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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lolita Day Tea Party! 12/01/2012

International Lolita Day proved to be another stressful, yet successful event. There's something about the whole "running around like a headless chicken" feeling of planning parties that I love so much. This time may have been the biggest party I've hosted to date (I forget how many came back in 2009~)

This time was at Lady Mendl's, one of the most reputable places for tea in New York City. Also one of the most expensive~ but with the classic atmosphere, the awesome service and food, it was definitely worth the experience.

The staff at Lady Mendl's were probably all sorta of confused-- because there wasn't just one lolita party here, but TWO. My friends Dalin and Crystal had their own little private one in another area~
Mine was in their Mendl parlour, which we took up both rooms for~

Shots before the party started.....

My outfit for that night~ my favorite Rose Princess Doll OP for the occasion~ and my hair full with roses lol

Some of the magical winter decor. This is what I love about venues like Lady Mendl's~ their prices may seem crazy for some, but they really do a wonderful job decorating their space. You never pay only for food, but the overall atmosphere and service~

The other half of the parlor~

The other fireplace~ I couldn't choose which one was better!

As people started gathering in the lobby for coat check...
Lady Mendl's Christmas tree was so classic and pretty-- some of their ornaments were actual teacups from over the years!

Now for the food~

In the beginning they served champagne cocktails that were really good~ They had different flavors.
 I had myself a mimosa.

First course-- the fatty in me wished I had a huge pile of these

Then we were served two servings of sandwiches~ this was only one serving. Later on they came back around and served the second. Their tea sandwiches were really good~ along with their scones and cream and jam~

Their mille crepe cake.... a slice of heaven
Other than the crepe cake, a platter of desserts was also served~

I never thought I'd love chocolate-dipped strawberries that much, but King's Carriage House and Lady Mendl's showed me otherwise. They also had a variety of cookies, biscuits, what have you.

Pictures of some of my guests!

Carolyn, Christina of Ramblerori, both in their fabulous bonnets, and my bff Laura

Maria and her mom who joined us! Caitlynn, Sheri, and Alexa

Caitlynn & Nicole

Rio who came along in one of my outfits, along with Sara

Rune, Laura, and Sophia

More groups and candid shots~

Later on the seating layout was changed, for giveaways, and a special presentation by my special guest, Dr. Kawamura, author of  her recently released book Fashioning Japanese Subcultures.

She began to talk to us about her book, the different subcultures she touched on in the book (Lolita, Gyaru, Agejo, Mori-Girl), and some of us began to share our experiences as western lolitas compared to the Japanese lolitas that were quoted in her book.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to talk as much as we wanted! We had to rush through our White Elephant game and the prize giveaway (thanks again to Dalin, Crystal, Apatico, Blasphemina's Closet, Roserie, Mintymix, and Dr. Kawamura for sponsoring the giveaway <3)

The ever-growing gift table.

 Let the gifting begin...

I had to.

People went all out with the presents this year...

Anddd that's it! I unfortunately don't have any epic group shots, because we didn't have time and we were huge enough of a crowd to be a fire hazard on the street xD

I'm so glad for everyone who came!!! It was such a blast planning this. Until next time!

((Photo credits for almost everything in this post goes to Rune, Christina, Christine H., Sheri B., and Mary Alice L.))


Amani said...

Memories! I miss this so much! I can't wait for the summer event~!

Amani said...


Amani said...

AHHHHH ANA <3<3<3 It's kind of pricy but if you want we can go and eat there when you come ; w;;;;

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