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Thursday, March 14, 2013

February Purchases~

I barely purchased much during the month of February due to being sick... but I wanted to make a post anyways!

These are the few things I managed to snag during my free time:

March 2013 小悪魔Ageha and September 2012 EGG.

Usually I don't like buying EGG too much, but when I do, it's usually an older issue from one of the warmer months like April-Octoberish... I like their summer issues and the 'transitional' seasons the most, but winter tend to look really bland to me. Even more so, now that a lot of their regular looks are bland compared to earlier years.

This month Ageha was nice, a lot of outfits I'm taking inspiration to, but I'm sort of disliking the amount of photoshop that's being used on Sakurina these days :/ I understand that she's getting old, and she has the good ol' neck rolls and stuff, but for goodness sakes...
and of course, yet another makeup bag freebie that I'll eventually give away...

At some point during the month of February I ended going to the American International Toy Fair, a convention for businesses to trade products and showcase the upcoming toys.

I originally went there to get some San-X Rilakkuma things, like the monster Korilakkuma plush... I originally wanted to go the second-to-last day, but ended up going on the last day... at the very last minute, and missed my chance at it :c 

It could've been so good, too! The plush was only $60!

Despite that, I lurked around and got a bunch of free stuff. Jelly Belly products.. some little My Little Pony trading card pack... two Disney Princess character packs (the smaller one was free~ the bigger one was only 5 dollars!), a 5 foot long stick of green apple bubble gum, and then this cute light-up turtle ; ~; It's really a baby product, but it lights up the ceiling with stars so I use it sometimes when I try to relax and go to sleep xD It's really nice 

I also got more wedding books for reference...
I honestly don't know why I collect these anymore. I feel like I kind of fell out of love with the thought of Event Planning? I figure maybe I just need to challenge myself... I need to push myself and make a portfolio and apply for an internship someone, maybe.

I also tried to give into buying lip makeup products now! Which I did not such a good job at xD
I enjoy Nicka K as a brand, their lipsticks are nice and moisturizing... however all of their things have wayyy too much shimmer in them!

(L->R) Honey Buff, Glorious Pink, Stain Glow, and Power Plum.
I honestly didn't realize how shimmery everything is... it's a bit too much.. I was honestly looking for matte lip stuff this time around so I have no clue how I made a mistake like this xD; Now I need to look for matte sticks to go with these!

I also recently received a package from FromJapan, a Japanese shopping service, so I hope to make a review about my experience with them soon..
I hope to make a video soon~ work is becoming more tedious as people are dropping out the job like flies, and the work period is almost up.. and with Spring Break for public school kids and the last week approaching, my job is gonna get pretty crazy @ w@ I hope I can survive these last few weeks!


Amani said...

i actually like egg!! but i get what you mean by winter time looking bland. oh well. i only pay $1 for my egg magazines because i buy old issues :)

and it doesnt hurt to collect books. i still do. although i never really use mine and i realized that i prefer just googling images.. but it is great for reference if and when you do work on a project!! also, if u wanna be a wedding planner, go for it!! live your dreams while you are young <3

xoxo Sarah

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