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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preparing for Summer -- Makeup Favs!

Summer officially 'starts' in a week, and there are so many plans to be made or finalized! I'm excited to see where this second half of the year will take me. There are my appointments coming up with school and health in the next two weeks, my sister's wedding in July, Otakon at the end of July, the Afropunk Festival (finally) and a regional church convention at the end of August. Between all that goodness is work, work and more work, one way or another; a buttload of ministry gatherings, outings, and prayer sessions; making time to finish up what little schoolwork I have left and if I get a job, there will be that to juggle too! I expect my summer to be crammed with happenings. At the same time though, I hope I'll have time to have a time-out, so I can roam beaches, or take small trips to somewhere I haven't been before to relax and reflect.

In the meantime? I'm working to look damn good for the summer! Between this transition period I'm in as far as diet and fitness, following the ToneItUp lifestyle, and getting a steady job so I can make some moolah, I'm also making plans style-wise so I can pretty myself up better. I currently have an on-going order with Taobaospree again, which I won't reveal exactly what I ordered until I get it in my hands; the only hint I'll put is weaves, weaves, and more weaves! So much, in fact, that I'm trying to convince myself that there will be no regrets~ that hopefully, I won't need to buy hairpieces again for the rest of my youth, haha.

Besides that, I'm also planning to buy some of my favorite makeup and fragrance wants!

First up is Makeup Forever's Aqua Smoky Eye mascara.
I've actually only tried the regular 'Smoky Eye'. The difference is that the "Aqua" is the waterproof version.
I only actually tried the regular one, and that one alone was ridiculously nice. It made me and my bby Mei's lashes freakishly long when we first tried it out at Sephora. It's definitely a must-buy.

Makeup Forever's "Face & Body" liquid foundation
I'm sure I talked about this foundation before~ I personally use it in #18, sometimes in #12 for contouring and it does wonders. What I love most about this foundation is that it's very liquidy, but it sets so well. This one is so light over the skin and you barely notice it at all, which I think is nice for summer. The less stickiness, the better. The only downfall is that since it's so watery, it'll sort of break down any concealer on the face, but I usually don't have a problem with blending it in together. I usually use this in combination with the HD foundation to make my skin absolutely flawless, without my face feeling too heavy.

Illamasqua blush powder in "Excite"
When I tried this back in April, I fell in love. I have never seen a more perfect shade than this! It's vibrant without being obnoxiously bold, which I was afraid of with Sephora's recent obsession with orange. Definitely planning to purchase this because I really want to adopt that sun-kissed look into my summer makeup style.

Sephora's limited Moonshadow baked palette "In the Heat"
I probably don't need another palette, but this one caught my eye because the colors werevery pigmented. The texture of the powder was so soft, and the colors shimmered. I already know how I am with sparkly things.

And then the fragrances I became addicted to recently~

Jimmy Choo

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
Especially Escada by Escada.

With my GFC follower list inching ever so closely to '100', I'm definitely on the lookout for giveaway goodies, among other things as far as vlogs and other video features.


Amani said...

wow! very good products <3
i find the escada perfume very good!
nice blog <3


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