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Saturday, March 23, 2013

FromJapan Shopping Service Review!

Sometime when I got back from my mission trip, I decided to make the first Japanese purchase in a long while, and right now I just want to share with you guys my experience with one of my new shopping services.

From Japan -- (http://www.fromjapan.co.jp) apparently started in 2004, though I never heard about it until a few months ago! They are an established, registered business, not a personal shopping service, e.x. old services like Mai Ozawa and Mukunoki and people. So while they don't do any in-store visits, they work with online shops and auction sites. Rakuten, mbok.jp, Yahoo! Japan Auctions, and many more sites...

What initially attracted this service to me and my friends were their cheap service fees. Very cheap.
Each item I've ever bidded on only costed a 200 yen fee per item-- I think for more expensive items it -might- cost more, but no more than like 800 yen. Depending on the cost of the items you buy, that's much cheaper than the typical 15-20% commission fee. Now that the yen's value vs. the U.S. Dollar has dropped (Thank God), it feels better to buy and bid to my heart's content (and according to what I have in my wallet, of course).

They have other fees that may rack up (5% processing fee when you try to pull money from your Paypal, etc.) but again, to me that's nothing.

So my first order I decided to bid on a very cute item on mbok~ a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright jumperskirt set from the Osaka BTSSB store!

Back detail

It's sooo adorable. I've been wanting to get plaid for the longest time and when I saw this for only 5,000 yen, I swooped in and got it. The fabric is lightweight but perfect for spring and fall, and nice and soft. I found that the overall-part was detachable, so I could alternate between an overall JSK and a skirt, and it also came with matching hair ties! You know I was happy as hell!

The fees might've been around 900-1000 yen, both for their commission fee, and then they also had a system usage fee for bidding on mbok.

And I also got three old issues of 小悪魔Ageha~ November and December 2007, and December 2006. If you don't know me by now, I am a serious fiend for Ageha magazine and I have a pretty huge collection so far~ so I decided to start collecting a lot of the -old- issues from before I got into gal, and the back issues I had missed over the years. I managed to get each mag off Y!J for 50 yen each, so after fees they were like 250 each~ and two from the same seller so I believe I saved on shipping because of that o:


FJ charges for everything in two payments-- Payment 1 is for the cost of the item + the 'system usage' fee which applies to sites other than Y!J, I believe?... and then there's payment 2, which is for all the shipping fees,domestic and international, and bank transfer fees..

So this is how everything was calculated for the BTSSB JSK, as an example..

Product 1
Item name : BTSSB plaid jsk           AuctionID / OrderID: 548981V

Payment option: Deposit (as in, their system where you have to deposit money onto their site to bid and buy.)
① Final winning price:  5,500 Yen (this was incorrect, they later refunded me 500 yen realizing that error~)
② Commission fee:   200 円
③ Used Point(s):   0 Point   (you gain points to spend, from surveys, their fb promo events, referral system, bidding, etc)
④ System usage fee ( ( ① + ② - ③ ) × 5% ):  285 Yen

Charge1 Total ( ① + ② - ③ + ④ ):  5,985 Yen


( The fees below will be charged at charge 2 payment )
⑤ Domestic delivery charge:   390 Yen
⑥ Bank transfer fee:  178 Yen
⑦ Pending system usage fee of Charge1:   0 Yen
⑧ Excess charge:  0 Yen
⑨ Tax:  0 Yen

And then for the actual international shipping charges for everything...


Payment option:      PayPal
① Domestic delivery charge:   830 Yen
② Bank transfer fee:   514 Yen
③ Pending system usage fee of Charge1:     0 Yen
④ Excess charge:    0 Yen
⑤ Tax ( Charge1 ):    0 Yen
⑥ Surcharge:     0 Yen
⑦ Oversea shipping:    5,400 Yen
⑧ Insurance options:    Not insured
⑨ Total ( ① ~ ⑧ ):      6,744 Yen
⑩ Used Point(s):      40 Points
⑪ System usage fee ( ( ⑨ - ⑩ ) × 5% ):    335 Yen
Charge2 Total ( ⑨ - ⑩ + ⑪ ):     7,039 Yen

lololo I hope that didn't sound too complicated... you can read more on their system on their website, here.

So overall, my experience!

Communication: 10/10. They're pretty good with keeping in contact and answering your questions~ They usually answer within 24 hours, with the exceptions of I think maybe weekends? But either way every question they answered promptly, they were very well-spoken and courteous. Their system will send you automatic confirmations of your deposit actions, refunds, changes in bids/purchases, when they arrive at their warehouse, etc. I highly doubt there will ever be a time you'll really question where your things are at.

Pricing: 7/10. While their system seems pretty complicated at first, it's not really something I try to worry my head over. You just pay the 200 commission fee, the item cost, and if there's a system usage fee, then that, and then unless you need your items in a rush, you don't worry about the Charge 2/Shipping payments until like a month later.

The only thing that bothers me though, is how they deal with Charge 2 payment. I may be spoiled from personal shopping services hoarding my goods for months at a time, but when the Charge 2 payment is requested, they only give you -a week- to pay for it. Otherwise they will supposedly 'drop your order' entirely and probably not give you a refund in the process. I'm bothered when shopping services act like that, because first off, the item is FULLY PAID FOR, -AND- you've already paid their commission fee! I don't think it's fair at all to threaten to drop people's orders because they're not able to pay for shipping within 7 days... at least give them an option for a down payment or something.

With this particular order, it was a hassle for me after giving them the money because I didn't expect shipping to be that much, and I was sort of struggling afterwards, it being around bill-time and whatnot. But as long as you mark your calendar and prepare yourself to pay for the Charge2 payment, you should be good. That's pretty much how I'm dealing with it this time around.

Shipping: 10/10. The moment you pay for your shipping, it's on it's way out the door. You should get a confirmation within 24 hours with tracking number, and from there it's on it's way! They also give you the option of SAL, Airmail, and Surface, and Fed-Ex if you don't want to pay for EMS. Packaging-wise, my stuff came in a decent-sized box.. everything was wrapped in plastic, and cushioned with newspaper.

That's pretty much it! Aside from my personal feelings concerning the Charge2 payment, I really like this shopping service, and I'm currently using them for yet -another- order, full of cute gal stuff xD So expect a haul post from FromJapan within the next month huehuehue...


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Amani said...

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can I contact you if I got problems with fromjapan?

Amani said...

You can! PMing me through Facebook would be best ~ http://facebook.com/himeamani

Amani said...

Thank you for sharing, it seems fromjapan works great! BTW, this site(http://hoyoyo.com) is ok too.

Amani said...

Thank you for sharing!
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