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Monday, June 13, 2011

Giveaway I entered + New Facebook

Just entered this giveaway by Mie~

~Enter Here~

I've been entering a couple of giveaways lately~ I never quite understood all the procedures but meh, getting used to it *usually a 1-click girl*

ALSO-- recently I made my new Facebook open to the public. It's mainly for general networking, whatever future business, censoring for church people and relatives, etc. I'm gonna eventually cut my friendslist on my main FB down to exclusive people who I talk to and see on a regular. If you haven't added me and want to, tried to add me but I rejected you on my private FB, I got my FB badge on my side bar. I pretty much add everyone (with the exception of people I don't like lol.) So yah, add if you wish~


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