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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A bit of princessy camwhoring

I had a skype chat/interview with someone and I decided to dress up ..

My makeup was awfully light. Even my eyemakeup, which I honestly hated this time around. Didn't stop me from showing off though

Confession: Unless I plan to go out, I don't wear base makeup in my photos & videos. Half the time any flaws are barely noticeable, especially when I manipulate natural sunlight to flood my face xD
I like to do it once in a while because in some shots (like above) it makes my face look a bit sunkissed. Some people may like it, others not, but I love it~ ♥

If you haven't noticed, I also tend to wear a lot of lolita mixed with himegal items. Especially Angelic Pretty's more simpler prints (like their floral prints), a lot of their more 'basic' stuff look very close to some himegyaru stuff (asides from the lolita silhouette). So rather than go all out lolita with blouse and etc, I usually have a bit of a himegal feel.

Webcam shot~ low quality shots like from webcams are so good when it comes to half-ass camera whoring xD

Anddd with that, I should probably hop on the bandwagon to tell you guys to follow me on Bloglovin' since Google Reader is getting shut down!
Honestly as far as I've heard, Google Friend Connect (what Blogger uses) and Google Reader (Google/gmail) are two different features. So GFC as far as I know will not be shut down next week like Google Reader is, however GFC has been derpy for the past two months for me, so I'm assuming that Blogger isn't going to be fixing the glitches and stuff with that anytime soon. They might even just leave it to waste... Read here for more on that!

So that being said, JUST IN CASE, you should add me on Bloglovin, as well as all your other favorite blogs!


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