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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentecost + the past week

Did I ever mention how retarded Medicaid is? Always jacking up my flow.

Last week I got the notice that my insurance was back on. I went to GYN, everything went fine and dandy. Didn't go to my main physician yet to get my second Gardasil, but I was supposed to have an eye doctor appointment on Wednesday.

They call a day or two before to tell me that Medicaid told -them- they weren't going to pay for appointments until after August 29th.

Are you freaking kidding me? Like seriously? You hassle me for months about going to get my eyes and teeth checked but the moment I do, you're not gonna -pay- them till months later?

I really can't deal with them, like come the hell on. Sometimes I wish I had a full-time job and just paid for GOOD health insurance myself. Or just pay for the stupid appointments out of pocket because these fools can't get their stuff together.

I was going to call them but I'm not even gonna bother frustrating myself with them anymore. God forbid I go blind or something.

Also forgot about Pentecost in the midst of the baby shower and everything else, so my fasting was complete fail for most of the week. When I couldn't do my simple 1-meal-a-day fast for jack, I decided to go a little bit extreme in disciplining myself by going through a mostly liquids only fast for 3 days. It was harder than I thought! But I went through it.

After service I went to my pastor's house for some serious noms, and I made a very lemony lemon cake with raspberry filling. I ended up completely stuffing myself and had this huuuge stomachache and a 12-hour high. NEVER AGAIN LOL

Plans this week? Homework, homework, more homework. I'm cracking down on this Event Planning certification thing, I'm going to get this thing done and over with before the end of June. I did some homework last week that still needs typing, and I also finished reviewing all the chapters on the online curriculum and the end-of-chapter quizzes.

Now I'm just going to kill my social life to finish work, since H.W. was always an issue of mine since middle school and I know if I don't push myself, I'll never get it done. I'm not going outside unless someone's paying for me, or if I gotta leave for my fieldwork/networking homework!

Besides the homework being done, I also don't have money to spend anyways because LOL gotta pay my shopping services and whatnot.
/why I can't have nice things

Upside? Once I got my certification I'll be back in business, I'll be back on the prowl for work, internships, and then to work on the certification to my Event Design course. And yknow, summer fun and bikinis and beach and all that good shit.


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