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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January Purchases--

I did a bit of birthday shopping throughout the month of January~ Luckily a lot of it were just sale items that I snatched up really quickly xD

But first some of my things from Guyana~

I managed to get this bracelet for myself while I was in Georgetown--
I've always wanted shell jewelry like this, but for whatever reason here in NYC, people want to sell them for 8 dollars or so... and I'm extremely cheap when it comes to accessories :x
So I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to snag this for what would've been 3-4 USD~ it's very pretty, even though it does that weird 'rusting' (? I don't know what this is called) that some shells do when they turn blueish or green.

These I got for my sister. My sister found that her father's side of the family was Guyanese when she started connecting with relatives on facebook-- so now she embraces that nationality. I wanted to get something for her since I was there, but I didn't want to get her the typical "flag" jewelry or anything obviously touristy... but then the jewelry itself (where I went, at least) were very afrocentric which isn't really my sister's style.. so I got these. When I go back I'll probably try and get something better for her.

Some of what's left of my Guyanese cash~
don't be fooled, this money is literally worthless, haha.
200 Guyanese dollars = 1 USD
So here you have like $5.60 worth, LOL
We carried maybe 50-60 USD worth for food down there, though, and we barely used any of our money. 
The hotel we stayed at had complimentary breakfast, and their dinners were no more than 3-5 dollars. And then when we were staying at a pastor's place, we were being fed there so we barely had to use our money, really.

I can't wait to go back~ I'll probably end up bringing about $100 worth so I can do some real shopping haha

But yes... back to my birthday purchases.
One of the stores in Downtown Brooklyn were having a sale and so I got these for a good price...

The original price for this 2-iron set was 19.99, I got it for 9.99. It gets very hot and it doesn't have a dial like my old one, so I really only use this for my own hair and my human hair stuff. I still have my old iron but I'll probably end up replacing it once I find a new iron with a dial on it.

The place had their Outre extensions on sale 25% off... so I spent like 16 dollars I think on this hair. 18 inch wefts. The only bad thing was that the hair was kind of reddish for a #2-- but I managed to make it blend well with the 24-26" human hair extensions I did have, so I just used it to help fill those extensions out.

February Ageha like I usually get~ 
Getting really tired of the free makeup bags though. How many makeup bags do they figure their readers need???
They should start putting hair accessories or more lashes as free gifts... or something

Some more dollar books I got from Book-Off. I kind of regret these since they're kind of old and the fashions in there are kind of tacky.

FAIRY LASHES. The "Shiny Lash".
I was so excited to get these, I got them off of ebay. I really wanted to try them out because they were my favorite lashes that Sakurina and some of the other Ageha models wore, and it made them look soo pretty.
However when I got them I realized they were actually top lashes. wtf?
I looked back on the official website and it said "top lashes-- but can be used as bottoms as well" and I was like whaaaaaat

I'm usually very iffy about using top lashes as bottom lashes... the lashes have a different curve than if they were made to be bottoms.. so trying to work with these were really weird and kind of frustrating at first. The whole band didn't want to sit on my face right, without bending itself out of place really weird. Finally I cut up a pair and figured out a way to wear them a way that I like. I really enjoy them! I'll probably do an actual lash post at some point soon.

Ruby Kisses' HD Gel Eyeliner-- the best manmade item ever. My korean eyeliner finally had given out in December and I needed a new liner fast, and Ruby Kisses proved to be absolutely perfect.
The gel glides on so easily-- maybe a bit too easy....
While it seems really moist and slick, once it sets it's very hard to remove! It doesn't smudge once it sets, it doesn't melt, none of that mess. It lasts for so long, and it stays jet black. I love it so much. I'm never going back to bigger brand liners again. Beauty store brands are becoming my BFFs.

Now this is the little birthday gift you'll get from Sephora this time around, if you're a Beauty Insider. I didn't get my gift from last year because a year or two before because I just couldn't get along to it-- but this year I ended up going and getting my item, and they gave me these little mini-sized mascara and highlighter by Benefit.

And let me tell you, this stuff is so good. The mascara's nice, it makes my lashes look nice and full. Maybe not so much to the point that Makeup Forever would, but this still does nicely.

The highlighter though? Another best friend of mine. Before, I used to highlight my face with an old nude eyeshadow that I used, and it would do it's job, and highlight my nose area a bit and stuff-- but with this? my nose contouring and my eye area looks so much brighter. It's nice and sheer, doesn't apply heavy, and it'll work for different skin tones. Contouring will never be the same for me again.

If you're a Beauty Insider-- definitely get this item. Just do it. My God.

I'll probably come up with a beauty favorites video soon~ since my camera and the lighting in my room seem to have an issue really cooperating, I'm gonna probably compensate by talking about some of my most-used items~


Amani said...

I'm mad late BUT, if you go to sephora and tell them you did not get your birthdaything, they will give it to you. Obviously they only give you one for the year but yeah. I went maybe 3 months after my birthday and they gave it to me w/o any problems.

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