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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An*Tai*Na &Taobaospree review #2

So I'm finally getting along to writing up my second An*tai*na review!

If you've been following along, I hosted a local group order with some of the girls in my area back around March or April. I received them right on International Lolita Day-- right on time for me to wear a pair of mine for my sister's baby shower xD

tbh I was a bit bothered about my shoes, I'm not sure if it was the consequence of trying to rush-order. As far as the rest of my group order, Antaina did a good job until it came to the socks, where there was a mix-up with socks, or socks being sold out and being sent other ones, but that was the least of our problems since the socks were literally a dollar.

My pair of socks I ended up getting, because of An*tai*na's error as well as my own. Somehow I ended up getting 4 of these in black instead of two (one in white, one in black for another girl), so I just took a pair for my own. Some of the other girls took the other two leftovers.

I'll be ordering from them again, but... definitely no rush orders this time.

Anyways, my shoes:

First are these pair of black heels, I'm not sure if they're supposed to be a brand replica? (If anyone knows, let me know~) -- http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=6706911969

I wanted to get this pair as my first actual fitting black lolita shoes since my last tea party reps didn't fit. These are a bit more of a classier look compared to the tea parties, which is good for my slowly-growing classic/gothic closet. The heel is 3 inches without much platform in the front, and the toe is a very soft round/pointed design which I like. The shoes come with 4 clip on bows (shown).

without the bows.

My issue with this pair are the straps-- if you see in some of the images, the right shoe looks way loose compared to the left, and that's because that strap is a bit longer than it's sister on the left shoe. It wouldn't have bothered me as much if the gaping look wasn't so obvious, because the strap isn't that long to be noticeable, the looseness is so noticeable. It may be something I can just easily fix at the Korean shoe repair store down the street (hopefully not more than $5), but it'd be nice if they at least had extra holes so I can just put that side a bit tighter.

The outsole is also really soft, so I'm wondering how long that'll last before it wears out.

Overall, the shoes are definitely not like, long-hours-of-strolling type of shoes. One thing I've noticed with both pairs of shoes, that I didn't realize right away with my tea parties, is that there's no cushion for the foot, so there's a lot of street for me when it comes to walking for a while. Nothing Dr. Scholl's can't fix, I guess.

Comfort: 7/10 (Haven't worn them for a long time but I can tell they'll eventually rub)
Quality/Construction: 8/10
Shipping: 10/10

Next up, these AP replicas: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=6707044557

I always wanted these for a while now, especially after having seen lolitas like Kammie and Ashlee wear them. I always joked about them reminding me of Sonic the Hedgehog for some reason (don't ask), the clunky look is really cute without it looking too clownish, compared to other lolita shoes Antaina makes lol.

I've been wearing these an awful lot. Again, since there's no cushion inside it's only a certain amount of time before my foot starts feeling stressed but I really like these,especially since it has that wedge look I've been liking this summer. The heel is 2 inches, while the plat in the front is about 1 inch.

My problem with these shoes however?

They were supposed to have the snap buckle straps. These have velcro. The design is there, but it loses a bit of it's appeal without the buckle, and then I'm sure that they'd be more comfortable if they had it. the velcro is hard for me to deal with, because I would have to make the top strap pretty loose for the velcro to not detach itself while I walk. It gets pretty annoying to check every so often.

Granted, can't return them, might as well not anyways but.. if I plan to get these shoes in any other colors, I'm definitely having them make sure that buckle snap thing is on there. Because the velcro is bullshit.

Comfort: 8/10
Quality/Construction: 8/10
Shipping: 10/10


As far as the shopping service is concerned, Taobaospree has proved themselves to be a very reliable service once again. Like I said before, I switched my agent to Lucy, and she has been an absolute angel.

Like Susan, and Susan Zeng, she has her own MSN IM you can contact her with as well as the official e-mail,. She was very much on top of things when it came to my order, and I was pleased. She let me know when there was the sock mix-up, they ended up having to send a pair of shoes back to Antaina because apparently they sent the wrong shoes (my black ones) and it was a very quick exchange so it was alright. She split the package into two to avoid me getting hit by customs, and everything was packed very nicely within the boxes. She was very patient when it came to us paying her, and the packages were sent immediately once everything was paid for.

I'm most definitely using Lucy again for future orders~ in fact, I opened a new order LOL. Fore a bunch of lashes (if anyone seen me mention my lifetime supply of lashes, I was NOT kidding at all!), makeup brushes, a new wallet among other things.

Communication: 10/10
Pricing: 10/10
Shipping & Handling: 10/10 (split between 6 people, it was about less than 40 each)

That's pretty much it for this review. Hope it was informative :3


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