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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lolita Day meetup 6/02/12

I had to push myself to make the effort to hang out on International Lolita Day this summer, but I'm glad I did. I met up with a bunch of the girls in the evening to go to The Dove Parlor, the same place I had went to for my birthday.

Reposting for makeup shot xD

Dove Parlour was enjoyable as always, as we sat around, had a booze-party (awesome cheese platter, toast platter, and tea sandwiches but with cocktails haha), chatted and gossiped and just chilled for hours.

Me and Yanise with her bitchface, jealous of me caressing Susan's alpaca lololo

Eventually a bunch of the girls were drunk, we were 'overwelcoming our stay' (the people having eventually turned up the music to the point where it was blasting, which was pretty inconvenient since we were still buying and drinking) and I ended up staying with my bff Laura at her bf's place for the night because I was not.. in the mood to go all the way home that late. xD

Surprisingly my makeup did not smear nor did my lashes fall off or anything like that and I made my way straight to church the next morning. Very glad I was the only one not drunk that night, otherwise I would've seriously felt the conviction in the morning. xD


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