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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I won another giveaway!

I've been having a bit of luck these past few months, having won a couple of things from blogs/tumblrs and of course the Kawaii Int'l thing~ and now I won yet another prize! It's something that I've been whining to myself over so I'm very glad I won it. ♥

The giveaway this time was hosted by Christine de la Creme. Thanks girl ; w; I'm really happy (sorry that I didn't reply to your last e-mail! I've been caught up on work..)

PINK earbuds~ I forget that they tend to have these little random items like earbuds and even telephones xD I'll definitely use this once my current ones burn out on me~

And then finally, my long lost love, another Victoria's Secret bag xD This was one of their promotional items from a few weeks ago, where you had to spend like 65-75 dollars as usual. I wasn't in any position to try and get it, nor did they have too many interesting things to buy, so I missed out on it. But then I kept seeing some chicks walking around the city with it... :c I was craving it after seeing just how big it is.

I'm so glad I was able to win it! It's about as tall as my old tote bag, but this one can hold much more and I'm so looking forward to using this xD Christine's giveaway had a 'travel' theme and I will most definitely use this when I'll be going back to Guyana this summer... ♥


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