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Monday, June 4, 2012

May Purchases

Since so much was going on during the month of May, specifically Pentecost and the pastoral anniversary, I didn't really have too much of a chance to go out. But that did not stop me from getting a few things here and there!

I had gotten another package from my dear Yuuki again. He sent me a little love note ( ; w; I miss you too, my loveeee) along with two sets of Diamond lashes that I asked him to get. This time I got the "Sweet" bottom lashes and the "Princess" bottom lashes. I was a bit worried about quality since apparently Diamond's bottom lashes are more delicate than their tops, but I'm actually not too concerned. the quality is actually very, VERY nice as always, these just need a little extra care when it comes to removal and cleaning~

Here are the 'Princess' ones being worn:

and then the 'Sweet' ones!

I personally like the 'sweet' ones much more. There's nothing wrong with the Princess lash, but I am so pleased with the look of the Sweet lash. I know usually models like Guri & Gura use these for the extra droopy kind of eye makeup, and I don't really do that too much. But they actually look really good, even with the less extreme liner designs. Verrrry dolly. I can't handle the cuteness.


Then I also ordered some new extensions... 26 inch clips @ w@
This is the longest I've ever gotten.. and I'm glad I got them for the price that I did! $55 bucks!
I got them from this eBay store~ A European gal linked me to them after she had bought from them, and I decided to risk it, hair being a hit-or-miss on places like eBay and all.

Totally worth the price. The packaging and description claims that it's 100% virgin remy... I'll be the judge of that, once I try to do a bleach-test. Hoping that this hair will be able to survive a bleach job so I can dip-dye the ends lilac for the summer! I would've gotten blond hair and then dyed it brown and lilac at the ends, but the place makes the lighter hair colors more expensive... and I didn't really have the extra money so..

The texture itself seems like regular Asian texture. It acts a lot like my Chinese friend's hair... very resistant to curling iron and hairsprays e___e I see her pain now. Hopefully when I damage it a bit it'll act a bit better. The wefts sheds a bit but not too much. The clips the pieces were mounted on are meh. They also put just one weft strand on them, when I do it it's usually 2-3 strands mounted and sewn together, but eh. I can fix that myself. You get what you pay for, after all. Hoping to get another pack of hair or two (maybe in 22" and 24" inch for a layered look?) so I can gather the wefts and sew most of them together. Definitely satisfied with this purchase though, you'd never be able to find 26 inch extensions in a local hair store, and even if they did stock it, it wouldn't be anywhere under 150 for a pack.....

Picture of it being worn. Compared to my own hair it's thin, so that's why I want to get another pack or two before anything~ I'll do an actual review on the quality once I play with it a bit.

Then of course there's more freebies from Victoria's Secret~
I started getting coupons and stuff in the mail FINALLY. I guess they were waiting to send me my last W-2 form from 2010 before they start giving me stuff.

I really need to stop though... my panty drawer is filled with VS underwear, half of them never worn with tags on them still xD What am I doing with my life, right?

Also picked up the nice shades from a dollar store that just recently opened near my home- they were $2! They look pretty nice, I hope I'll manage to keep them safe and unscratched for a while xD Wouldn't bet on it though!

Then there's this little thing I've been experimenting with~ Daiso Charcoal face mask. I saw reviews on it (e.x. Lorina of AprilFoolRomance) and I wanted to try it out. I've been using it once or twice a week on my t-zone area for the past week or two, I'm waiting another week or two before I give a real review on it. Either way, the product was pretty inexpensive, I got it off of eBay as well

I never got the chance to get the June 2012 Ageha magazine, but I'm hoping to still find it when I go back to the city one of these days! Planning to make a huge hair order on Taobao~ Prisila products galore! As well as accessories and more makeup and things for Otakon. I need to get my cosplay together as well, if I plan to even do it this year, so I'm trying to press towards these things xD

Also in the process of making a new tab/page for the things I'm trying to sell off~ I have so much junk in my wardrobe that I barely touch, so I've been trying to sell things through a website called Style.ly! Jesika told me to join and at first I thought it was some sort of b.s. site... until my things started getting sold xD My mind was blown. It doesn't hurt to clear your closet a bit and get a little pocket change for it, right? So look out for it!



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