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Friday, January 21, 2011
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Much needed pampering~

So, apparently last week was the last week for seasonal, and now got let go from Victoria's Secret :< They said they're keeping my application and they'll call back next holiday season if they need me again, but honestly I'm not trying to wait around and wait for that. Not at all.

It was nice working there though, even though I barely made money. I only made like what, less than 300 for the past three months? They barely gave me hours, but that was expected...

Their employee discount was banging though xD 30% off? pffttt yeahhh. I couldn't help myself and bought this and that every so often. wish I bought the Bombshell fragrance though :< Now that I don't have the discount... not really in the mood to spend 65 bucks on the bottle LOL

But now I'm back on the streets, more job hunting. I've considered doing school, but I'm still kind of nervous about going to Opi about it, that and the class doesn't start till like March anyways. The courses I want to take is like... Wedding & Event Planning Certificate course, which is an in-class course, and then there's the Preston Bailey Wedding & Event design certificate course which I believe is online... the thought of an online course is kind of meh, because I know I'll probably be hella lazy with it.

I'm not particularly in the mood to pull that up at the moment... and with Opi I'd have to pull up like, crime evidence and stuff LOL. It was funny when my brother went to him about college, not even knowing what he wanted to do or how much the tuition costs (like an idiot), but I don't want to be snarked at the same way by Opi xD I want to try and find current students and alumni and etc of the LWPI in Brooklyn College so I know it'll be worth my time...

But yeah. I'm going to visit a few places I applied to, see if they need anyone and if I could get a second interview and stuff. I'm hoping one of the places in the mall I worked in need another person, because that was probably the most convenient distance ever O: So hopefully I'll land something, so I don't have to worry about getting my grandparents annoyed about not being able to do anything (wouldn't really be my choice though, now would it?)

Monday I met up with mah girl Ashley now that she's back from Tokyo for a bit~ hung out with her, Mei, Yani and Laura + boyfran in Flushing for a little while, took purikura, eat, etc. (gonna try and put up pics later.) Not sure if I'm meeting up with her (and Eden and Lynn, I think?) but we'll see. I need to get my fill of her though, god knows when the next time I'll see her will be xD

In the meantime~ I just did a bit of a spa treatment to myself :3 Gave my hair a deep conditioning treatment, gave myself a chocolate milk pedicure and a honey-sugar facial~ I barely pamper myself so tonight felt soooo good. I'm so glad my hair's coming out silky and moisturized = u= and my feet smell like chocolate still, and my face all soft and silky~
Meant to do a long soak in the bathtub as well, plus an oatmeal body wrap, but it was getting late and I was getting lazy xD so maybe tomorrow or the day after I'll do that. Most -definitely- doing all that again to myself.

The recipes(?) I used, for my own future reference xD:

Honey-Sugar facial scrub~ from Michelle Phan's channel (I also ended up using this as a foot scrub))
*3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
*2 tbsp honey
*1/2 c granulated sugar

Lip scrub~ again, from Michelle Phan ((I can't stop eating this one >w>;;))
*1 tsp sugar
*2 tbsp honey
*some vaseline

Chocolate Milk foot soak~ add to warm water:
*warm milk
*sugar (to exfoliate the skin)

Oatmeal body wrap I'm gonna do soon:
* 1 c non-instant oatmeal
* 1 c warm milk

Now I should be trying to sleep. instead of like. inhaling chocolates.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21st birthday~

So the big 21 is coming up for me and my friend Laura :3 Mine is on Jan. 29th and hers is on Jan. 25th~
We decided to celebrate our birthday together with cake, booze, tea, and probably Korean BBQ xD

We had so many ideas on what to do (going to the spa, doing a photoshoot, going to x place, going to y place, making macarons, etc) but of course as we get closer and closer to the date we realized we can't celebrate exactly how we wanted to. So for now, on the 29th we're gonna dress in loli and head over to Flushing for some Rose House and purikura, and then if we feel like it, we're gonna go someplace for booze xD It's easier to do it on my birthday so we'll both be legal by then. To top it off, with my membership at Queen's Crossing, I'll be able to get two rose cakes for free = w= booze and cake all aroundddd

We were also going to twin, too. We both bought Little Bear Cafe replica from taobao, her in pink and mine in brown. So she was gonna dress up pinkxwhite, and I was gonna dress brownxpink (though I'm having issues between mint and pink...). But of course, DoL is taking too damn long to send out the dresses so we probably won't even have them on time. :< But we'll have a backup outfit in case that happens.

But my outfit plan so far...

I'm still not completely sure since 1) shit's probably not coming in on time, and 2) switching up the outfit = more money obv

Butttt there's the JSK, the original AP bow in brown? (the girl listed brown but had the kinari pic up... so I don't know if she was just too lazy to get the proper color off the site or if she didn't know the difference LOL. Either way the brown or the kinari version is good), and then An*tai*na boots in brown.

And then I was thinking of a high-neck blouse in pink... the one shown is my own, but I'd love to get one that's sheer if possible. I've been meaning to get one for a while now, for my Halloween outfit from 2010. Like this here . If I did that, then I'd wear my pink sparkle tights to go with. and then whatever little accessories to go with

If I went with mint... LOL I have no clue xD I'd go with that cardigan probably, but trying to put in more mint in the outfit would take a bit more thought. If I could find mint sparkle tights then cool, but I'm not sure if I'll be that lucky xD Maybe I could get a matching bag with accessories hanging off of that? I don't know. xD Gotta figure it out.

If it doesn't come on time, then that'll give me more time to put a better outfit together xD I want to get a new wig/hairpieces and everything xD And we'll just twin with the outfits for our hopefully upcoming birthday photoshoot :3 which might be a good month or two after the date but... that's ok xD And hopefully I'll have whatever other haul from taobao too, as well as my crap in Japan >:3

But yeah, if anyone in the area's interested in hanging out with us and going to Rose House and purikura and stuff, drop a line <3 I got a little event thingy on Facebook set up too.
Thursday, January 6, 2011

On "Homeless Man, Golden Voice"

Today I stumbled on friends posting videos of Ted Williams, a.k.a. the "Homeless Man with a Golden Voice". And the story drove me to tears. I didn't pay too much attention till hours later when I was bored, and after watching the original video (below), and update news videos, I wish I didn't ignore it at all.

The original video was touching, because looking at him and comparing him to the typical homeless person in New York City, he seemed very sincere, definitely not an act (besides his great voice), but then once I found the interview with CBS and his words just drove me to tears.

How many people could truly say they had a testimony any more amazing than his? Ex- alcoholic & drug-addict, homeless and panhandling for ??? years, and then someone finds your story and in not even a week, like, a day or two later, your life is completely changed around, you're groomed, dressed up, given a place to stay and now you have your DREAM job. Like seriously, how in 2 days does he get a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers which includes your a new home???

God has put a whopping of an increase into this man's life and to hear him praise God and tell his story, it touched me so deep that words can't even explain. And for those who are in those videos talking about how he "doesn't deserve it", this that and the third, are seriously hating hardcore. But even then, a lot of blessings and things we get in life we never truly feel we deserve. That, or we never appreciate it until it's gone. And he's been on both ends of the stick.

I'm so praying for this man, and for his mother because I don't even know how she must feel hearing her son's story and finally seeing him for the first time in years.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out in the City~

I don't know why my face looked so perfect here but xD I love my camera

This week I met up with a gal from Florida, Jesika~
She's mad pretty irl * w* though i was loling because she was wearing like, lace tights and otks and stuff without thermals or anything xD In like 20-30 degree weather lololo

I met up with her and Rio for a bit in the city, and then our friend Tadahiro joined up with us a bit later, and then we went to eat in Koreatown, and then we decided to be random and take the Staten Island ferry xD She wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but it was way past closing time (plus it's like what, 20 dollars to be able to go over there?), so the only way we'd get a good look at it is from the S.I. Ferry. which I didn't know was free but. LOL NOW I KNOW

Manhattan from afar

Me and Jesika :3

She finally left NYC today ; A; Didn't get much of a chance/had much money to do stuff like purikura but, hopefully next time~
Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year~

So, 2010 is finally done, and 2011 is officially here. As much as people like to reflect on the past, this year I actually didn't do too much of it. Like some preachers at my church prophesied, 2010 was a year of great change and increase for me.

A lot of things were displaced and replaced, whether or not by my own will. Quite a couple of people have exited from my life, as more positive people settled in, as well as old folks. After a long struggle against myself emotionally, I finally finished my high school education, my interests and hobbies shifted, as well as certain parts of my attitude and personality. More or less, it was all for the better. A few months before there was a lot of stress and struggle with people and uncontrollable circumstances but once I let go and let God handle it, everything flowed. After lolita day, the rest of my year was almost pretty much a beach-- I didn't have much to worry about, though spiritually and emotionally I was struggling with myself (again), New Year's Eve pretty much somewhat helped resolve that feeling of unrest.

I ended up working on NYE, which I'm more than thankful for, and once I was done at 8pm, I made my way to church. Last year I hung out in Williamsburg with some friends and went to a bar or two, but this year I pretty much had all that out of my system and I was excited for Watch Night at Beulah. The Word that was preached was so on point with what I was feeling that at the end of the night when I went for prayer, I was in tears. It was the release I needed and I'm glad I went.

Now that I've gotten my rest, I took a mental note of all the things that I'm going to try and accomplish this year. It's really not too much of a "New Year Resolution", as it is a "get it done ASAP". It just so happens that I didn't get it done earlier xD;

But my top three goals at the moment? Are:
1. Receiving the Holy Spirit (something in me wants to get it before my birthday)
2. Getting a more permanent job (Dammit VS, hire me as a regular!)
3. Getting the balls to approach Opi about going to school for wedding & event planning and event design. (And then actually going through with it and finishing the course + getting the certificate)

There are a lot of things I want to do or get, but I know once I get these three things done (hopefully by March), everything else will definitely fall into place. I'm excited for this year and I feel motivated to do so much more with myself, now that I feel like I got enough space from school and whatnot. I'm gonna take baby steps (the schooling I want to do are only really 2-3 month certificate courses, opposed to a 2-4 year degree program), and then I'm going to continue to expand.

My only fear is that as far as school goes, it may not be what I want to do. I used to be into fashion design and etc. until I realized that fashion design and things like that were only really a hobby-sort of thing for me, and I didn't want to seriously pursue it, especially when it comes to pleasing other people rather than myself. (18-year old me: "Pfft I have to keep an open mind about what -other- people want, rather than me making my own style of clothing that I'd wear? pfftttt") I'm afraid that its the same with my interest in event design & planning, but at this point I'm not gonna hold myself back anymore. This video pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment:

In any case, I'm ready to really assert myself.

I hope everyone had a good new year, and good luck in the coming months!

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