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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LoveShoppingHolics Store Review!

know I touched on it before, but I wanted to make a detailed written review on my experience with loveshoppingholics~ ♥

I've known about LoveShoppingholics (formerly just Shoppingholics) for a long time, knowing them as reputable circle lens sellers. One thing that often had me stray away from shops and stick with group orders is the prices, the often 'mix-up' of branding (some stores trying to tell me "Barbie Eye, Dueba and EOS is all the same, which to my knowledge isn't true), and even more often, the lack of actual prescribed lenses. My eyes are a (-2.00/-2.15) which isn't that strong, but for one reason or another it was always a hassle to find lenses I wanted in my prescription, and for a reasonable price in general. Some people may settle for lenses and wearing it with their glasses, but personally I think that makes no sense e__e

But I was pretty pleased with Loveshoppingholics's selection~ and I finally gave in to ordering through them when a friend of mine wanted to buy lenses during their sale period in November or December. They had both a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale, plus a free shipping promotion so we ended up diving right in.

My video review~

The shop's layout is simple enough to understand~ though for a minute I was confused between the Vassen tag and the 'Vassen (Hana SPC)' one (someone tell me the difference?). The lenses are decently priced for the most part, their cosmetics a bit meh in price~ my friend ended up getting the Big Grang Grang Choco lens I believe, meanwhile I went for the much-desired Vassen Diamond 3-tones in gray, the free lenses which ended up being the old EOS Adult grays, and then a Daiso bump-it to make the minimum for the free shipping.

Checkout was quick with no difficulty~ and the order was processed and shipped within 2-4 days. Just how I like it - u-

Shipping is always very important to me when it comes to businesses-- if you don't remember my frustration with KoreaBigEyes last summer, they never shipped out my order or responded to me for 1 1/2 weeks about shipment, but were very quick to just send me a refund, jacking up my plans as far as my Michiko cosplay for Otakon :/ I pretty much went off about that. I was really pissed. I can't give my money to a business that starts acting like that.

But fortunately Loveshoppingholics was very quick, and I'm glad for it.

The free shipping I believe was regular airmail with tracking~ usually this takes maybe about 2 weeks, but it actually ended up being a little bit longer due to the holiday season-- my package stopped 'moving' once it got into the states, which to me is retarded. I'm like 2 hours away from the Customs port in JFK, they couldn't just give me my package? I ended up getting my package on Christmas Eve.

I don't have any pictures, but the store did a good job in securing my stuff.... it all came in an bubblewrap-lined parcel envelope, and inside of that a nice little gift bag.

The lenses themselves were wrapped IN their boxes with giftwrap~ one box was lined with the giftwrap, the other box was wrapped with bubblewrap on the outside, I believe~ and then the free lenses didn't come in a box, but were securely wrapped as well. The two purchased lenses came with animal lenses while the free lense came with a regular lens case.

My friend's GEO Big Grang Grand Choco lens

Vassen Diamond 3-tones

EOS Adult Grays, the old model

The Daiso bumpit I bought. Still haven't found a proper way to use this yet...

Loveshoppingholics gave free little samples and stuff... an eye mask and one of those velcro things to help hold your hair back when you're taking care of your face.

They also gave a little thank you letter for my business with them, along with an instructional on doing reviews for them. It may not be much effort but I do love when stores send little things like this. Makes the buyer feel extra-good about their purchase.♥

They obviously don't have to tell me about making reviews though xDDD I
I take that initiative because I have no life~

Until my next post~♥


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