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Friday, June 24, 2011

Gay Pride + New Family Addition

Sooooo, if you haven't heard yet~


I'm not gay, but I am sooo happy for all my LGBT friends, they can finally marry and be protected like any other married couple in the state~ (and I can plan their wedding for them~ LOL)

A lot of my church friends have been complaining, or ~praying~ and whatnot against the situation, I simply just hide their posts off Facebook. I'm not interested in debates or in seeing hate. What's done is done, the churches aren't being forced to do anything, the issue is equality and legal protection, not sanctity according to the church, after all. But if they do question why I'm in support I will be happy to tell them off ♥

Besides, if sanctity of marriage was a real issue, then the divorce rate wouldn't be so high, people wouldn't be gold-digging, and any other marriage between two individuals of non-Christian faith should/would be banned as well, so #dealwithit

Regardless of their life choices, everyone should be able to live their lives happy and have their rights

I can't wait to see pictures and video from the Pride Parade on Sunday ♥

And then~

My sister's currently in the hospital

My new niece is on her way!

We have been waiting for a good minute for my sister to finally pop!
I can't wait to see Ashanti for the first time
♥ I'm praying for a smooth delivery

I can't wait to meet you, 'shanti! Auntie loves youuuuu ♥♥♥♥

Hopefully pics and shet soon :3


Amani said...

Can you believe the world..... didn't end? 

I'm so happy that this was finally placed, especially in NY of all places. The parade Sunday is going to be off the hook :)

And wow, congratulations to your family!! 

Amani said...

*passed not placed

Amani said...

lol my church friends still acting like it did, as if it's such a surprise and actually affects them in some sort of way.

Thank God one of them was actually like "GET OVER IT, why are you complaining? does it actually affect YOUR life and what YOUR doing and YOUR relationship with God, why you concerned then?" Thank youuuuuuuuu

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