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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ageha Makeup Book pre-order~

The moment I saw this on Tumblr, I knew I HAD to get it.

This is Ageha's "Perfect Eye Makeup Book" that was released in Japan on March 16th. An all-over Ageha special (meaning that it's not only Koakuma-Ageha, but Ane-Ageha as well) that focuses on finding your perfect eye makeup look. According to the modelpress press release, it will also include advice on things like dark circles/droopy eye bags, an actual eye chart, etc.

I'm curious about the content speaking that Ageha already goes pretty in-depth with their style tutorials, now it's like 'what more can you say???' but I'm excited to get this regardless.

People are hoping and praying for scans to go online but honestly you might as well get your own hardcopy! As far as I know, Kinokuniya does special orders for non-local residents and will ship items out to you. When I submitted my order request, they told me that the cost would estimate to around 11-12 dollars which is not bad at all, and while shipping costs will determine the final price, I doubt the book will be over 20 dollars... I wonder how much cheaper it would be to get magazines mail-ordered through them, vs. buying them from places like CD Japan.

People are calling this a 'mook' but I think it's an actual book. The Kino's rep had a bit of a hard time finding information on the book, and said that it was listed under books instead of magazines... if it was a magazine special like EGG's Beauty mag, it would be under the same section as their monthly's and their kimono specials. But either way, I am looking forward to this purchase~


Amani said...

I'm having a hard time trying to find a link to place my order. Could you perhaps post one that will take me to an order form? I'd really appreciate you for it!

Amani said...

I don't know if their online site has a link for a custom order, but I can give you the info for the NY store!

Their website email is bookwebusa@kinokuniya.com but the e-mail my local store used to contact me was nyinfo@kinokuniya.com~ you can try e-mailing them about it.

Their Phone: (212) 869-1700
Business Hours: 10:00-20:00(Mon-Sat)

You can explain to them that someone you know put an order through and you would like to do an order for it as well-- sometimes it may be hard to communicate through the phone since a lot of the store workers are Japanese and are very engrishy xD But if you e-mail them you can show them the modelpress page I linked above and they'll probably look the book back up and order it for you!

Amani said...

Thank you very much! I appreciate the details.

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