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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks for 10,000+ views!

Logged in today to see this:

My immediate reaction was the MY GOD rageface LOL
Like how did this even happen???

I honestly never thought to get 10k views.. ever. Especially within a little less than 2 years (I think?)
It's probably not even a big number in general when it comes to normal personal blogs,
but to me it's freaking huge.
And then I made over 125 posts? I never thought I'd ever be as active as I am. lol like I would've gave up and left the blog for dead had this been me years ago.

Even though most of the views were from random google searches and mainly for my shopping or circle lens reviews (or lol Cumberbatch), and I don't get comments often at all,
I'm glad that people stumbled on my page and took interest in at least something.

It makes me really happy. I seriously appreciate it!

This is an icing on top of my already good feels. Feeling pretty badass right now lol


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