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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 23rd Birthday!

My birthday this year was pretty quiet compared to last year. Because of clashing schedules and not as much cash on me, I couldn't hang out with people like that, so I saved up just enough to go out with some of my lovelies that I barely see. Most notably my friend Ashley who now lives in Tokyo.

Originally we were supposed to hang out the night before my birthday, but apparently derpiness ensued, along with a very jacked up train system that left me waiting for hours just for no one to show up. I was pretty aggravated over it, but as always, it was the MTA's fault-- and we ended up meeting another day.

Of course that didn't stop me from camwhoring when I got home.

Mmmmmm yiiiiiiiss.  

Derpy posing. This was my outfit for the night. 
Onepiece - Yumetenbo; tights, belts, shoes, bracelets and everything else is offbrand 

And then I slipped into this hot pink dress that ended up... kind of being a splurge item... I gave into temptation while I was at F21.

 That cutout. unf

Makeup detail. I applied them a bit wrong but they weren't too bad.
Bottom lashes were my fairy lashes, with the small ends of my Diamond Princess lash at the very ends.

The morning of my birthday I woke up to find that Omi made me a heart-shaped carrot cake..

And it was all for myself, if my morning facial expressions didn't say enough.

My morning chunk. This is exactly why I'm fat.

My actual birthday I didn't do much. I slept in for the day, and then I went to visit my family at my mom's house for a while, talked with my sister, before I left for church.

The next evening however was when I -finally- met back up with Ashley and Rio
we went to Hakata Tonton, where I had shabushabu for the first time 

The pot as it was warming up


We ordered edamame, and avocado tofu, which was surprisingly good. I was never really a fan of tofu before but I guess my tastes are changing around

I also ordered some okonomiyaki which was a must for me-- their okonomi was REALLY good, but I was kind of surprised with the serving. I'm so used to the huge pancakes that every other place serves, that I was kind of disappointed by this smaller, square meatloaf-looking thing they gave me. It was really good though, it packed a lot of flavor.

At some point I started browsing Ash's purikura book... and took pictures xD

her and her Japanese bff Yuminyan ; w;

More puri of her and Shiena and Love Gals~  ♥ one day I'll be there too~
She also gave me her extras ; o; which I will fill up my little book with

After we were done with food, we went next door to the West Village Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, which was MUCH roomier than their first store in the East Village.

Their cute cartoon unicorn mascot~

lol fabulously-dressed MLP statuettes occupying shelf spots on the wall~

While they were touching up makeup and whatnot, I got myself a peanut butter chocolate shake~ which was good as always, a bit less rich than it used to be, and no more strawberry jelly shot :c oh well

From then on we roamed... went to St. Mark's, got Ashley's tongue pierced, and then roamed our way right back until we headed to the trains home. It was really good seeing Ashley again since it's been two years. I wish I was able to hang out with her more, but hopefully we'll be able to catch up when I finally get myself to Tokyo.  


Amani said...

Oh~ Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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