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Monday, February 4, 2013

Had my nails did...

I had done it.

I had finally got my er.... nail...cherry popped and had them done.
I've never had anything more than stick-on nails, or regular nail polish on my own nails. For the longest time I grew my own nails, but this time I had decided to just jump in on that sweet smelling crack that is arcylic.

I went (and got lost on the way) to Rio's place in godknows, New Jersey, where we spent all night doing my nails, trololoing her boyfran on skype, and listening to some old school music and ratchet songs.

My outfit going to her house. Shouldn't have dressed like a sl00t... the guys in NJ are 400%  thirstier than the guys in NYC.

Rio's workdesk... when we were tacking on stones and stuff..
This isn't even HALF of her collection... her nail and makeup collection is almost legendary

One of the nails... I ended up going with like a fuchsia x plum and silver thing...  the big rhinestones I got from Toho Shoji in the city. I really loved the pinkish nails though, next time I get my nails done I'm getting a whole set like those * w* yiss

My left thumbnail.. Rio showed me how to construct this.. arcylic nail work is SO much easier than I expected.
 I think I found a new hobby to learn.


It was maybe stupid for me to have gotten them done when I did... I had to get them removed before I went to Guyana, which sucked xD But by then, a good portion of my nail had grown out and some of the stones were gone so it was alright xD yep

Definitely doing it again~


Amani said...

Ooo I love your nails! So long and pretty. Makes me want to make some

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