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Monday, February 18, 2013

Kawaii International recording~ 1/10/13-1/21/2013

I was invited to be a part of a recording for NHK Kawaii International~ since I was the grand prize winner for their hime contest last year, they contacted me to be a guest on their show via Skype chat! It was very difficult to get it all in order, but at the end it turned out to be a very good recording :3

Since I run the local NYC Lolitas group on facebook and livejournal, they asked me if I can gather a handful of my friends for the recording as well~ it was difficult because it required people to stay up all night on a weekday-- but somehow we were able to get enough people, and we managed to stay up through a 7-hour, latenight recording! Craziness!

A week or so before the actual recording, we gathered near 42nd street to record outfit shots and introductions~ luckily one of the girls had a college friend who was a videographer, who was willing to give us some pretty awesome videos for our intro!

My OOTD real quick:

Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, JSK: Innocent World, Cardigan: Liz Lisa, jewelry and stuff you'll see later on. Coat (not seen): Angelic Pretty~

Some shots from some of our videos that I screencapped~

Jovon and Lexie during filming ~This was actually two shots, the second being part of Lexie's full body coord shot, but it's so interesting how this came out when I uploaded it xD haa



...And myself reacting to my derp LOL

Laura derpin' like a qt~

A shot of us taking strolling shots~

I had this idea to get our pictures on the billboard for it but it didn't come out as we expected, plus we had to wait an extra long time in the cold for it to even pop up on the screen. The photo was still super cute though! Just wouldn't do it again.

Group shot!

And more camwhoring sessions:

Susan and Yani~

burand shots

Laura and Nina~

The billboard shot when it did pop up... we expected it to be fullscreen...

Some last candid shots in Times Square....

Afterwards we walked Midtown East to my favorite spot Izakaya Riki for some beer, curry, and okonomi goodness

I think we were all too hungry at that point for any good foodnom shots lol.

Then maybe 10 days later was the actual Skype recording~
NHK graciously provided us with a studio to film in, with a recording crew to assist us and providing us with multiple laptops to Skype with, and a camera in case any connection problems occured.

My camwhore shots off my camera~

Outfit rundown: 
Bow: Angelic Pretty, OP was the LaPafait OP I won, Denim Jacket: Yumetenbo, Necklace Jesus Diamante, Tights were from F21, and the shoes I modded myself! I'll have a post about that specifically in a bit...

The last of my camho shots~

That bathroom... was perfect. LOL In every way.

Since we were in there for almost 7 hours... they also provided us with a lot of good ; w;  In between tests and stuff we were running around, doing hair, doing makeup, and then sitting, eating, being silly.
There were a couple of times when they were doing video/audio tests and left us on the screen...
the producer and director of the show were sitting in the hosts seats chilling and all you saw was us... on the TV screen behind them.... doing Gangnam style and dancing to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu LOL

They didn't notice at all... until minutes later someone pointed us out to them and they turned and looked like wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the hell is going on lololo
I wish we had video of that xD Man oh man..

lol Laura and Yani

Laura and Nina



LOL Susan

At this point we were staring at the screen while the Japanese were practicing their segments...

You can probably recognize Moco, I think Re:No? and whomever else.

Our main idol focus was with Himena Ousaki!!! We were dying inside.
Originally it was going to be Himena and Midori Fukasawa as Hime(gyaru) and lolita model representatives, respectively, but then Midori dropped out suddenly and so it was only Himena ; u; but we still had our fill of cuteness.

At that time she couldn't see us, even though we could see her. Eventually it was revealed to us that we were a "surprise" to the models who were there!

I won't go into detail about the filming and what was said... but I wasn't too nervous talking to/about Himena. I was more nervous about the fact that I was being recorded!

I derped and I messed up once... and I covered my face in embarrassment and Himena was just sitting there giggling ; u; but then she also had her derpy times and we were just sort of laughing at each other's mistakes~
I wish we had more time to ask questions, because of time we didn't follow the script to the T, but it was so good to be able to talk to Himena, as well as the other models.

EGG model Yun was there representing gyaru, but there was also a French gal group that focused on her. Also Pikarin, but she was mainly talking about her new music and stuff.

After filming was done, the Kawaii.i team did a little something for us and brought their laptop to Himena so we were seeing her and interacting with her on Skype!!! We totally freaked. Like a box of kittens were dumped all over us.

Death by kawaii.

Episode #09 Kawaii Summit: ~Tokyo's DOKUMO Models & You!~
Airing February 22, Fri. 23:10 (UTC)
February 23, Sat. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10/ 15:10/ 19:10 (UTC)
Make sure to watch our episode ; A; It'll be the most cutest-filled yet! Look up time conversions to find out the timing in your area.


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