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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Backtracking #2 - Amy's birthday

Back at the very beginning of September me and Susan met up with our friend Amy. Susan had to leave but I decided to take Amy to Alice's Tea Cup: Chapter II for her birthday.

We had the "Mad Hatter" tea for two, with Indian Chai tea and I think their Hawaiian tea

Top tier: Ham & Cheese scone, and I think a pumpkin scone and a chocolate-pecan scone? I forget. With raspberry jam and clotted cream on the side.

Second tier: Alice's BLT sammich, and black forest ham & gruyere.

Then for dessert~ chocolate mousse for Amy, lemon tart for me. Both were extremely rich and after all the other food we were dying inside trying to finish them!

After stopping by Victoria's Secret and making our way to Times Sq we parted ways, and I decided to look around in the Disney store. It was my first time in there so I wanted to check it out.

Of course I'm gonna head over to the Disney Princess section..

So pretty!

The Rapunzel dress has to be the most ornate thing out of all of them.. >w>

the glitter print on the Tiana costume!

So gorgeous, I want to just steal it and make a lolita dress of my own. I'm actually planning to cosplay as Tiana at some point, dunno when. But I definitely want to make the full-length gown, as well as a lolita design. So cute ; w;

Friend of a friend's birthday

Backtracking a bit, before FNO I went to chill with Susan, another friend Stephanie, and their friend Autumn for Autumn's birthday. Beforehand we stopped by Big Gay Ice Cream SHOP since it was actually the opening day, Susan had her first salty pimp and many inappropriate jokes birthed from that.

Despite a tiny bit of dramu with Autumn's friends who were really snotty and stereotypical "white girls in a bar", it was pretty enjoyable. Chilling, talking, acting stupid and dancing like tards.

The inside of whatever bar we were in. Forgot the name

Me and Susan. I've been breaking out a bit lately but I'm glad my skin still looks pretty good regardless >w>

Recent purchases~

Today was my day off, so it was my official "laundry day" + "perm hair day"

I had these huge mounds of dirty junk on my bed for nearly 2 weeks now it was pretty bad. It was a mixture of everything I wore to work sans undies, and then stuff I had packed away back when Irene was rolling through. I had this pocket of space at the head of my bed, but that was okay though, since I tend to sleep sideways and in a cramped position anyways LOL

Not to mention how GROSS my hair was. I'm so glad my new growth is all straightened out, my hair is back nice to its former glory~


My recent purchases from this month!

FINALLY got a case for my phone! I can't wait to deco the hell out of it. $4 on ebay xD

Got my NYCC/NYAF weekend pass!

Finally switched the eyeliner colors and got the black glitter pencil :3

NYX eyebrow liner in white, for my cosplay, whenever I do it... might not make it in time for NYCC but we'll see!

New Ageha mags from the past while~

This super pushup bra from Target makes my boobs look twice as big almost xD

Purchases from Forever 21~ I've always wanted a lace top and feather earrings so I'm glad I got these * w* Muffy bought them for me when we shopping

And then from my job...


With the leopard print top and the pushup bra on :DDD
The best part is the prices... again xD

Victoria's Secret tank for 3.99 xD


2.00 xD

75 cents xDDD

And then these jeans~ 6.50 each!


It looks weird in the photo, but the cami is actually a shimmery gold * w* 3.25

7.49~ kind of regret this purchase sorta, though :/ it's cute but the color sort of rubbed off on my other clothes in the wash. That and it pills easily, apparently.



4.49! I really love this watch, it's sort of a faded gold color, I love how it overlaps itself like a bracelet..

snakeprint bracelet~ 2.99

Clearly, I'm enjoying my job a bit -too- much. But my job tends to get a lot of cute stuff every week that makes it so hard... my closet is growing ever so quickly now.I'm going to have to stop eventually, if I want to get traveling xD
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Gem Jackpot giveaway by Eden~

My girl Eden is having a little giveaway going on~

You have the possibility of winning a pair of Dollywink #2 lashes, 4 pairs of Diamond 'Lash Angel' lashes, a pair of Neo Extra Dali in green, a deluxe powder brush and 2 packets of deco rhinestones.

The giveaway link is below!

Fashion's Night Out~

I'm a few weeks behind, and with the COOLJC International Women's Council coming up next week, AND New York Comic-Con after that, I know I'll be way behind if I don't make this post now.

Earlier this month I went to Fashion's Night Out again~

Fashion's Night Out, if you didn't know, is a huge PM-fashion event that happens throughout the city involving MANY stores, from high end brands to some independent businesses, with huge sales or promotions, ranging from free champagne and food, to a variety of contests and giveaways, free gifts, and celebrity appearances.

One thing that stood out about this year is that I was with my friends~ as well as with new ones! Some SoCal lolitas came to NYC to work with Yuko Yamaguchi (designer of Hello Kitty) at her showing at the Sephora on 57th and Lexington.

Wore Little Bear's Cafe that day to work~ then after me and Susan met with Yuuki and other chicks and the SoCal lolis~

Me with Julie (blond in red), Hello Kitty, and the other SoCal lolis :3

Miss Yamaguchi was pretty chill and to herself... I didn't take pictures with her though. She was wearing something like ETC or something, it was cute. Like a chocolate bunny print or something

Hello Kitty water bottle I got from the event ~

I went to Victoria's Secret to get myself some Bombshell and a free tote bag. After that we went to Macaron Cafe which was.. a surprisingly terrible experience, because most of the workers were drunk out their minds :/ And then we walked down 5th ave, basically lol watched Nicki Minaj leave Versace and people mistaking Drake for Chris Brown. which was retarded.

Afterwards we parted with the SoCal lolis and went to Izakaya Riki for okonomiyaki and other noms. It was a pretty good night. ♥♥♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another circle lens giveaway!

My girl Chantal is having yet another circle lens giveaway on her blog Occasionally Cute~
It ends October 8th so you still have time to enter for a chance to win some circle lenses, case included, and some face masks :3

Click on the image to get to the contest page!

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