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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vassen Diamond 3-Tones Review! (Gray)

Finally posting my review on the Vassen Diamond 3-Tones in Gray!
I wanted to wait until I caught up on my past posts but... I'm taking way too long so here you go xD

So these lenses are really pretty, I like them a lot because they remind me too much of my beloved EOS Diamond grays, so right now these are my most worn lenses. But even then, I did come a little bit disappointed because of the design.

I bought these from LoveShoppingHolics.com, their customer service and shipping was excellent, by the way, especially with all the free gifties I got from them~

 I got em because of the preview image that was popping up everywhere, which made the lenses look like shards of glass (I guess that doesn't sound too appealing when talking about your eye xD

I mean, look at them. They look so damn glittery and shkdbasjshasvd I just had to have them!

But unfortunately, when I actually got them and tried them on, they just... weren't the same. I don't know what it is, because I have brown eyes like the girl sporting them in this image, but it's just not the same. I expected them to be crazier than the EOS Diamonds, but in terms of the 'sparkle' effect, they're basically the same, if not a tiny bit more, but it's not to the extent of this photo. Maybe it's the reflection in her eyes that makes them look more beautiful? I don't know... Even when I'm in bright light, the 'shards' look less like shards and just like blocks of color/debris on my eye. So all you'll really see are blotches of black, gray, and brown over my eyes. Maybe I just need to get used to the design itself...

Besides the design, the comfort is pretty damn good. If you know me, I don't like straying away from EOS brand lenses too much, especially in light of some of the drama concerning Dueba lenses. But I wanted to try these, especially after seeing my girl Chantal try them and enjoy them. Man, Vassen are just as comfortable as EOS. They're officially my second-favorite lens line to look after. The other night I wore them for the Kawaii International recording (I'll get to that post soon, hopefully) and it ended up being over 12 hours before I could take them out x_x but the entire time they were comfortable. Hardly felt them on my eye at all, and even when I took them out, my eye wasn't ridiculously irritated as usual from wearing lenses in for so long. Instant fan.

So let me give you the rundown!

Design: 7.5-8, because I feel they weren't as accurate to the photo as I had hoped. But as a Diamonds groupie, I definitely enjoy them regardless.
Size: 10/10. These are 14.5 mm, and they look accurate to their size~
Comfort: 10/10. They're pretty damn comfortable.

Would I get them in another color? Maaaaaybe, poooooossibly in blue or lilac. But I'd probably play it safe by getting them in EOS Diamonds first before trying this design in non-neutral colors

Now for your viewing pleasure, my video review on the lenses. Excuse my tired/sickness.


Amani said...

Whoa! I love the design! It really matches your skin tone

Amani said...

The contacts are so cool :O

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