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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gigi in NYC~

Two weeks ago my girl Gigi from North Carolina came up to NYC for the weekend~ Even though I was packed with work and church stuff, I managed to squeeze a bit of time to hang out with her and some other girls.

My outfit for the night. Since I was coming right out of work and then running to meet people, I didn't have much choice as far as dressing up. I just got my favorite tights and a black cowl-neck OP and work it with leggings and my black work sneakers. I didn't want to bring my boots with me since it'd be a lot to carry. Plus my knee's been acting worse.. you can kind of see my food-pregs tummy here xD blah

Makeup shot.

I ran into Gigi and another local gal Malia on St Mark's where we were supposed to meet and eat dinner at. It totally skipped my mind that it was St. Patrick's Day weekend and of course all the places in the city were going to be booked up.. and that people on St. Mark's were going to act dumb.

Since a lot of the places were booked till late (and I was on-call for Yokocho) we roamed around for a bit~ went to Search & Destroy, where Mei later met up with us, and then we were sitting and chilling in 8Bit&Up until it was closer to the time we would hopefully get seated.

A couple of pictures once we got settled in Village Yokocho~

Me and Mei. The lighting in there was really dim so my pictures weren't coming out too well. Mei's phone + camera apps made us look light as hell though LOL not posting those xD

Mei and Gigi.


We were obviously hungry so we ordered a thing of yakisoba.. I got my usual pumpkin & onion skewers, a gyoza soup and shared okonomiyaki with Mei. The last two didn't make it to photos because we devoured the mess out of that crap.

And obligatory camwhoring when I got home~ 

Even though it was a tiny bit of time, I enjoyed meeting Gigi and I hope she comes back to the city soon!


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