese platter, toast platter, and tea sandwiches but with cocktails haha), chatted and gossiped and just chilled for hours.

Me and Yanise with her bitchface, jealous of me caressing Susan's alpaca lololo

Eventually a bunch of the girls were drunk, we were 'overwelcoming our stay' (the people having eventually turned up the music to the point where it was blasting, which was pretty inconvenient since we were still buying and drinking) and I ended up staying with my bff Laura at her bf's place for the night because I was not.. in the mood to go all the way home that late. xD

Surprisingly my makeup did not smear nor did my lashes fall off or anything like that and I made my way straight to church the next morning. Very glad I was the only one not drunk that night, otherwise I would've seriously felt the conviction in the morning. xD
Monday, June 4, 2012

May Purchases

Since so much was going on during the month of May, specifically Pentecost and the pastoral anniversary, I didn't really have too much of a chance to go out. But that did not stop me from getting a few things here and there!

I had gotten another package from my dear Yuuki again. He sent me a little love note ( ; w; I miss you too, my loveeee) along with two sets of Diamond lashes that I asked him to get. This time I got the "Sweet" bottom lashes and the "Princess" bottom lashes. I was a bit worried about quality since apparently Diamond's bottom lashes are more delicate than their tops, but I'm actually not too concerned. the quality is actually very, VERY nice as always, these just need a little extra care when it comes to removal and cleaning~

Here are the 'Princess' ones being worn:

and then the 'Sweet' ones!

I personally like the 'sweet' ones much more. There's nothing wrong with the Princess lash, but I am so pleased with the look of the Sweet lash. I know usually models like Guri & Gura use these for the extra droopy kind of eye makeup, and I don't really do that too much. But they actually look really good, even with the less extreme liner designs. Verrrry dolly. I can't handle the cuteness.


Then I also ordered some new extensions... 26 inch clips @ w@
This is the longest I've ever gotten.. and I'm glad I got them for the price that I did! $55 bucks!
I got them from this eBay store~ A European gal linked me to them after she had bought from them, and I decided to risk it, hair being a hit-or-miss on places like eBay and all.

Totally worth the price. The packaging and description claims that it's 100% virgin remy... I'll be the judge of that, once I try to do a bleach-test. Hoping that this hair will be able to survive a bleach job so I can dip-dye the ends lilac for the summer! I would've gotten blond hair and then dyed it brown and lilac at the ends, but the place makes the lighter hair colors more expensive... and I didn't really have the extra money so..

The texture itself seems like regular Asian texture. It acts a lot like my Chinese friend's hair... very resistant to curling iron and hairsprays e___e I see her pain now. Hopefully when I damage it a bit it'll act a bit better. The wefts sheds a bit but not too much. The clips the pieces were mounted on are meh. They also put just one weft strand on them, when I do it it's usually 2-3 strands mounted and sewn together, but eh. I can fix that myself. You get what you pay for, after all. Hoping to get another pack of hair or two (maybe in 22" and 24" inch for a layered look?) so I can gather the wefts and sew most of them together. Definitely satisfied with this purchase though, you'd never be able to find 26 inch extensions in a local hair store, and even if they did stock it, it wouldn't be anywhere under 150 for a pack.....

Picture of it being worn. Compared to my own hair it's thin, so that's why I want to get another pack or two before anything~ I'll do an actual review on the quality once I play with it a bit.

Then of course there's more freebies from Victoria's Secret~
I started getting coupons and stuff in the mail FINALLY. I guess they were waiting to send me my last W-2 form from 2010 before they start giving me stuff.

I really need to stop though... my panty drawer is filled with VS underwear, half of them never worn with tags on them still xD What am I doing with my life, right?

Also picked up the nice shades from a dollar store that just recently opened near my home- they were $2! They look pretty nice, I hope I'll manage to keep them safe and unscratched for a while xD Wouldn't bet on it though!

Then there's this little thing I've been experimenting with~ Daiso Charcoal face mask. I saw reviews on it (e.x. Lorina of AprilFoolRomance) and I wanted to try it out. I've been using it once or twice a week on my t-zone area for the past week or two, I'm waiting another week or two before I give a real review on it. Either way, the product was pretty inexpensive, I got it off of eBay as well

I never got the chance to get the June 2012 Ageha magazine, but I'm hoping to still find it when I go back to the city one of these days! Planning to make a huge hair order on Taobao~ Prisila products galore! As well as accessories and more makeup and things for Otakon. I need to get my cosplay together as well, if I plan to even do it this year, so I'm trying to press towards these things xD

Also in the process of making a new tab/page for the things I'm trying to sell off~ I have so much junk in my wardrobe that I barely touch, so I've been trying to sell things through a website called Style.ly! Jesika told me to join and at first I thought it was some sort of b.s. site... until my things started getting sold xD My mind was blown. It doesn't hurt to clear your closet a bit and get a little pocket change for it, right? So look out for it!


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