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Thursday, March 14, 2013

KumaCrafts purchase...

Last month I caved in when I shouldn't have, and purchased a henshin necklace from KumaCrafts. They're a much-talked about shop that sells laser-cut jewelry and stuff. Their most popular items are Sailor Moon jewelry, like the sailor scouts' henshin and compact necklaces...

I was craving a Sailor Venus one for the longest time, since she's one of my senshi other than Sailor Moon, so I succumbed and bought one!

But when I received it, I wasn't really satisfied with the product... at all. The moment I wanted to return it, I found that KumaCrafts didn't accept any returns except for damaged products... like really?

This is the stock photo for the Venus henshin necklace...

and these are my photos:

Granted, one thing I'll blame myself for was the fact that I didn't really pay attention to the actual measurements of the product. It is so tiny! I expected it to be a little bigger but didn't think about actually making that measurement and figuring out if I wanted it or not..

Even with the size, I would've accepted it, had I not felt that the store pictures just serve to flatter the product extremely well, compared to how it looks in real life...

From the way the stock photo looked, it made it seem like the details on the gold layer of the necklace were engraved, and had some sort of 'dimension' to it.. but it's not at all, if anything, it's etched (it's hard for me to tell because I suck). From head-on,  the details of the gold parts are barely noticeable-- it's only from certain sides that it looks like it has the detail like in the photos.

It's unfortunate because some of my friends who bought the Sailor Moon ones were just as disappointed with their own buys... I had one or two question me when I complained about it, trying to tell me that the whole laser-cut process is pretty expensive, but honestly? I would rather pay -more- for a bigger, better looking product, than the money I spent on this small thing :c

I'd say it was a waste of $28... but luckily one of my friends bought it off of me. I don't know if I'd really order from KumaCrafts after that, unless they step it up a notch..




Amani said...

Thanks for the review, I've always wondered how those looked in person they look so pretty in the tumblr pictures but in real life they almost remind me of toy... 28 dollars is definitely too much ><

Awesome post! :)


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