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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Michi in NYC~

During the week of my birthday my gyaru mommy Michi came to town from California ; w;!!!

I was so excited. Michi was one of the main western gyaru I looked up to when I first started the style~
I know she used to be in some of the older gyaru circles from before I got into the style, and then she was a part of Diamond which was one of the biggest, most active gyaru circles in the USA.

Anyways I followed her since Myspace and Ricoche days... that's how long LOL

I had to work all the days she was here, but I made sure that I had to meet her at some point! Even if it meant being exhausted from work. Which is what happened xD I brought some spare clothes to slip into from my work uniform, did my makeup and hair (which was a wonder to watch for my co-workers LOL) and then met her in Times Square~

She is so gorgeous in real life ; w;  

I showed her and her boyfriend around 34th street mostly, and took them to places like Midtown Comics, the Herald Sq Victoria's Secret and Uniqlo and stuff. They shopped around in Uniqlo and we had pretty cool discussions when we strolled around Midtown.

After that we were gonna go to Izakaya Riki to eat.. to find out it was all booked up ; A; and then the nearby  Gyu-kaku had some sort of technical issues that knocked out half the store or something... it was really bad. So then we roamed until we found this one Japanese spot within the area. It was called Nippon? I think? It was pretty expensive! But we had a good time.

I wish I took pictures of the inside, which looked very business-like. You can tell a lot of business people went there, as well as the older Japanese crowd. The waitresses were older Japanese women and they were dressed in kimono. While we were looking at the menu to feel the place out, we found that Michael Jackson was a visitor there when he was still alive~ that was pretty cool o:

Their menu was totally strange to me... a lot of the things I did not recognize. I'm so used to my Japanese places that cooks a lot of fried food and stuff, but this place was more proper I guess. More high-scale.

My tempura platter...

and chicken teriyaki as my main dish.

That chicken teriyaki... I could not.
It was so soft. Like heavenly-kind of soft. I had to be careful and chew because I knew if I had been my usual piggish self, I probably would've inhaled everything and choked xD But it was so delicious. I was never really fond of chicken plates at some restaurants because the texture would vary, but they made this teriyaki dish so well...

If I have money to splurge on in the future I'd definitely be back to this place! My gosh @ w@

Michi also had a little gift bag for me ; w; for meeting up with her.
I had so many feels~ I wish I had something for her! ; o; 

Everything is all pink and black... just how I like it ; w;  

She gave me fingerless gloves~ I need to find out the material because it is so soft. I'm glad I have something cute to wear if I ever have my nails done again~ :3

a cute little pouch!

and an lash case ; A;

Michi and her bby invited me to stay with them if I'm ever in California... I will certainly take up that offer one day! Hopefully soon~ so we can go out to eat and take tons of purikura together and crap. ahhhhhh and so I can meet Valentine and hang with all my other cali friends too ; w; like my loli sister Misa

There's something about meeting people you looked up to. whether it's style, or professional, or what have you.. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet Michi. It reminded me of when I met Xiao for the first time. 

I wonder how some people feel when they meet me in person for the first time...?  
(Probably intimidated as hell. lolololo)


Amani said...

Gorgeous girls! The gift bag items are darling, too.

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