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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New cell, random trip to Big Gay~

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a quick check-up, then back to Party City to return the crap I had left over, got back 12 bucks. It's barely anything, but I'm glad I got it back - w- Part of it went back to my bank account, it hasn't shown up in my statement yet though... I want to be ghetto like LOL GIVE ME MY 4 DOLLARS PARTY CITY I AIN'T PLAYIN WITCHU

But hopefully it'll pop up xD

Stopped by the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck again ♥ Doug whipped me up something real nice~

This was SO GOOD. Pomegranate & Plum sauce on top of vanilla, with spicy peanut butter inside.

The peanut butter was much spicier than I expected, unlike the wasabi cone it was actually HOT @ w@ If there wasn't the ice cream with it, I probably would've had itchy burning gums for days~ the pomegranate + plum sauce was so good too. For some reason my mind kept thinking that the vanilla was cream cheese or something LOL. I think I'm too familiar with my usual cream-cheese + 'x' preserves on bread. Scrambling my brain

After that I headed uptown to Mei's place real quick, then browsed at BookOff and Kinokuniya until she got off work. Book-Off is always having David Tutera's books once in a while, but being so broke I decided not to get it :| ONE DAY (because I'm in no mood to buy the book at 25+ dollars regular price)

Got this old nail mag for $1 though~

Old 2008 mag, but still. It was a buck xD

I've been kind of thinking of visiting a nail salon to get my nails done again-- Some nice gel nails to hopefully last most of the summer. Sadly I don't have the money to shell out the money for the whole shebang, but if I manage to get a job in these coming weeks, it will be done. Most definitely. I'd probably go to Rio's house, have her do the gel work, then go to a salon and get the paint job done. I'd have Rio do everything, but I really love airbrushed nail designs, and I don't think Rio has one of those xD

This mag have a lot of more simple stuff compared to my NailMax that I've always had, but the designs are still cute, a lot of simple summery looks.

Speaking of nails, I was looking at this one chick's blog, and I really want this pink OPI polish. It's such a cute color ; w; and sparkly too

I was also looking at the new AGEHA, and the new EGG. The only time I really look at EGG is for maybe hair, and maybe an outfit or so. I don't like Egg's style too much compared to Ageha. I can't wait till that new magazine come out though, I forget the name but it's supposed to be a bunch of D.I.A.-ish styles? hopefully Kino's will stock up on those.

I always wanted to go lighter somehow, but I'm never really decisive and I end up not doing anything. I don't want to go full blond, but I want to try some touches, some highlights, -something-. Maybe an irregular color like pink or something? Again, this is one of my goals if I end up getting a job this summer xD

Went to Mei's house when she got off, where she finally gave me her old Sanyo phone for T-Mobile. I was gonna buy this, but since she never used it she gave it to me instead. One of these days I'll actually turn this sucker on, and get that unlimited monthly prepaid call/texts. Once and for all E___E no more of this b.s. Tracfone mess. Though I'll still have my Tracfone for business purposes. While it has no minutes on there, the service will stay on all the way to 2014 (that shows how many times I've recharged it with minutes).

It's all... nice and pink and shit ; o; LOL
I really want to deco it.. Mei says to sweets deco, and I was thinking sweets deco too, but I'm not sure how I'll be able to hold the phone if I cover the back in whipped cream and shit LOL. So I dunno. Might just go with rhinestones and try to clusterfuck them (maybe initials on the back? gotta think on ittt)

Once I turn it on and decorate it, I can finally put on my new phone charms and stuff e_e that's been sitting in my drawer since I got them.

Also opened a new taobao order (did I note this in my last entry?). I don't know why I still shop when I barely get anything for allowance...
so uh, dat job lolo


Amani said...

lololol. Jooob. And yeah. I can't. Stop. Buying things this year! And I'm between jobs, too. Ugh. >.>

That ice cream soudns delicious. Especially since you reminded me of my love of Philadeplhia cream cheese + strawberry jam. Nngh.

And that phone's goorgeouss.. Perhaps you could do a partial sweets deco, allowing for phone holding/functionality? Meh. Either way-- it'll look gooodd~.

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