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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Long-awaited Liz Lisa 2013 Fukubukuro

Back in October or November, I joined in on all the hype over the 2013 New Year's lucky pack season. I wanted EVERYTHING from EVERY BRAND and looking at Shibuya 109's online pre-sales and the brand sites I was freaking out everywhere.

Despite lucky packs being super cheap compared to the amount of stuff inside, they always turn out super expensive, especially when you're trying to import-- so I knew that in reality, I couldn't get too much.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's lucky packs this year was super expensive, and honestly it discouraged me because their cheapest was like 200 USD. :/ I started the whole "well back in MY DAY they had affordable little basic lucky packs for 70-150 bucks and blahblahblah" in my head. Angelic Pretty was alright, but I wasn't too interested in what they had (or matching basically everyone in my community). Innocent World was tempting... but I wanted to try and break away from getting lolita all the time, so I looked at more gal-type stuff. As far as pre-sales, MARS, La Pafait, D.I.A. was already sold out a looong time ago. It was pretty disappointing. But Liz Lisa was still there...

At the end of the day I ended up getting a Liz Lisa fukubukuro! I had my bby Yuuki snatch one for me from the actual store, since the store and the online shop was a bit different (the online store had plain white bags, meanwhile the in-store had pink floral print bags..) As tempted as I was with the luggage pack, which was so adorable, I ended up getting the big ribbon tote bag. Really, when it comes to Liz Lisa, I only go for the bags themselves. Liz Lisa's sizing is a bit eh for me and I never expect to fit into their clothing.. I wanted to go for D.I.A., or La Pafait, but since Yuuki was running a service for mostly lolita items, I doubted that he'd get one of those in time before they sold out...

Overall my lucky pack was like $175ish after Yuuki's fees, which isn't too bad. I can't imagine how much it would have been for the luggage pack xD

But my God the shipping...? The shipping would've been around 80 dollars which was INSANE. So my lucky pack was sitting in his room for the longest time because I never got around to pay for it. But luckily one of our friends was going to Japan to visit! And somehow, by the grace of God, I was able to evade that crappy shipping price altogether xD Thank you Rei for smuggling my lucky pack into the states..

But anyways, on to the pictures...

Unimaginable feels taking place LOL

In this image, you can really see the size of this bag. It's actually -larger- than my Victoria's Secet tote bag that I always carry around... completely stuffed, it's actually bigger than my whole upper body, both length and width-wise. Crazy.

The mound of stuff I got! The main colors being natural whites, browns and pink, as most of Liz Lisa's stuff are nowadays.

The coat that I received-- it's a nice fuzzy coat. It actually fits me (length-wise.. of course my breasts would forbid it to close), but I'm not planning to keep it~ if you're interested in purchasing, look for my next post!
Original price: ¥ 16, 590


Left's neckline detail~

Two -really- cute tops~ both of them made of this soft, knitted material, one more of an off-white color, the other a tint or so darker. The sheer necklines are really cute (though a bit annoying because of bra-straps showing and stuff!), and perfect now that spring is finally coming along to New York City--
Original Prices: ¥ 7,245 & ¥ 6,195

This dress... is a bit of a sad irony. It was so beautiful, the fabric soft and light and flowy ; w;
This absolutely blew my mind. The dress even has a elastic waist band that gives you a LOT of space... but the bust area is just like 'nope lol'. It gave me the serious 'grandma boobs' because my rack had no place to go but down.. it was really depressing ; w;

Collar detail

With any Japanese brand stuff, it's usually always the dresses that fit, and the tops and everything ill-fitting, but with Liz Lisa, it's the complete opposite. So all my tops, and even the skirt I received fit me... but the dress doesn't. I am disappoint.
Luckily, a friend bought it off of me ; u; so now it has a good home.
Original price: ¥9,345

I'm... blown that I can get this skirt on. And it's actually comfortable.
It's pretty cute! At first I was worried that the cut and stuff would look really bad on me, but it actually rest nicely on my hips. Of course it's a bit on the short side, but that's nothing that shorts can't fix~
Original Price: ¥ 7,245

And finally, the little makeup? pouch? It's nice and soft but it the design doesn't really make sense to me. I don't know, the whole fur with frill kind of throws me off xD And I already have enough pouches and makeup bags to last me the rest of my youth...
Original Price: ¥4,095

So the lucky pack was like what, ¥12,500 (a little over 130USD)?
While the value of the things in this bag came out to ¥50, 715!
That's over 530 USD! And not even including the possible value of the lucky pack tote!


Even though I wasn't able to fit absolutely -everything-, nor am I planning to keep all of it, I'm so glad I got this lucky pack ; u; It's just.. AHHHHHHHH


Amani said...

Ahhh that floral print dress is soo beautiful!!! >w< Sad the fit didn't work out ;~;

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