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Monday, April 1, 2013

First Look at Ageha's Perfect Eye Make Book

Yeah... yeah. This mook didn't even take two weeks to get to me.

This is just a random preview on some of the pages that are in this mook~ unfortunately due to my schedule and lack of good hardware, I won't be making actual scans of this magazine.

When I first requested this mook from Kinokuniya I had to think to myself.. like, how more in depth can they get? Any reader of the Ageha-branded magazines would know that the issues already go super detailed as far as makeup points and whatnot.

As soon as I received it, however, I had to literally stop what I was doing.

If you too, think that they couldn't get any more in depth, just get this book and wait for it.

When you first open and flip through the first few pages, you'll see a few familiar faces, but one girl in particular shocked me-- Midori Fukasawa. If you don't know her, she's a very popular lolita model~ and she's in this magazine displaying some of her own makeup styles. So this book isn't only for the hime/gal audience, but general cute makeup for Japanese eyes.

Part of the book is split into 8 different parts-- "Gal", "Girly Girl/Gal", "Princess", "Foreigner", "Cat Eye", "Office Lady", "Akameji", and "Natural". It touches up on eyelid shaping (using fiber/eyelid glue/tape/etc), eyelining and different shadow looks, it breaks down lashes (like... legit having almost all the popular lash brands displayed so you can see how each of them look)... CIRCLE LENSES... like this book really, -really- goes in. If you're into trying out all the different eye shapes and whatnot, you will have fun with this seriously.

Since my images are not in order at all, I'm just going to post a spam~ There's not much for me to talk about since my Japanese is really limited and I haven't seriously observed every single picture and diagram in this book. But I'm telling you, it's amazing.


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