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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shown on Kawaii International again....

Last night I got this e-mail in my inbox...

And I'm sitting here like hhhhhhhh are you serious???

I freaked out because they took my picture and showed it around Tokyo! My picture that I felt was so badly coordinated (couldn't they just get a new one? bloo ; o;)

But of course it was a good freak-out~ I wasn't mad or anything xD;

I'm really disappointed though.. I wish they told me -before- it first aired :c I didn't even know that was going on and because of my work schedule, I ended up completely missing all the airings...

I had friends who told me that some shopgirl said something really sweet about me, and that I'd cry when I would see it. But of course at the moment that's not happening...

I tried contacting the team to see if they could let me see it somehow but, did anyone catch it???? What did they say about me? Did anyone record it and re-upload it?

; w; I'm like dying here...


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