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Monday, February 25, 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual gets (Jan 2013)

I got myself a little haul as always during VS's semi-annual~
It was a bit difficult for me this time around because of my trip to Guyana which basically depleted my cashflow for a few weeks. But with VS being evil and coming out with not just one, but ~3~ holiday Bombshell fragrances? I had to do swipe stuff up quick.

If you don't know me like that, Bombshell has always been my favorite fragrance from Victoria's Secret-- so whenever they come out with a special Bombshell fragrance I feel obligated to buy it.

The holiday fragrances were "Bombshell Diamond", "Bombshell Platnium", and "Bombshell Sparkle". The boxes were designed in a way to be like Christmas ornaments..

Aren't they beautiful? ; u;

It was more difficult to find Diamonds when the sale started... 
I'm assuming that it was the most popular of the three, not only because of the fragrance, but the design of the perfume bottle as well. It has a 'choker' with cascading stones that looks really sexy.
Sparkle is completely covered in pink glitter, while Platinum is covered in silver glitter with silver chrome stripes.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the matching lotions and body spray with these.. but I'll live, haha

And then I succumbed to PINK stuff.... a sports bra and these hot pink sequined shorts.
I was never really one for PINK, but when I looked at VSX and saw that their stuff either wasn't in my correct size or wasn't flattering me that well, and that the prices weren't all that low, I decided to look in the PINK section and I snatched these up.
The sequined shorts were the last pair in my size.. I had to. pink, flashy, and on sale? yep.
The sports bra was more to just go with it. I was never one for sports bras but my God, I love this bra so much now haha. The only thing is that the material is not all that breathable I guess, but I'm forever wearing it around the house and stuff.

And then as far as cosmetics, I didn't go all out. I honestly didn't really like the tones of the lipstick they had, and I wasn't really bent on getting their bigger seasonal makeup palette or anything like that, so I settled on these two.
The bronzer does a pretty good job, it leaves me with a pretty nice glow without being too much. My other bronzer from VS is a bit darker and I mainly use it for contouring, so this is my bronzer when I want to just dust all over my face and body. They had the bigger version of it, but I decided against it because I was kind of tight on money at that moment.

And then there's the "Diamonds After Dark" duo shadow in "Jewel Thief"...

I mainly wanted to get this because I barely have any cooler colors~ so I was like hey, it's silver & blue~ The shadows are very soft, which may be a plus or a negative for some~ I did try doing a makeup look with it that came out okay, but I think I need a better primer or cream shadow underneath for these shadows. I think I'll also try to look into some actual glitter as well to go along with this.

So I didn't get -too- crazy on the sales... but now VS is coming back with their 'Secret Reward' cards again, so I'll probably be going nuts with that in the coming weeks @ w@


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